It's official: Canonical releases Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Ubuntu 16.04 now available

The wait is over. Canonical has released Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus), the sixth version Long Term Support of the system they develop since Ubuntu saw the light about 12 years ago. This version will also be the first of the long-awaited convergence, where a phone can become a desktop computer if we connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, which can be completed by reflecting on a screen (mirroring) what we see on our phone or tablet.

But this new version will not stop there, far from it. As I just posted on another post (and the culprit that the launch has caught me offside) where you can see in more detail some of the new functions that the Xenial Xerus version of Ubuntu includes, it is also included support for ZFS and CephFS, two volume managers that will improve system performance. In the case of ZFS, the system includes continuous integrity checking against corrupted data, automatic file repair, and data compression. On the other hand, the CephFS system is a distributed file system that provides an ideal platform for large-scale enterprise storage for open-technology cluster computing.

We have it: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is here!

Another important novelty will be the snaps, which will allow developers, among other things, to deliver more secure, stable applications in less time. Users will also benefit from being able to use more updated applications, something that I miss right now and which is why I usually install a repository that I would not like to install.

Among the novelties, there is one that I find very interesting: the possibility of move the launcher to the bottom, which made me use the standard version of Ubuntu for a long time (although I did eventually switch to Ubuntu MATE). Below you have several links about the new version that may be of interest to you.




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  1.   Fran said


  2.   Erick Sianquiz Flores said

    Yeeeee 😀

  3.   Sergio DiMaria said

    Why does Ubuntu 16.04 Final Beta appear on the page?
    I had that doubt

    1.    Michael Fuentes said

      It must be that they are updating the server on the page still the 14.04 LTS appears

    2.    Sergio DiMaria said

      Exactly why I had the doubt, I hope they update it

    3.    Paul Aparicio said

      Hello Sergio. I'm not clear about it, really. The official Twitter account published it at 13:33 p.m., but the image had been uploaded since before 00 a.m.

      A greeting.

    4.    Jose Francisco Barrantes placeholder image said

      . . . in the oven !*

    5.    Sergio DiMaria said

      If only I could make my notebook recognize the grub after installing it -_- I installed Solus and it booted windows directly and that deactivate the UEFI and activate the legacy compatibility

      1.    Paul Aparicio said

        Hello Sergio. Something similar happens to me, but it is solved if I leave it in UEFI and change the order in which it reads the drives when I turn on the computer. On a bad note, in Windows you have an option in the recovery settings that allows you to reboot from a USB or other drive. If you find it, you will see that there is one that is "ubuntu". You choose it and, at least from what I've seen, it starts you from Ubuntu.

        A greeting.

  4.   jehu golindano said

    The most interesting thing, from my point of view snaps packages this promises a lot since so many developers will have it easier and therefore more applications in Linux, hopefully there will be many that are missing.

  5.   Alicia Nicole Lopez said

    I still see 14.04, I want to decide to load it now to install it

    1.    Alicia Nicole Lopez said

      It already appeared to me is that I had checked it in the morning and it did not appear to me .. I was anxious for it to arrive

  6.   Alberto said

    Install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and I have sent to run this command sudo apt-get install nautilus-image-converter imagemagick but not when selecting the image to resize, I do not get any idea in the context menu in 14.04 LTS it worked well

    1.    Paul Aparicio said

      Hello Alberto. What exactly is the problem? Rereading your comment, I imagine you have to restart nautilus. For that, you can try to open a Terminal, type xkill and then click on the desktop or a file window. This "kills" the application and causes it to restart.

      Try to see. All the best.

      1.    Alberto said

        ready thanks, your help was helpful

  7.   Jaime Palao Castano said

    Downloading, you want to install it

  8.   qirha aq said

    What is new?

  9.   Mikael Barrera Rodriguez said

    Cesar Vazquez I don't know what it is but I wanted to tag you: v

  10.   user said

    I already have it working. It's going great. It is left with the sound and graphics drivers and even if you have an hdmi cable that a cpu and monitor recognize it. All programs are installed in Spanish. It works very well and very smoothly.

  11.   Joe Aguilar said

    Already in use ... it is spectacular ... I have it as a server and it works wonderfully.

  12.   Joe Aguilar said

    You get beta because today 21 was the launch of the final version

  13.   Alberto said

    Data files for some packages could not be downloaded

    The following packages requested additional data downloads after package installation, but the data could not be downloaded or could not be processed.


    This is a permanent failure that leaves these packages unusable on your system. You may need to fix your Internet connection, then remove and reinstall the packages to fix this problem.

    How do I fix that help ...

    1.    Paul Aparicio said

      Hello Alberto. It may be that you have failed the connection, the repository ... something like that.

      The first thing you have to try is to update the repositories with sudo apt-get update. If it doesn't fix it, sudo apt-get autoremove and try again.

      A greeting.

  14.   Diego Rivera Blanco said

    what happens with the files and data that we have on the pc?… if we update Ubuntu, we lose them?… today they offered me a storage service. It seemed weird to me.