Canonical talks, there won't be any Ubuntu phone or major update for quite some time

Photo Scope on Ubuntu Phone

At the end of 2016 we wondered whether or not we would really see a new terminal with Ubuntu Phone or some important update that would introduce changes to the mobile operating system.

Canonical, and more specifically a project representative named Pat McGowan, affirm that the arrival of new terminals with Ubuntu Phone or new updates will be something that will take place at the end of 2017 or rather next 2018. Something that will not happen until the snap packages are fully working on Ubuntu Phone.

The idea of ​​the Ubuntu Touch developers is that click packages disappear from mobile devices and let the snap packages reign on Ubuntu Phone devices.

Although there is no mobile with Ubuntu Phone, there will be critical and security updates

This favors the Ubuntu Convergence but also it will cause important updates as well as the launch of new terminals to be suspended for the time being.

In addition, the arrival of a new app store is also expected that is present in all versions of Ubuntu and therefore the user has a common store. So if we take this as a reference, until the month of October we will not have new updates on Ubuntu Phone and only on that date will be when we see the new devices.

But this is not bad news, far from it. By having more time between versions, Ubuntu Phone developers can significantly reduce the fragmentation of the operating system, something that is critical and alarming in other mobile operating systems like Android.

On the other hand, Unity 8 is also going ahead and the next new terminal is expected to have this new window manager. In addition, the UBPorts project will continue and surely that new terminals with Android will have Ubuntu Phone?Do not you think?

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  1.   Gianmarco Agapito said

    Noooo, 🙁

  2.   Vidal Rivero Padilla said

    ??? Well it was to be expected

  3.   Federico Garcia said

    Okay. I'll keep mine until I die.

  4.   klaus schultz said

    Apparently all the engineers and technicians would be busy "polishing" the Adawaita theme and there are no resources for Ubuntu Phone ...

  5.   Pericals said


  6.   Carlos said

    That system is dead

  7.   alexis araya said

    Horrible news for all the people who bet on the purchase of a mobile (although it was never known how many units were sold). It is very difficult to make an egg in the mobile world, cases like Microsoft's are in sight.

  8.   David8401 said

    Canonical should put aside the attempt to enter the world of smartphones and focus on the Cloud Computing market where it seems to me that if it has a chance, in addition, the Ubuntu desktop has been abandoned for being more focused on the mobile device of Canonical, which as a user of Ubuntu desktop does not make me very funny.

    I don't want to sound harsh, but the Ubuntuphone interface is by far the ugliest on the scene, it's tremendously ugly, they should rethink the design, since based on how ugly the interface is, I don't see an Android Marshmallow user or Nougat going for a Ubuntuphone. I wouldn't.

  9.   Roberto said

    It is necessary to focus efforts on unity8 and snappy if asap convergence is to be desired. Allocating resources to the current Ubuntu Phone system is a waste of time, as any progress would have to be migrated to snappy later. Ubuntu Phone is by no means dead. It will return with much more force. I guarantee it. It just takes a little patience

  10.   Julito-kun said

    What they should do is launch a finished and polished product.
    If that's the reason for the break, that's fine with me.
    The other option is that Ubuntu Phone is dying. I hope no.

    It would also be good if the return is with a new redesign and that it looks new, as other colleagues have said the interface is ugly and rough. From my point of view it lacks color, the white and gray tones do not attract attention.

  11.   Dani Molina said

    We will have to see how the issue continues in the coming months, but it looks bad ...
    It's a shame now that I had encouraged to put Ubuntu Phone on my Nexus 4

  12.   german martinez said

    I have since the Ubuntu Phone was announced waiting to get one ... sad to know that there will no longer be support for the existing ones.