Firefox 125 introduces support for the AV1 codec for Encrypted Media Extensions among other new features

Firefox 125

Continuing with its four-week release cycle, Mozilla has just announced the release of Firefox 125: 125.0.1 to be more exact; They have made the direct jump. has arrived after a version which introduced new features such as that Qwant can be used as the default search engine in more countries, and this also adds something for some specific areas, such as a function that allows users in the United States and Canada to save addresses for later self- filled.

Surprisingly to no one, there is a novelty that will make visiting websites with the red panda browser a little safer, since it will more proactively block downloads from addresses that are considered dangerous. It's something that some users may not like, but Mozilla works for the majority, not the few. What comes next is the list with news that have arrived with Firefox 125.

What's new in Firefox 125

  • Firefox now supports the AV1 codec for Encrypted Media Extensions (EME), enabling higher quality playback from streaming video providers.
  • Firefox's PDF viewer now supports text highlighting.
  • Firefox view now shows pinned tabs in the open tabs section. Tab indicators have also been added to open tabs, so users can do things like see which tabs are playing media and quickly mute or unmute between windows. Indicators for bookmarks, tabs with notifications, etc. have also been added.
  • Firefox now asks users in the US and Canada to save their addresses when submitting an address form, allowing Firefox to automatically fill in stored address information in the future.
  • Firefox has expanded its download protection and now more proactively blocks downloads from URLs that are considered potentially untrustworthy.
  • The URL Paste Suggestion feature offers users a convenient way to quickly visit URLs copied to the Firefox address bar clipboard. When the clipboard contains a URL and the URL bar is focused, an autocomplete result automatically appears. By activating the clipboard suggestion, the user will navigate to the URL with a single click.
  • Users of add-ons for specific tab containers can now search the address bar for tabs that are open in different containers.
  • Firefox 125 offers an option to turn on Web Proxy Auto Detection (WPAD) when configured to use system proxy settings.
  • In a group of radio buttons where no option is selected, the tab key now only reaches the first option instead of cycling through all available options. The arrow keys navigate between options as they do when an option is selected. This makes keyboard navigation more efficient and consistent.
  • Firefox now supports the global 'popover' attribute used to designate an element as a popover. The element will not be displayed until it is made visible, after which it will appear on top of other content on the page.
  • WebAssembly multi-memory is now enabled by default. Wasm multi-memory allows wasm modules to use and import multiple independent linear memories. This allows for more efficient interoperability between modules and provides better polyfills for upcoming wasm standards such as the component model.
  • Added support for Unicode text segmentation in JavaScript.
  • Added support for 'contextlost' and 'contextrestored' events in HTMLCanvasElement and OffscreenCanvas to allow user code to recover from context loss with hardware-accelerated 2d canvas.
  • Firefox now supports the 'navigator.clipboard.readText()' web API. A paste context menu will appear for the user to confirm when attempting to read clipboard data not provided by the same source page.
  • Added support for the 'content-box' and 'stroke-box' keywords in the 'transform-box' CSS property
  • The 'align-content' property now works in the block layout, allowing you to align the direction of blocks without needing a flex or grid container.
  • Support for 'SVGAElement.text' has been removed in favor of the more widespread 'SVGAElement.textContent' method.
  • After several requests, the option to disable the paused debugger overlay (devtools.debugger.features.overlay) has been reintroduced. This overlay appears over the page content when the debugger pauses JavaScript execution.
  • Added a new drop-down menu button at the bottom of the source view in the Debugger panel, designed specifically for actions related to the source code map. We can now easily disable or enable Source Map support, open the Source Map file in a new tab, switch between the original source and the generated package, enable the “open original source by default” option, and view the status of the Source Map, such as errors, loading status.
  • Various security fixes.

Firefox 125 It was announced a few moments ago and is now available in your official website. In the next few hours it will appear in the official repositories of most Linux distributions and the flatpak and snap packages will also be updated.

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