Firefox is already preparing new anti-tracking protection, a weather widget and more

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Information has been released that the Mozilla developers have integrated Nightly into Firefox versions, a new protection mechanism against user tracking, "Protection against bounce tracking". This new method (which will be integrated into Firefox 127) expands the ability to block visitor tracking through redirects to other pages.

Rebot trackinge works by redirecting the user first to the tracker website before taking you to the landing page. This allows the crawler to save cookies and data in local storage in relation to its own website.

By saving this data before redirecting the user to another site, it prevents “Enhanced Tracking Protection” methods (ETP) block these cross-site transactions. Since the intermediate page opens outside the other site, tracking cookies can be set without restrictions.

It is mentioned that the protection mechanism against bounce tracking, detects specific retargeting activity for tracking and periodically deletes cookies and stored data locally used for this purpose. Unlike the previously available “cookie purge” mode, the cleanup is not based on a list of known trackers, but rather on heuristics that identify new tracker sites by analyzing behavior after a redirect.

Another change which has been integrated into Firefox Nightly, is a widget to show weather forecast on the page that appears when a new tab is opened. To enable this widget in about:config, the settings must be adjusted browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.showWeather y browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.system.showWeather.

In addition to that, They also include support for using the arrow keys to move the cursor by the content area. Enter will select the current region and space will start the drag state to draw a region, also mentioned the decision to ban in Firefox 127 the ability to install plugins whose XPI files that are signed using insecure algorithms (the configuration PREF_XPI_WEAK_SIGNATURES_ALLOWED will be set to false by default).

As part of ongoing work related to improving cross-browser compatibility for Manifest Version 3 extensions, starting with Firefox 127, the host permissions requested by Manifest V3 extensions will appear in the installation dialog and will be will be granted as part of the plugin installation flow.

Moreover, the Mozilla's Community Engagement Manager has published a list of upcoming improvements in Firefox that developers have already started implementing:

  • Tab improvements: The aim is to improve the way tabs are organized into groups.
  • Vertical tab list and modernized sidebar– Offers a new vertical layout for tabs along with a redesigned sidebar.
  • New profile management system- Allows you to separate different types of activities (e.g. study, work, personal interests) and access them easily, developing the idea of ​​quickly switching between profiles.
  • New Tab Page Background Customization- Allows you to set any image as background or change the color.
  • Intuitive privacy settings- Make it easier to manage features related to preventing cross-site tracking.
  • Menu redesign- Focuses on the most important elements, reduces visual clutter, and highlights priority actions.
  • Performance optimization- Continuous work is being done to reduce page load times, speed up startup and decrease power consumption, which has already improved performance in the Speedometer 3 test by 20%.
  • Interop Project- Improves cross-browser compatibility, provides consistent support for web technologies across browsers, identifies differences in browser behavior, and makes it easier to create sites that work across browsers.
  • Integration of artificial intelligence capabilities- Models that run on the local system without resorting to external services. For example, in the next quarter, Firefox will add support for generating text descriptions for images within PDF documents, making it easier for people with visual impairments to access information.

finally if you are interested in knowing more about it, you can check the details in the following link

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