They include several CSS improvements, that is, the interface, in GNOME during the last week

This week in GNOME

GNOME keep taking advantage the donation of STF to improve different sections of its platform. In previous weeks there have been some in which this section has been almost empty, but although the finances of this project are not as healthy as they would like, it seems that they have not yet spent the money from that donation. In today's note there is There is quite a bit of work to be done in the area of ​​improvements made thanks to the Sovereign Tech Fund, more specifically the money they were given.

In addition, and as always, there is a section with third-party project software, and the two most notable points are a new version of Planify, where they have included many screenshots, and another of Phosh, one of the best graphical environments. results are being given in the mobile Linux world. What comes next is a list with news that took place from May 10 to 17, with the STF point summarized to avoid making this article too long.

This week in GNOME

  • With the STF donation:
    • CSS variables have arrived in GTK.
    • Libadwaita has been ported to the new CSS variables.
    • A new installer is in the works.
    • Various improvements to Nautilus.
    • Other improvements.
  • Codethink is currently involved in the migration from OSTree to systemd-sysupdate for GNOME OS updates.
  • Version 2.42.12 of gdk.pixbuf is now available, which fixes the CVE-2022-48622 vulnerability in the ani loader. It also includes a change to the default build configuration so that it only builds png, jpeg and tiff uploaders by default.
  • The GTK CSS engine now supports custom properties (also known as variables) and libadwaita now makes use of them. This means that applications can now use them instead of the old named colors. As such, it is now possible to override them per widget rather than globally. style classes .error, .warning y .success now they also change the accent color respectively. For example, this means that a selectable label with the .error style class will also have a red selection, instead of blue. The style class .opaque for buttons has become obsolete; instead, applications can simply use .suggested-action and override the accent color. This will also change the focus ring, and similarly, the buttons .destructive-action They now have red focus rings. Applications are encouraged to migrate, but the old colors will continue to work until version 2.0. For example, @accent_color can be replaced by var(--accent-color), note hyphens in names instead of underscores. See the documentation for more information.

CSS in libadwaita

  • Text Pieces 4.0 has arrived with a rewrite and redesign from the ground up:
    • Redesigned interface.
    • Redesigned terminology. The tools are now called actions and the arguments are called parameters.
    • The app has become fully asynchronous and now long running actions do not freeze the interface and can also be cancelled.
    • Added support for typographic parameters. Actions can now have boolean or numeric parameters, not just string parameters.
    • The built-in actions are now written in Rust and well tested, meaning they run faster and are less likely to break.
  • Planify 4.7.4 has arrived with:
    • Support for Libadwaita 1.5 and Responsive Dialogs: All Planify dialogs are now fully responsive, improving usability on various devices.
    • Design, usability and performance improvements: Improved interface and smoother performance for a better user experience.
    • Updated translations for Hindi and Chinese: More accurate and accessible interface for users who speak these languages.

Planify 4.7.4

  • Phosh 0.39.0 has arrived and now has folder support (for organizing apps) and a quick night light setting. Phoc (with the help of gmobile) now has the keys that should unlock/unlock the device via hwdb/udev. And the squeekboard on-screen keyboard gets new layouts (Portuguese, Slovenian and Turkish (F- and Q-layouts)), as well as improvements to several existing layouts.

Phosh 0.39.0

And that's been it for this week at GNOME.

Vía: TWIG.

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