Ubuntu: One of the GNU/Linux Distros preferred by companies and IT professionals

Ubuntu: Distro preferred by companies and IT professionals?

Ubuntu: Distro preferred by companies and IT professionals?

A few days ago (February 7, 2024 to be exact) the publication of a long-awaited and very useful document called 2024 State of Open Source Report. Which aims year after year to show concrete results, practical and realthe use of open source software (OSS) in organizations. And on this occasion, and for the third consecutive year, the study carried out based on a global survey by the OpenLogic organization, had as one of its most striking results the fact that, Ubuntu tops the list as one of the most preferred free and open OS in companies and IT professionals.

And while it is true that Ubuntu is a great GNU/Linux Distro, its current approach, which is mostly perceived as something business/corporate and for professional IT users, often results in this being a point misunderstood by many of the abundant home office users, passionate independent Linux users and even creators of content, they usually prefer something more community like Debian or based on Debian. However, and to the regret of the professional Ubuntu haters, who may or may not be right in some of their arguments, the truth is that, There is and will be Ubuntu for many for a long time to come.. As can be seen in the aforementioned report.

Thunderbird as snap on Ubuntu 24.04

But, before starting this publication about the mention of «Ubuntu as one of the most preferred GNU/Linux Distros in companies and by IT professionals», we recommend that you then explore the previous related post with said operating system:

Thunderbird as snap on Ubuntu 24.04
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Ubuntu: Distro preferred by companies and IT professionals?

Ubuntu: Distro preferred by companies and IT professionals?

On 2024 State of Open Source Report

The State of Open Source Report (State of Open Source Report / SOSR) is a document developed, year after year, by the organizations Openlogic and Open Source Initiative (OSI), and in the company of many others. And for this year 2024, the details have been published on the websites of both organizations (2024 SOSR: Openlogic y 2024 SOSR: OSI).

And among the most outstanding results or points in it, the following 5 can be mentioned:

OSS adoption is increasing globally

95% of respondents (Businesses and IT Professionals) increased or maintained their use of Open Source Software, and 33% of them reported a significant increase in their use. Registering andThe most significant growth among respondents from Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

What is the most business-critical open source software in your organization?

The following programs were answered to this question: Linux, Java, Apache HTTP, Docker, Kubernetes, PHP, WordPress, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache Kafka and Eclipse IDE.

No licensing costs and overall IT cost reduction

For this year, it was found that 37% of those surveyed cited this objective as the main reason for choosing and preferring the use of Open Source Software in their technological infrastructure. While 30% declared that it was to obtain an improvement in the speed of development and 27% to be able to have stable technology and long-term community support.

Roles of respondents

This 2024, the survey showed that more than 50% of the participants held positions or professions related to the functions of Developer, Engineer, Systems Administrator or Software Architect. Which leaves, in clear evidence once again, that free and open source software occupies a fundamental or very important role within the IT field.

Ubuntu as the preferred GNU/Linux Distro for IT professionals within Companies

Finally, among many other results, in this 2024 Report it was obtained that Ubuntu obtains the majority preferences of the participants, reaching 46,02%. As can be seen in the image immediately above in this article. While, in second place was Debian with 23,05%, and successively CentOS with 22,21%, Amazon Linux with 19,70%, Oracle Linux with 16,09%, Rocky Linux with 15,09, 13.58% and Alpine Linux with XNUMX%, among many others with a lower percentage.

Why is Ubuntu usually better for certain Companies and IT Professionals?

Why is Ubuntu usually better for certain Companies and IT Professionals?

Here, you could argue many reasons, such as the support of a large technology company with global reach, a huge team of developers with abundant resources at their disposal, a vast set of global repositories, a huge collection of software, support for the most modern versions of office, multimedia and technical software, the development and implementation of modern and innovative technologies, among others.

But, as each person/company is a different world, We invite you to give us your reasons for or against via comments. of what was published in this survey about Ubuntu as number 1, that is, the winner.

Repositories are servers from which packages are downloaded
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Summary 2023 - 2024


In summary, and first, we recommend that you download and read in depth and completely said 2024 State of Open Source Report. Since here, you will be able to know the answer to useful questions, such as: How do organizations use and support Open Source Software (OSS)? What are the most in-demand OSS technologies and skills in companies? What are the main challenges and opportunities of OSS in organizations?, and many others. And secondly, we hope that, regardless of whether you are a Ubuntu fanatic, a professional Ubuntu hater or simply a user who uses and prefers any other useful Distro from the many in the Linuxverse, you can recognize such reliable results that give Ubuntu as number 1 among many others within companies, by many IT Professionals.

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