One year since the last major Plasma update, and what many users have left

Countdown to Plasma 6

Bad times for users who enjoyed the updates of Plasma every few months, better for those who prefer stability. KDE He launched Plasma 5.27 was a year ago today, and introduced new features such as the advanced stacking system. It was, according to its developers, the best launch in its history, but that doesn't mean things won't get even better. They will do it next February 28 with the KDE 6 Mega-Release.

This 2024 there will be an important leap, which will make it happen from Plasma 5, Frameworks 5 and Qt5 to the same but in their sixth versions. It is not one jump, but three at a time, four if we add the KDE Gear 24.2 applications. The project that started more than 25 years ago with the name of Kool Desktop Environment they have taken things somewhat calmly, and in these last twelve months they have taken the opportunity to make Plasma 5.27 a rock by correcting its bugs and preparing the following so that it does not happen like in KDE 4.

Plasma 6.0 will arrive on February 28

Although some may find it surprising, probably because they didn't use it or didn't notice it, KDE 4.x was not as fine as the current Plasma 5.x. I used KDE a long time ago in openSUSE, but I returned to Ubuntu and didn't give it another chance until 2016. To say that my Lenovo was terrible is an understatement. I loved that I could move everything the way I liked, as GNOME 2.x or more already allowed me, and also how light it was, but every time I got an error that told me that something had gone wrong. Later in 2019, I tried again, and from that moment I can affirm that I am a KDE user. It simply had the good that I already found in 2016 without the bad.

El 28 February Plasma 6.0 will arrive, after more than 4 months in which KDE has focused almost exclusively on its preparation. Soon, probably the same day, it will come to KDE neon, shortly after to the earliest Rolling Release distributions and… the rest we will have to wait. How much? It is not known. Kubuntu users will probably have to be patient until October of this year, when Kubuntu 24.10 is released, and those of other distributions such as Manjaro, which have an Unstable, Testing and Stable branch, will have to wait several weeks until the project decides that it deserves the release. worth implementing. Those from Unstable will receive it sooner.

Two updates a year when stable

As for me, I won't be happy no matter what my distribution does. If you wait too long, the wait will bother me; If they do just the opposite, I'll be upset if I experience any bugs. In the future, perhaps when we enter next year, everything will return to normal, and after several updates, KDE says that they will release two versions of Plasma a year, and it is possible that Kubuntu will always use the latest. It will not be this time, that 18 months will be spent on the same version.

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  1.   Came said

    Hmm, yes. Plasma 6 will not arrive in time for 24.04 LTS of Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio. Personally, I have mixed feelings about this situation. My "production" machine is an Ubuntu Studio 22.04 LTS, and, although my mouth is watering with the new features of Plasma 6, I appreciate the stability of Plasma 5. But I see that, at the pace of LTS, I am not going to see Plasma 6 on my screen for a couple of years.

    Nothing new, many people want to swim and store their clothes: we want to have the latest updates on everything, but we also want everything to be stable as a rock. And, of course, everything-everything is not possible.

    I totally share your memories of KDE4. I remember trying it there when it came out, and mother of beautiful love, that was incredible. That the project has been able to advance and perfect Plasma 5 to the point it is at says many good things about the KDE community. (That also coincided with the time when Canonical was releasing beta versions of Ubuntu Unity. Those were bad times for Linux on the desktop)