What to do after installing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

What to do after installing Ubuntu 16.04

As you already know, the new version of Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus has been released just a couple of days ago. If you are here, it is because you have probably updated your Ubuntu but now you don't really know what to do, but don't worry, in Ubunlog we teach you everything about it.

If you have read us during these last days, you will already know what to do after installing Ubuntu MATE 16.04. Well, how do we tell you, in this article we will show you what we can do to configure our Ubuntu to the last. We started.

The question now is,What to do after installing Ubuntu 16.04? Here we give you a series of ideas about things you can do after installing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, especially if you come from a clean installation. We teach you from the news, to how to install the graphics drivers or how to install the necessary codecs to be able to play any video format. Here we go!

Take a look at what's new

One of the first things you could do is inform you a little about the news that the new version presents that you just installed. This new version brings new apps, new options, and even a fully updated kernel.

For example, one of the most notable novelties is that the Unity Dash no longer includes online searches by default. Since this new feature was implemented, it had always brought a lot of controversy. The truth is that many users in the Free Software community did not receive this feature very brightly. It's more, Richard Stallman came to criticize Ubuntu harshly for the inclusion of Spyware that used user data in an unethical way. But hey, despite the fact that Canonical continues to bet on this type of online search, at least now they are already disabled by default. So they will only be carried out if and only if the user wishes and consciously activates it, which certainly seems more ethical.

If you want to know more news you can take a look at this article, in which we inform you of many more news and features that this new update brings.

Check for any last minute updates

After an update, it may seem that everything is already correctly updated, but nothing is further from the truth, always there may be some last minute security update to correct some kind of problem. If so, the update is essential for the proper functioning of our Ubuntu. You can see if there are updates, you must go to the application Software and Updates, and then Check for Updates.

Install the corresponding codecs

In Ubunut, for legal reasons, the codecs necessary to be able to reproduce formats such as .mp3, .mp4 or .avi, are not installed by default. So if you want to be able to play any format, you have to install the Ubuntu restricted extras, from the Software Center.

Customize the appearance of your Ubuntu

We already know that the appearance of Ubuntu is increasingly elegant and attractive. Still, for many it may not be enough. The good thing is that as you know, we can customize the desktop as we like it the most. These are some of the changes you could make:

  • Activate the option to minimize through one click: This option allows us to open Unity dash applications with one click, and minimize them with another. The "bad news" is that this option is not installed by default in Unity. Still, activating it is very easy. Just run the following command:

gsettings set org.compiz.unityshell: / org / compiz / profiles / unity / plugins / unityshell / launcher-minimize-window true

  • Change the position of the Unity dash: Instead, through this option, we can decide whether to place the Unity Dash on the left (which is how it comes by default), on the right, up or down. Once again, we can change it by running the program gsettings in the terminal, with the following parameters:

gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Bottom

Note: In this case the Dash would be placed at the bottom (Bottom). To place it on the right, the parameter would be Right and to place it on top; Top.

  • Install widgets like for example Conky. If you do not know how to do it, we will explain it to you in this article.

In addition, you can make a series of graphic changes through the tool Unity Tweak Tool, which you can install through the Software Center. The most notable changes you can make are:

  • Change the desktop background.
  • Change the theme from Dark to Light or vice versa.
  • Change the size of the Unity Dash icons

Install the graphics drivers

Today, Ubuntu supports most Nvidia graphics drivers, giving you the option to decide if you want to use proprietary Nvidia drivers (or the corresponding brand of your graphics card), or instead use free drivers that also assure us a great experience in Ubuntu.

To see the drivers available for your PC, go to the application Software and Updates, and then click on the last tab called Additional drivers. Now you will be able to see a list (less or more extensive depending on your graphics card, brand, etc.) of the graphics drivers available for your PC.

In Ubunlog we recommend that support the Free Software community and use free drivers. Personally, I have never had problems with free drivers, although it is true that the programs I have always used have never required a very high graphic potential. On the other hand, if you see that whatever the graphic performance of your PC is not what you want, perhaps the most effective solution is to use the proprietary drivers, which you can also select and activate from the tab Additional drivers.

Take a look at the new Software Store

As we anticipated a few months ago, the Software Center as we knew it since Ubuntu 9.10 has disappeared in this new update. In return, have opted for a program called «Software» which, as we say, will be in charge of replacing the Software Center. If you were used to the Software Center, get ready to get used to this new Software store 😉


From Ubunlog we hope that the article on what to do after installing Ubuntu 16.04 has helped you and now you know what to do after having installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. As you have seen, there are some quite important changes that break a bit with what Ubuntu was in its previous versions. Ubuntu is evolving little by little and as we can see, it is on the right track. Until next time.

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  1.   Jose Miguel Gil Perez said

    sudo rm -rf /

    1.    Francisco Iceta said


    2.    Pablo said

      Even your name is Gil ... ironies of fate. here you come to learn friend.

      1.    Yolanda said

        Poor thing ... He probably lacked oxygen at birth and the only neuron he has left wants to "take revenge" on the world.

  2.   Seba Montes said

    Close VirtualBox

  3.   LP Victor said

    someone knows how to solve the shutdown, is that when I try to shutdown it just restarts: /

  4.   Raphael Laguna said

    If by Dash you mean the Launcher, the only valid positions are Left and Down. Neither Top (it would collide with the menu) nor Right.

  5.   qirha aq said

    Anyone using ZORIN OS?

    1.    Cuba said

      Hi Qirha Aq, I use Zorin .. what do you need? Greetings

    2.    Rudy patucho said

      I use it, what do you need?

  6.   Gustavo Rodriguez Beisso said

    Hi, I have Ubuntu 14.04 Gnome3… I'm going to update, keeping Gnome… Can someone tell me how likely that the update will remove everything? Because what they recommend is to make a backup before.

    1.    Celis gerson said

      Suppose that in the middle of the transition the power goes out or the network goes down ... The problem is not internal but external (and)

    2.    Celis gerson said

      Suppose that in the middle of the transition the power goes out or the network goes down ... The problem is not internal but external (and)

  7.   Gustavo said

    Hi, I have Ubuntu 14.04 Gnome3… I'm going to update, keeping Gnome… Can someone tell me how likely that the update will remove everything? Because what they recommend is to make a backup before

  8.   Jaime Palao Castano said

    Gustavo make a backup copy and it is recommended that you do a clean installation, because the update from 14 to 16 gives a failure and could damage some important system packages. A clean installation is the best

    1.    Celis gerson said

      Interesting! Why does it fail? : /

    2.    Celis gerson said

      Interesting! Why does it fail? : /

    3.    Jaime Palao Castano said

      Well, I read in a forum that it is due to updating some kermel packages since the kermel now goes to 4 and I have used 3.13 if I remember correctly. In fact, I did a clean installation to avoid that problem, but I really have to test the simulation of updating from 14 to 16 to see if there is really a possible failure

  9.   chackfu said

    only one problem I have! and is that the laptop fan does not work and due to heat it turns off! 🙁

    1.    William Carlos Rena said

      Hello. The same thing happens to me and the solution for this is to suspend before the automatic shutdown. And in this way when the blessed cooler works again it does not turn off the machine. It's kind of cumbersome but it works. I hope it helps you.

  10.   alicia nicole san said

    I can't hear the external speakers. wings that connect where the headphones go .. I have to install gnome alsa mixer to be able to activate the audio

  11.   Manuelse said

    Beware of that command
    I understand that it erases the entire disk.

  12.   ideslave said

    Hello an apology I installed and it does not allow me to connect to Wifi or ethernet ... I was looking and tried this but it shows an error:

    As it appears, my card is the Realtek rts5229 ... I tried to download the driver on another computer and pass it on to install it, but it didn't work either, if someone could help me, I would really appreciate it 🙂

    1.    dextre said

      http://www.realtek.com/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Conn=3&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false&Langid=1&Level=4&PFid=25&PNid=15 go to that link and unzip it and locate yourself inside that folder and look for the one that says readme.txt there it tells you how you are going to do it

  13.   Vicente Coria Ferrer said

    The launcher at the bottom is hideously ugly. At the bottom, a 3D docky or cairo-dock is very aesthetic and works better than the launcher because it is cleverly hidden and does not get in the way when it is not needed. I install docky and configure it to hide smartly and make the launcher hidden and appear when the mouse pointer touches the left side. If you also change the wallpaper. there is a desktop that surpasses the aesthetics of Windows or Mac.

  14.   fight said

    That sudo thing worked for me, it's very useful

  15.   George said

    I recently read the article on installing Ubuntu on a Mac Power G4 AGP Graphics, I tried the two proposed steps and had no results, the only thing I could get to is to enter FirmWare, but from there I couldn't get it to boot from the CD, I would like to know if there is something in particular to take into account for burning the CD or any other alternative, since I am interested in recovering this equipment and getting fully into the Mac world. Thanks

  16.   Luis said

    Hello friends, I have a problem I have not been able to install any deb, apparently I get a sale that says waiting to install, the same thing happens with all the debs that I open.

    1.    Jaime Perez-Meza said

      and are you connected to the internet? He also told me "waiting", and I realized that I was screwing it up because I was not connected to the internet, I connected and everything was solved.

  17.   Javier said

    I have put the launcher down, to size 30 and the color a little more opaque. I like so much how it fit.

  18.   Mauritius said

    it does not let me install applications like atom tells me that it is not free and that it comes from third parties, how can I install it or what should I configure?

  19.   uxia said

    When loading ubuntu I get a black screen that says ubuntu9 login: what do I have to put

  20.   Yazvel said

    Hello, I installed the latest version of Ubuntu and I have a problem connecting to the internet wirelessly, it detects the networks but when I want to enter the password of my network it does not connect anything ...

    1.    elroneldelbar said

      Hello, I installed from 0 today and no problem. I have no idea how this works but I hope that with your help I can find out a bit. For example, how do I change the language? It is in English, thank you!

  21.   Jaime Perez-Meza said

    everything works very well for me,
    1st copy / home to an external hard drive,

    2 ° I installed from scratch, now I am in the part of enchular, and I have had the only problem that I can not find more beautiful icons for folders and environments or themes, because the ones it brings are very ugly. so where will the themes be downloaded for unity?

    3rd I installed the «cairo-dock (fallback mode) works fine, only that its graph goes hand in hand with the unity icons

    4 ° I installed compiz config but working with that usually leaves the shit when one does not handle it well, I still cannot find tutorials that guide me in its use, we will have to wait.

    5th still I'm happy with the jump I made from Ubuntu 13.04 to 16.04

    1.    jose j gascon said

      The same thing happened to me with the network connection, I discovered that when choosing the network in the dialog box that appears, you put the password, you activate the password, the copies, you right click> edit the connections> dialog> Wireless> edit> window dialog> tab »wireless security» paste the key> close> close> go back to the networks icon> choose the network> voilà connects you.

  22.   joseph bernardoni said

    I installed it from scratch and it was ok, before I updated it from 14.04 but it gave me some problems with Cinnamon so I installed it from scratch and now it's fine

  23.   Sorin said

    try to install the codecs: mp3, mp4 ... etc, from the software center. I quit, because I've been around for a while and I can't do it. Maybe so much change is not good

  24.   Joseph Verenzuela said

    I installed Kubuntu 16.04 and mostly I install and update by console but after installing this version it doesn't update nor can I install anything, and I don't know where to locate the repositories, who could help me with this? Thanks

  25.   Francis Hernandez said

    update to Ubuntu 16.04 and the new software center does not show me the categories, only the highlighted application and the recommendations I do not know what will happen, could it be because I did not have a clean installation? a greeting

    1.    neyro said

      I did a clean installation and the software center did not work well, what I did was install the synaptic package manager, you can install it like this:

      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install synaptic


  26.   twin said

    hello tego super problems with ubunto 16.04 with the wireless network help

  27.   Ishmael Florentino said

    Someone who has a solution to the problem that ubuntu 16.4 gives me "It is possible that this program contains non-free components"

  28.   Yair Exequiel Ruiz said

    I have a problem when testing ubuntu 16.04 the mouse works, once I install it and start it does not work. Any solution. Note: I had to reinstall ubuntu 14.04 since my mouse works there. How do I solve to use this new version or wait for version 16.04.1 to come out. Thanks

  29.   alarconhector said

    I installed Ubuntu 16.04 in network mode and I only have console mode, that is, black screen and command line. How should I configure the desktop in graphic mode?
    Thanks since now,

  30.   manuelse said

    there is a genius who is leaving this command to see if someone falls.
    This command clears the entire computer.


  31.   manuelse said

    the command: sudo rm -rf /

  32.   manuelse said

    like the first on this list.

  33.   slimbook101 said

    I passed this link to a client and he thanked me, saying that he is already fine. I should thank you guys. Although before following your steps, he has also followed those of our Sllimbook Essentials application (sorry for the spam if you cannot put links: https://slimbook.es/tutoriales/linux/83-slimbook-essentials-nuestra-aplicacion-post-instalacion-ubuntu-debian )
    In any case, thanks for these guides 😉

  34.   ivan said

    because in the ubuntu distros, the wifi does not come by default. Since when installing or in test mode it does not have this application to detect Wi-Fi signals?

  35.   Puché (@Pitachurrola) said

    I corrected the Wlan (Broadcom) problem by following one of the last posts on this page: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2260232

    I rebooted a couple of times and as this is "magic" (for non-technical users) rebooting was able to detect it and gave the option to choose it in the drivers. Now I'm via wi-fi checking what else to add to 16.04. Hopefully it will serve.

  36.   lop said

    I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my laptop and on a desktop PC and despite having installed the restricted extras, I cannot play videos (mp4, AVI, DVD, etc…). I have tried with several players, VLC them, but there is no way.

    Does anyone know how to solve this bug?

  37.   Jesus said

    Freshly installed Ubuntu 16.04 I can install applications but a week later it won't let me, I've already installed Ubuntu twice and it did it again, It won't open the applications. Could you help me?

    1.    neyro said

      What error do you get?

  38.   dani said

    the mouse is not going to me .. what a bummer, with what I like ubuntu, if you know of any solution to publish it for fabor, thank you very much.
    ah, update to the last 16

  39.   jose said

    I like the new version of Ubuntu 16.04 but the truth is that it will not be installed for now, I will wait a little longer, for now I use Linux mint and Ubuntu 14.04 lts that I am reinstalling on the second disk of my PC.

  40.   Roger salazar said

    Hello, good morning, greetings. install ubuntu 16.04. and now it does not open the uubuntu sotware neither to update nor for the programs. what do they tell me?

  41.   pascual said

    good afternoon,
    with ubuntu 16.04 I can't get the computer to recognize a 4gb mp370 «elco pd4 that worked very well.
    Does anyone know how I have to operate to be recognized?
    Thank you.

  42.   Clemenza08 said

    Hello. Che I make a query: I intend to update to 16.04/2. I have a machine with 2GB of Ram and I want to add about 4 to 4GB more memory, can I install the system before adding the memory? Or do I wait and install it when I have the 6 or XNUMX GB?
    Thank you!

    1.    jose said

      Hello: you can do the installation of Ubuntu 16.04lts before increasing the memory of your pc without any problem, now if you want to wait to increase the memories, that will be on your part, that if you should know that for the system Recognize the 4gb or 6gb of additional ram, you must download and install the 64-bit version of ubuntu, taking into account if your processor supports or is of 64-bit architecture, to verify this you can have the exact model of the processor and look for all the information of the same on the manufacturer's page in this case intel or amd .. hope to see clarified your doubts

  43.   daniel922l castro said

    Very good for those of us who installed Ubuntu after a loooong time away from Linux

  44.   Mario Aguilera Vergara said

    I have installed Ubuntu 16/04/1 without any problems. However, when using it, I do not have the option to choose Windows 7 or Ubuntu OS. It just starts Ubuntu, without giving me the option to switch to Windows when I need to. In the description of the Ubuntu features, it said that at the beginning a menu would appear to choose the operating system with which you wanted to work. That has not happened, however. The biggest problem is that Windows Excel is not XNUMX% compatible with Libre Office, which has caused me to lose some files. Any idea how to fix it. Ugh, the keyboard doesn't do the accents or the question marks for me.
    Mario, from Antofagasta, Chile.

  45.   jvsanchis1 said

    Good article. I just reinstalled ubuntu 16.04 and updated it but it is very slow. Any suggestion? Thanks a lot

  46.   Cesar Abisai Qui Castellanos said

    Hello I have a dell 7559 laptop I have windows 10 installed by default and next to windows I installed ubuntu 16.04 the problem is that when he wants to enter the ubuntu system and when he wants he does not update the proprietary drivers, as well as sometimes so that it starts I press the letter cy after I enter GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT = »nomodeset quiet splash» someone who can help me would appreciate it

  47.   frameworks said

    in this version it does not allow to share files or folders in a network .. nothing works ..

  48.   frameworks said

    everything has to be configured ...

  49.   ice modding said

    lousy post.

  50.   pacojc said

    hi, I just installed ubuntu 16.04 from scratch, I have a geforce gt 730, but in the nvidia configuration it does not appear, and in the blender program it cannot change to gpu either because it does not appear. I do not know if it does not detect it, and if it detects it I do not know if it is using it.

  51.   elroneldelbar said

    Hello Everybody, I'm New. I wanted to ask how do I change the language of my Ubuntu and how, for example, do I remove programs… .. Thank you very much…. Ah, yes, what guide for beginners do you recommend?

  52.   MAURICIO BERNAL said

    I only have ubuntu and how do I re-list it; with the traditional desktop only having ubuntu 16.4? I only have on my ubuntu computer since update. the desktop a traditional or its new version ubuntu with cd installer in Spanish WHERE DO I BUY IT MEDELLIN COLOMBIA THAT IS NOT A CHINESE LANGUAGE? I THANK AN EDUCATIONAL HELP

  53.   Luis Fernando said

    Hi, I'm new to Ubuntu, I have 2 days, and I find it very interesting regarding windows 10 although I still have both systems, I admit that things got complicated for me from the beginning, I did not know what I was getting into, I just wanted to try this, well if it's cool I started from 0 from sudo blah blah blah, and now I'm doing a bit well, although there are still details, and about the codecs how I do it, thanks in advance, because I also just created this account to interact in this blog my version is LTS 16.04

  54.   Rolando said

    Hello, could someone help me, I have UBUNTU 16.04 installed, everything worked fine until today I turned on the machine and the programs look strange, for example the libreoffice programs look like wondows 98;

    1.    jvsanchis1 said

      Hello Rolando, I am also a newbie. But when I had some initial problem I did this and it worked:
      1. I opened the terminal. If you don't see it in the bar on the left, open the Dash (Ubuntu symbol, upper left corner). You type ter and it comes out.
      2. Open terminal you write sudo "apt-get update" without quotes. This updates the system and more
      3. Write "sudo apt-get upgrade" tb without quotes. Another update I think.
      It solved many problems for me. It does no harm to the system so you don't lose anything by testing.

    2.    jvsanchis1 said

      I'm a newbie too but I'll tell you what I did and it worked for me. Other wiser ones will be able to correct me or give a better solution.
      I opened the terminal and wrote:
      $ sudo apt-get update
      and then
      sudo apt-get upgrade
      It is not bad as they are updates. So trying does not cost anything and if it is worth it.

  55.   Luis sierra said

    Hi everyone, I just upgraded from aubuntu 10.10 to 16.04. My problem was that it doesn't back up my documents, music, photos, etc. And now I can not find them anywhere, I think they are still there because the hard disk space indicates that it is used but nothing appears in the home folder. I would greatly appreciate your help with this.
    By the way, also check the box to show hidden and backup files and nothing.

  56.   Luiselvis said

    Hello friends, I am new to Ubuntu. perform one of the commands indicated here Change the position of the Unity dash, place it at the bottom, but I try to place it in the other options and it does not change
    gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Left
    it tells me gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Rigth
    The provided value is outside the valid range
    What am I doing or is something wrong?

    1.    Miquel said

      Hi Luis, I am the author of the article. I no longer write for Ubunlog, however the comments you put on my articles keep reaching me in the mail, so I have been able to see your message.
      The problem is that you are misspelling "left" in English. Change that "lefth" to "left" and the problem should be fixed.