These are the news in Xubuntu 16.04

Xubuntu 16.04

This week we have known a new version of Ubuntu, a version that is also an LTS version, which means that it has a long support, being ideal for teams and users who need to have a very stable system. This version has not come alone, this time several official flavors have launched their respective LTS versions such as Xubuntu with Xubuntu 16.04.

The official Ubuntu flavor for light teams has released one more version and thankfully it is an LTS version, a version with 3 year support which will ensure updates and bug fixes for the version. But in addition to the LTS feature, Xubuntu 16.04 has brought several new features that make Xubuntu 16.04 quite an interesting version to use.

In this version Thunar has been updated and a series of patches has been applied to correct important bugs that have been found in recent months. A new artwork has also been added and wallpapers, a series of files that we already discussed for a long time. Coupled with these improvements, Albatross, Bluebird and Orion, traditional themes in Xubuntu, have been removed from the latest version for not being maintained.

Xubuntu 16.04 will have a support of 3 years

Also, as in the main version of Ubuntu, Xubuntu 16.04 will not have Ubuntu Software Center Rather, it will adopt Gnome Software Center, the new center for software. Along with this, we must take into account the new features of the version, that is, the kernel number, the correction of bugs and the elimination of certain software that will no longer be installed by default. In the case of Xubuntu 16.04, Calendar is not there but it is Orage Calendar, a small and practical calendar. Regarding bugs, Xubuntu 16.04 fixes a lot of own bugs of the distribution that have been found in the last months, bugs found in Xfce4-power-manager, in MenuLibre, in Parole or even in Catfish.

If you are really looking for a light and stable Ubuntu, Xubuntu 16.04 is a great choice, a choice that you can download from here! or simply, if you already have Ubuntu 16.04 installed, install Xubuntu-desktop with apt-get Easy, right?

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  1.   Yagami Raito said

    I can't download the 16.04-bit 32 someone who has the link would appreciate it a lot

    1.    David david said

    2.    Yagami Raito said

      David David big bonnet

    3.    Yagami Raito said

      thanks: 3

  2.   Pedro said

    Can you upgrade from 14,04 to 16.04, or do you have to reinstall the new version?

  3.   RRD said

    Hello Joaquín, abusing your experience, I wanted to ask you two things. The first is whether Thunar is stable enough at the moment or is it better to wait a little while for the numerous bugs they announced to finish fixing. The second is if it is possible and advisable to update from Trusty. The truth is that I am looking for stability and simplicity. I'm happy with Xubuntu, but they keep recommending Mint. What's your opinion?

    : )

  4.   Carlos Perez said

    Good afternoon, I am testing the xubuntu 16.04 distro from a pendrive I do not install it yet, but I test the live one and it does not connect the wifi, it says disabled, how can I correct this problem, it is worth mentioning that the connection indicator led seems to be off , thanks in advance for your help !!

    1.    infohismat said

      The same thing happened to me with an acer aspire one D250, but with Xubuntu already installed on my machine. Check that the network card is properly installed, configured and activated. In my case the eth0 was ok, I connected by cable and well, but not by wifi. I was trying like crazy the wifi button and it did not turn on (I thought it was broken), but when I disconnected the cable, it automatically detected wireless networks and I was able to configure everything correctly, as you can see, it was silly and there was nothing related to Xubuntu, you just have to tinker and you get it alone.

      1.    Joseph said

        The same thing happened to me with the wifi, I did not go with the pen and when I installed it I still did not go. Connect the cable and already connect the wifi and it started to go well.

  5.   Oliver said

    Thanks Joaquin for the information. Very interesting, like the comments. I'm going to install it on a sallow lenovo. One that is like a P4 with 2g of ram. Rather, can anyone comment if xubuntu 16 comes with libreoffice installed? I am a native of windows, so any suggestion will come super.

  6.   Jose Angel said

    Hello, it's been a while since this version of the operating system came out but when I installed xubuntu it was in version 15, when it was updated, the parole player stopped working, it opens but it does not play if you could help me solve that error I would appreciate it a lot.