icon themes

How to install Numix and Nitrux icon themes on Ubuntu 18.04?

Ubuntu has a great default icon theme, which looks great with the initial look of the system. In Linux we have the possibility to change the appearance of the system to our liking. From changing the desktop environment, the environment theme, the icons among others.


How to make KDE Plasma look like Unity?

In order to transform Plasma into Unity we are going to use a utility that the KDE desktop environment offers us. We simply have to go to our applications menu and search for Look and feel, another tool will appear called "appearance explorer" but it does not remember What is Look and feel.

gnome extensions

Enable the installation of Gnome extensions on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

With just a few days after the official launch of Ubuntu 18.04 during this period you have done your installations and configurations to customize your system, you may have noticed if you tried to install a Gnome extension you simply cannot do it easily.


10 GTK themes compiled for your system

This time we will take the opportunity to take a look at the most popular and good-looking GTK themes that we can find on the web, because thanks to the transition from Unity to Gnome we have a large number of settings with which we can customize in various ways to our system.


How to install Xfce on Ubuntu and derivatives?

One of the great qualities and benefits that I like about Linux is the possibility of being able to customize it according to our needs and even better being able to give it a different appearance thanks to the different desktop environments that exist for it.

Elisa music player

Elisa, a new music player from the KDE Project

Elisa is a new music player that was born under the aegis of the KDE Project and that will be available for Kubuntu, KDE NEon and Ubuntu users, although it will also be available for other desktops and operating systems ...


The best keyboard shortcuts to work with Gnome

Small guide of keyboard shortcuts to handle Gnome without using the mouse and doing it faster than with the mouse or even with the touch screen if we have a laptop with such a screen ...


Use a Mac-style launcher with Slingscold on Ubuntu

Hello guys, good morning, this time I will show you how to install Slingscold on our system. For those who do not know I will tell you that Slingscold is an application launcher written in Vala using GTK that emulates the Mac OS X launcher.

Deepin Desktop

Install Deepin Desktop in Ubuntu

Deepin OS is a Linux distribution of Chinese origin, previously it was based on Ubuntu, but due to the constant changes of constant updates, a base system change was made taking Debian as a base. 

nautilus 3.20

How to update Nautilus version of Ubuntu 17.10

Small tutorial on how to update Ubuntu to have the latest version of Nautilus on the latest version of Ubuntu without waiting for future updates or decisions from the Ubuntu development team.

Linux Mint vs. Ubuntu

We face Linux Mint vs Ubuntu: speed, interface, ease of use, programs, which is better and which one are we left with? Find out!

Unity on Ubuntu

How to place windows in Unity

Small tutorial on how to place the windows in Unity as we open the corresponding application, something that can be easily customized ...