EthicHub and Linux

Investing with EthicHub and the Linux philosophy

Explore EthicHub: Innovative investments with social impact, inspired by the Linux philosophy and powered by Blockchain. Profitability and solidarity in a unique model for sustainable development

The Mozilla Foundation continues to decline

Mozilla continues downhill

Mozilla continues downhill, its flagship product has fewer and fewer users and cancels and delays services.

The new version of Scribus brings great news

Scribus 1.6.0 released

On the first day of the year, Scribus 1.6.0 was released, the long-awaited version of the emblematic open source desktop publication creator.

Types of images for websites.

Types of images for websites

In this article we review the types of images for websites and which one to use in each case as a prior step to seeing the available tools

We list Linux apps to stay fit.

Linux apps to stay fit.

In the southern hemisphere, summer is approaching and that is why we are making a list of Linux applications to stay in shape.

Richard Stallman confessed that he has non-Hodkin's lymphoma

Richard Stallman fights cancer

A few days ago it was learned that Richard Stallman is fighting cancer. The founder of the free software movement has non-Hodkin's lymphoma

Top FOSS and FLOSS web directories

Top FOSS and FLOSS web directories

Using SL/CA websites to find out about free and open apps is something useful. But, better yet is to use a good top FOSS / FLOSS Directory websites.