openexpo europe 2018

OpenExpo Europe begins in Madrid

OpenExpo Europe has started in Madrid, one of the largest events related to Free Software that will bring together hundreds of users and companies interested in Free Software ...


Gksu Has Been Removed From Ubuntu! Know some alternatives

Sudo is an application that allows users to run programs with the security privileges of another user (which is usually the root user) in a secure way, thus temporarily becoming a super user. Gksu is a sudo wrapper designed for the KDE desktop environment.


How to re-enable Shutter Screenshot edit option in Ubuntu 18.04?

Well, this time, if you have not come to notice a small error that Shutter Screenshot has, if that application that is used for the system screenshots with which it allows us to quickly edit them. In Ubuntu 18.04 Shutter Screenshot does not have the edit button enabled ...

optimize system

Recommendations to speed up the operation of Ubuntu 18.04

Although many people are still not satisfied with the migration from Unity to Gnome Shell, this is largely because the environment is a little more demanding on the resources that the team must have and it is not that they are not right. Well, from a personal point of view, the system simply has to continue to evolve ...

Mark Shuttleworth

Ubuntu 18.10 will be Cosmic

Although the project leader has not spoken, we already know a part of the nickname of Ubuntu 18.10, which will be cosmic, but we still do not know the name of the animal ...

Bionic Beaver, the new Ubuntu 18.04 mascot

What's new in Ubuntu 18.04?

We collect the main news and changes that users will have with Ubuntu 18.04 or also known as Ubuntu Bionic Beaver, a distribution that will have Long Support ...

Ubuntu 18.04 beta 2

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver Final Beta Now Available

For a few weeks now, he has stopped talking about the next launch of the new Ubuntu and it is not for more because the guys from Canonical have officially announced the availability of the final beta of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver.

Linux Kernel

Install Linux kernel 4.15 and fix various security bugs

The Linux Kernel is the core of the operating system, as this is the one that is responsible for the computer's software and hardware to work together, in the processes and operations that run on the computer, so to speak, it is the heart of the system. That is why having the Kernel updated.

Bionic Beaver, the new Ubuntu 18.04 mascot

Ubuntu 18.04 will have the minimal installation option

Ubuntu 18.04 will have a new option that will involve the minimal installation of Ubuntu from the Ubiquity installer. An option that will help more than one expert user and will eliminate more than 80 packages that are usually installed in Ubuntu ...

Bionic Beaver, the new Ubuntu 18.04 mascot

Ubuntu 18.04 will bring by default X.Org

The default graphical server in Ubuntu 18.04 will not be Wayland as in Ubuntu 17.10 but it will be, the old Ubuntu graphical server and the stable and secure option for many ...

Various icon packs for your system

Of course we cannot ignore the customization of our system so this time I bring you a list of the best icon packs that were the most sought after last year.

UbuntuCon 2018

UbunCon 2018 Venue Confirmed

UbunCon is a series of conferences and workshops related to FLOSS "Free / Libre Open-Source Software" focused on free technologies and tools ...