gnome extensions

Enable the installation of Gnome extensions on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

With just a few days after the official launch of Ubuntu 18.04 during this period you have done your installations and configurations to customize your system, you may have noticed if you tried to install a Gnome extension you simply cannot do it easily.


The best keyboard shortcuts to work with Gnome

Small guide of keyboard shortcuts to handle Gnome without using the mouse and doing it faster than with the mouse or even with the touch screen if we have a laptop with such a screen ...

nautilus 3.20

How to update Nautilus version of Ubuntu 17.10

Small tutorial on how to update Ubuntu to have the latest version of Nautilus on the latest version of Ubuntu without waiting for future updates or decisions from the Ubuntu development team.

Gnome 3.18, now available

We talked about the new version 3.18 of GNOME. We see the main aspects to highlight in terms of implementations and new applications.

Zorin OS 8 is here

The Zorin OS team released version 8 of Zorin OS Core and Zorin OS Ultimate a few days ago. Zorin OS 8 is a distribution based on Ubuntu 13.10.

Evolution, a tool for our mail

Evolution, a tool for our mail

Tutorial and presentation about Evolution, an application designed to manage information, its installation in Ubuntu and the first steps in it.

Conky, My setup

Fecfactor asked me yesterday to publish the configuration of the conky that I show in the screenshot below. How can you ...