Browse the Internet through the terminal with Lynx

Lynx is a web browser that, unlike the most popular ones, is used through a terminal and navigation is through text mode. Lynx can turn out to be quite an attractive tool for terminal lovers and even for people who like to maximize optimization.

Photo camera

3 tools every photographer needs in Ubuntu

Small guide with 3 tools that are in Ubuntu for the daily work of a photographer. Free tools, free and compatible with any Gnu / Linux distribution, not only for Ubuntu ...

Xorg vs. Wayland vs. Mir

Discussion article where the main graphic servers that currently apply on Ubuntu are discussed: xorg, wayland and mir.


imgmin, reduces the weight of JPG images

Do you have photos with a .jpg extension that you would like to reduce their weight to? If you use GNU / Linux you have Imgmin available, a tool that works with the Terminal.

Ubuntu Tweak

Goodbye Ubuntu Tweak

Today we bring you bad news. According to Ding Zhou, the developer of Tweak Tool, they have decided to make a point ...

Unity 3D logo

Unity 5.3 finally comes to Linux

We are talking about the immediate availability of the Unity 5.3 editor on Linux. We show some of its news and explain how to install it in Ubuntu.

850 free brushes for GIMP

GIMP user and artist Vasco Alexander shared with the community a pack of no less than 850 free brushes for the popular software.