Xorg vs. Wayland vs. Mir

Discussion article where the main graphic servers that currently apply on Ubuntu are discussed: xorg, wayland and mir.


How to test Flatpak on our Ubuntu

Small article on how to install and test the new package system called Flatpak, a system that can be used in Ubuntu and derivatives ...


New Caliber update to version 2.58

The Caliber e-book manager reaches version 2.58 and includes improvements over bugs reported in the previous version and support for Qt 5.5.


imgmin, reduces the weight of JPG images

Do you have photos with a .jpg extension that you would like to reduce their weight to? If you use GNU / Linux you have Imgmin available, a tool that works with the Terminal.

Slack on Ubuntu MATE

How to install Slack on Ubuntu

Without any messaging app for computers as a clear dominator, a good option is Slack. We show you how to install it in Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Tweak

Goodbye Ubuntu Tweak

Today we bring you bad news. According to Ding Zhou, the developer of Tweak Tool, they have decided to make a point ...

Tablet with Ubuntu Touch

How to read ebooks in our Ubuntu

While the Ubuntu tablet arrives, there are many Ubuntu tablets that are used for reading. Here we tell you which apps to use to read ebooks.

Unity 3D logo

Unity 5.3 finally comes to Linux

We are talking about the immediate availability of the Unity 5.3 editor on Linux. We show some of its news and explain how to install it in Ubuntu.


Alternatives to autocad in Ubuntu

Small article about the alternatives that exist in Ubuntu to avoid having to use Autocad, rather to use its files without the paid program.

Login screen

What is the Login screen?

The login screen is a simple thing but sometimes novice users don't quite understand what it is. Here we tell you its parts and what it is.

Shotcut screen

Shotcut, an awesome video editor

Shotcut is a totally free video editing program that is multiplatform and that allows video editing with 4K resolution as well as filters.

GNU / Linux programs for musicians

The best free programs for musicians

We explain how to connect your gutiarra or bass to your PC with GNU / Linux and we talk about the best programs for musicians that you can find in that system.

java logo

How to install Java 9 on Ubuntu

We explain how to install the early access version of Java 9 in Ubuntu quickly and easily. The method and some considerations in this article.


How to create a Netflix webapp

Netflix is ​​the popular streaming entertainment service, a service that we can now enjoy from our Ubuntu thanks to a homemade webapp.


Bitcoin on Ubuntu

Bitcoin has stabilized after the boom, this has also made it penetrate very well with Ubuntu through wallets and mining software.

Loculinux Screenshot

Using Ubuntu in Internet Cafes

Article about the options we have to implement Ubuntu in internet cafes, from the simplest to the most difficult. Always using Free Software

850 free brushes for GIMP

GIMP user and artist Vasco Alexander shared with the community a pack of no less than 850 free brushes for the popular software.

How to put LibreOffice in Spanish

Small tutorial to put Libreoffice in Spanish in the Ubuntu flavors that does not come by default, as is the case with Lubuntu and Xubuntu.

Change LibreOffice icons

Change LibreOffice icons

Tutorial on how to change the icon theme of our LibreOffice to customize it. First post in a series dedicated to LibreOffice and its productivity

Evolution, a tool for our mail

Evolution, a tool for our mail

Tutorial and presentation about Evolution, an application designed to manage information, its installation in Ubuntu and the first steps in it.

DaxOs, a young distribution

DaxOS, a young distribution

Custom post about DaxOS, a distribution based on Ubuntu but with a lot of customization and on the way to independence that is of Spanish origin.

MenuLibre, a complete menu editor

MenuLibre allows us to edit the menu items of applications from environments such as GNOME, LXDE and XFCE. It even supports Unity quicklists.

Scribus, a publishing tool in Ubuntu

Scribus, a publishing tool in Ubuntu

Scribus, a publishing program in Ubuntu. A software capable of publishing and designing as well as being able to export them to pdf without any problem

ClamTk: Free Virus Cleanup in Ubuntu

ClamTk: virus cleanup in Ubuntu

ClamTk, an open source antivirus that allows us to have a very good antivirus in Ubuntu and to have a secure system without threats

Frequency Scaling in Ubuntu

Frequency Scaling in Ubuntu

Post about Frequency Scaling in Ubuntu, a technique that allows you to reduce the resource consumption of the computer or laptop that is using it.

Scripts in Ubuntu

Scripts in Ubuntu

Post about the basic creation of a script in our Ubuntu system. It is written for users who do not know what scripts are.

Create your own eBook with Sigil

Sigil is a multiplatform eBook editor and totally open source or Open Source, in the following article we install it in Ubuntu and Debian

Organize your windows with X-tile

X-tile is a small program that helps us organize our windows. It works in any desktop environment and can be operated from the console.