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When it was announced that Canonical's Shipit service was coming to an end, the same announcement also talked about the ...

IBAM with Gnuplot

Know the battery status from the terminal

One of the things that most worries all of us who work on a laptop is that we have so much battery left before the laptop shuts down and our productivity suddenly ends. That is why we keep a watchful eye on the application that brings our desktop environment where we can see an unrealistic report about how much time we have left on battery. I say unrealistic because always 30 minutes of battery life is about 10 minutes, and more if in those assumptions 30 minutes gave you to do something that consumes many resources of your machine.

Apart from giving us wrong data, these mini applications border on simplicity, offering us practically no additional information, something that personally bothers me, because I like to know how my battery really is, not just how many fake minutes I have left.

WDT, an impressive tool for web developers

Linux It does not have many applications that help a lot when developing web pages, and by this I mean applications that provide tools that help save time when writing code, since almost all of those that exist normally only offer options for debugging and writing code, rather than offering an environment WYSIWYG.

Fortunately there is WDT (Web Developer Tools), a powerful application that allows us to quickly and easily generate styles and buttons in CSS3, charts using Google API, check email from gmail, translate text with Google translate, make vector drawings, database backups and a very long (very long seriously) etc.

Install Ralink RT3090 on Ubuntu


Let's imagine the following situation, you buy a Laptop and Install Ubuntu and It Doesn't Detect the Wireless or Wifi Network, or even worse the Lan or Cable network is also not Detected, this is because those chips use proprietary drivers and are not included in the ubuntu kernel, therefore you have to install them as an extra, according to my experience the MSI laptops have this rt3090 chip.