pop ye

The new version of Pop! _OS 18.10

After the official launch of the new and more renewed version of Ubuntu which is version 18.10, the distributions began to be deployed ...

speed up system

How to speed up Ubuntu startup

Small tutorial on how to speed up the startup of our Ubuntu or any other distribution that is based on Ubuntu such as Linux Mint 19 ...

Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon Screenshot

Now available Linux Mint 19 Tara

The Ubuntu 18.04-based version, Linux Mint 19, is out now. The new version incorporates news and changes but future changes are expected ...


How to make KDE Plasma look like Unity?

In order to transform Plasma into Unity we are going to use a utility that the KDE desktop environment offers us. We simply have to go to our applications menu and search for Look and feel, another tool will appear called "appearance explorer" but it does not remember What is Look and feel.

logo lubuntu

Lubuntu 18.10 will have LXQT as desktop by default

Lubuntu 18.10 will be the first version to have LXQT as the default desktop. A version that will not only change the desktop but will remove the version that was created recently called Lubuntu Next ...

Voyager Linux 18.04 LTS Installation Guide

As the availability of Voyager 18.04 LTS along with all its features had been announced in a previous post, at this moment I take the opportunity to share the installation guide with you. It is important that I mention that Voyager Linux despite taking Xubuntu as a base, its developer ...

Voyager 18.04LTS

Voyager 18.04 LTS is now available

Good morning, well a few hours ago the new stable version of this French variant based on Xubuntu was officially launched, Voyager Linux, a distribution in which I have already mentioned several times in this blog. Voyager Linux is not another distribution, if not ...

logo lubuntu

How to install Lubuntu 18.04 on our computer

Installation and post-installation guide for Lubuntu 18.04, the latest version of the official Ubuntu flavor that is characterized by being suitable for computers with few resources or older computers ...

Bionic Beaver, the new Ubuntu 18.04 mascot

What's new in Ubuntu 18.04?

We collect the main news and changes that users will have with Ubuntu 18.04 or also known as Ubuntu Bionic Beaver, a distribution that will have Long Support ...


FriceOS an Argentine distribution based on Ubuntu

FriceOS is currently in its FriceOS G version and being based on Ubuntu like most distros it will have a prompt update as soon as the stable version of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is released. Within the plans of the developers of FriceOS in May they will be releasing the new version.


Meet Nitrux, a beautiful Ubuntu-based Linux distribution

Nitrux is a Ubuntu-based linux distribution that comes with its Nomad desktop environment which is built on KDE Plasma 5 and QT, Nomad takes the best of this environment to present a visually attractive desktop, which personally reminds me a lot to Pantheon.


The Testing version of Pop! _OS 18.04 is now available

Pop! _OS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, this is developed by System76 which is a famous manufacturer of computers with Linux pre-installed. It has the GNOME desktop environment which has its own GTK theme and icons.

Zorin OS 12.3

New update Zorin OS 12.3 stronger and more versatile

Well, a few days ago, the guys in charge of the development of Zorin OS through an official statement have shared with everyone a new version of this system, even though it is merely an update of its version 12.

Reader Screenshot

Lector, an ebook reader for Kubuntu users

Lector is an ebook reader that integrates very well with Kubuntu, Plasma and the Qt libraries and that allows the editing of metadata although it does not have all the functions of Caliber ...

Voyager GS Gamer 16.04 Installation Guide

In this article I will show you how to install Voyager GS Gamer 16.04 which has the following: Steam - Steam login, Enoteca 2.11, Winetricks, Gnome Twitch, Enhydra and especially the customization of Voyager that makes it visually attractive.

Install Ubuntu Mate on Raspberry Pi from your system

Although there is the Raspbian distribution, for the moment I prefer to leave this option aside, so I prefer to get Ubuntu on this small device. In order to enjoy Ubuntu, we will use the image that they offer us with Ubuntu Mate, so we must go ...

Xubuntu 17.10

Xubuntu 17.10 installation guide step by step

Xubuntu is one of the alternative versions that Ubuntu has, where the main difference is the desktop environment, while in Ubuntu 17.10 it has the Gnome Shell desktop environment by default in Xubuntu we have the XFCE environment.

Zorin OS 12

Zorin OS 12 an excellent alternative for those who migrate from Windows

In my previous article I announced about the new version of Feren OS, a distribution that seeks to gain ground with Windows users and those who have been migrating from it. On this occasion, let me talk about another alternative that we can offer to users who are migrating from Windows ...

Fern OS

British distro Feren OS has been updated

A few weeks ago I was chatting a bit about Feren OS, if a British Linux distribution based on Linux Mint with several cool features that may appeal to people who are new to the world of Linux and have been migrating from Windows.

Linux Kernel

Install kernel 4.14.13 to combat Meltdown

With the recent security problems generated in recent weeks regarding the Meltdown and Specter attacks, the big software companies have put in a lot of work to find and solve this.


Clone your hard drive with Clonezilla

This time we will take a look at Clonezilla, this is a free disk cloning program similar to Norton Ghost, which is paid, Clonezilla has two versions, which is the live image and another that is the server edition. 

Ubuntu MATE will finally have MIR

Ubuntu MATE developers have confirmed the future of MIR by using it for its official flavor and not using Wayland as a graphical server ...