Lubuntu with Cairo Dock

How to have a dock in Lubuntu

Small tutorial on how to have in our Lubuntu or our Ubuntu with LXDE a small but functional desktop dock that helps us on a day-to-day basis ...

Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zappus

Ubuntu 2 Alpha 17.04 now available

It is now available to test the Alpha 2 of Ubuntu 17.04, a version that shows us the news that distributions based on Ubuntu 17.04 will have

Linux Mint logo

Linux Mint 18.1 will be called Serena

Development of the new version of Linux Mint has already started. So the new Linux Mint 18.1 will be called Serena, a woman's name like previous versions.


New miniPC MintBox Pro

A new MintBox model appears with revised hardware and Linux mint 18 cinnamon operating system included as standard, standing out for its great connectivity.


How to make Plasma boot 25% faster

Does your PC use a Plasma graphics environment and does it take a long time to start up? In this article we provide you with tips to make your computer start up 25% faster.

How to enable backports in Kubuntu

Backports repositories are an important repositories in a distribution. Kubuntu has some special repositories, we tell you how to enable them

linux mint 18

Linux Mint 18 is now available

Although it is not official, the new version Linux Mint 18 is now available for your use and enjoyment, a version that has not yet been presented in society ...


Linux Mint 18 will have no new theme

Clem and his team have announced that Linux Mint 18 will have Mint-Y as the desktop theme but it will not be by default in Cinnamon but the previous version ...

Xubuntu 16.04

These are the news in Xubuntu 16.04

Xubuntu 16.04 is now available and although it may not seem like it, the new version of Xubuntu is also an LTS version with some interesting news ...

linux schools

Schools Linux 4.4 released

The distribution of Linux Escuelas reaches its version 4.4 and includes interesting improvements in included packages and in the interface of your desktop.

Budgie Remix

Budgie-Remix, the future Ubuntu Remix?

Budgie-Remix is ​​the first distribution that is based on Ubuntu and uses Budgie Desktop, a distribution that chooses to be the next Ubuntu Budgie ...

Linux Mint logo

Linux Mint 18 will be called Sarah

Linux Mint 18 will be called Sarah and will be based on Ubuntu 16.04, the next LTS version of Ubuntu. This new version will bring with it Cinnamon 3.0 and MATE 1.14.


MAX made it to version 8

MAX linux is one of the distributions created by the Community of Madrid based on Ubuntu. This distribution has reached version 8 with more news.

Peppermint OS 6

Peppermint OS reaches version 6

Peppermint OS 6 is the new version of Peppermint OS, the lightweight operating system that is based on Ubuntu 14.04 although it uses LXDE and Linux MInt programs.

plasma 5

Plasma 5, what's new from KDE

KDE has announced that it is releasing the new version of Plasma. Plasma 5 incorporates better support for HD displays, OpenGL and improves its user interface.

Loculinux Screenshot

Using Ubuntu in Internet Cafes

Article about the options we have to implement Ubuntu in internet cafes, from the simplest to the most difficult. Always using Free Software

Zorin OS 8 is here

The Zorin OS team released version 8 of Zorin OS Core and Zorin OS Ultimate a few days ago. Zorin OS 8 is a distribution based on Ubuntu 13.10.

Clementine OS, the new Pear OS

Clementine OS is a fork of Pear OS and no, it has nothing to do with the player. The first version of Clementine OS will be based on Ubuntu 14.04.

How to put LibreOffice in Spanish

Small tutorial to put Libreoffice in Spanish in the Ubuntu flavors that does not come by default, as is the case with Lubuntu and Xubuntu.

Munich goes to Ubuntu, and Spain?

Munich goes to Ubuntu, and Spain?

Curious news about the adoption of Ubuntu by the local German administration in Munich. They will use Lubuntu because of its similarity to Windows XP

Extras for Lubuntu

Extras for Lubuntu

Tutorial to install some extra programs in Lubuntu that improves it significantly. It is a closed list as in Ubuntu's ubuntu-restricted-addons.