Terminal with active colors

Become a pdf professional from the Ubuntu terminal

Small guide to working with pdf files from the terminal. A simple, fast and useful guide thanks to the pdfgrep tool, a tool that will help us to work from the terminal with these widely used and popular files ...

about bmon

Bmon, network debugging and monitoring tool

In the next article we are going to take a look at bmon. This tool for the terminal will help us to control network traffic and thus avoid the loss of bandwidth by interpreting the data it provides us.

Sigil ebook editor.

Create free ebooks in Ubuntu thanks to Sigil

Small article about what programs exist to create free ebooks in Ubuntu. In it we talk about Caliber and Sigil, an incredible editor that helps us create any type of ebook in Ubuntu without having to pay anything for it ...

Gnome to do

Gnome To Do is coming to Ubuntu 18.04

The Ubuntu team has decided to include a productivity app in the next Ubuntu version, it will be Gnome To Do, an application to create to-do lists ...

Bionic Beaver, the new Ubuntu 18.04 mascot

Ubuntu 18.04 will bring by default X.Org

The default graphical server in Ubuntu 18.04 will not be Wayland as in Ubuntu 17.10 but it will be X.org, the old Ubuntu graphical server and the stable and secure option for many ...

Twitch logo

How to get Twitch on Ubuntu 17.10

We tell you how to install Gnome Twitch, an unofficial Twitch client that works on Ubuntu 17.10 and Ubuntu Gnome and fully functional with the streaming service ...

nautilus 3.20

How to update Nautilus version of Ubuntu 17.10

Small tutorial on how to update Ubuntu to have the latest version of Nautilus on the latest version of Ubuntu without waiting for future updates or decisions from the Ubuntu development team.

About Vim Vundle

Vundle, manage plugins in Vim effectively

In the next article we are going to take a look at Vundle. This is a plugin manager for the Vim editor, which will allow us to effectively manage the plugins of this editor.

About Tablao

Tablao, the easiest way to create HTML tables

In the next article we are going to take a look at Tablao. With this tool we will be able to create HTML tables in a simple way in Ubuntu, but without style, which we can later use in our HTML projects.

Screenshot of the DConf tool

How to install Dconf on Ubuntu 17.04

DConf is a simple but powerful customization tool that has the Gnome environment and all its derivatives and that we can install on Ubuntu 17.04 ...

Ubuntu Web Browser

Light browsers

List of 5 lightweight browsers, ideal for machines with few resources or if we want to make little use of our system when we browse.

Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS

How to use Xfwm4 on Ubuntu MATE

Small tutorial on how to install or change the Ubuntu MATE window manager for the Xfwm4 manager, the Xubuntu window manager ...

Flash and Linux logos

Dependencies unfulfilled

Do you have problems of broken dependencies in Ubuntu? Find out how they are solved, especially if you have problems with the installation of flash

Fast Ubuntu

Speed ​​up ubuntu

Is your Ubuntu PC not running as fast as you would like? Accelerating Ubuntu with these tricks is easy and returns agility and fluidity to your computer.

Rpcs3 emulator

RPCS3: PS3 Game Emulator on Ubuntu

RPCS3 is an open source emulator and debugger written in C ++ for Windows and Linux. The emulator is capable of booting and playing hundreds of games.

Microsoft Office Web Apps

Office for Ubuntu

Microsoft Office for Ubuntu, something unthinkable a few years ago. Do you know how to install Office on Ubuntu or Linux? Enter and we will explain it to you step by step.


Alpha 22 0 AD is now available

0 AD is a real time strategy video game. The game recreates some of the most epic battles in ancient history. Covers the period covered.