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Lubuntu 18.10 will have LXQT as desktop by default

Lubuntu 18.10 will be the first version to have LXQT as the default desktop. A version that will not only change the desktop but will remove the version that was created recently called Lubuntu Next ...

Mark Shuttleworth

Ubuntu 18.10 will be Cosmic

Although the project leader has not spoken, we already know a part of the nickname of Ubuntu 18.10, which will be cosmic, but we still do not know the name of the animal ...

Ubuntu 18.04 GNOME

What to do after installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS?

We will share with you some of the things to do after installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, especially for those who chose a minimal installation, that is, they only installed the system with basic functions and the Firefox web browser.

Linux games

5 totally free games with Linux support

This is because for a long time Linux did not have a good catalog of games and that I am talking about 10 years ago, where if you want to enjoy a good title you had to perform many previous configurations and wait for everything to run perfectly without any setback.

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How to install Lubuntu 18.04 on our computer

Installation and post-installation guide for Lubuntu 18.04, the latest version of the official Ubuntu flavor that is characterized by being suitable for computers with few resources or older computers ...

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Install Open Broadcaster with the help of Flatpak

Open Broadcaster Software or also known as OBS is a free and open source application for the recording and transmission of video over the internet, it is written in C and C ++, and allows the capture of video sources in real time, scene composition, encoding, recording. and retransmission.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver Installation Guide

We share with newbies a simple guide to install this new version of Ubuntu on your computer. First of all, we must know the requirements to be able to run Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on our computer and I must mention that Ubuntu abandoned support for 32 bits

Bionic Beaver, the new Ubuntu 18.04 mascot

What's new in Ubuntu 18.04?

We collect the main news and changes that users will have with Ubuntu 18.04 or also known as Ubuntu Bionic Beaver, a distribution that will have Long Support ...

Linux terminal

How to have Gksu function in Ubuntu 18.04

The Gksu tool has been eliminated from the Debian repositories and removed from the Ubuntu 18.04 repositories, we tell you what alternative exists to continue having the Gksu result in Ubuntu 18.04 ...

about remove a known password from a pdf

Remove a known password from a PDF file in Ubutu

In the following article we are going to take a look at how to remove a known password from a pdf file. We will see different methods. At the time we will see a web service to unlock pdf files for which we do not have your password.

Elisa music player

Elisa, a new music player from the KDE Project

Elisa is a new music player that was born under the aegis of the KDE Project and that will be available for Kubuntu, KDE NEon and Ubuntu users, although it will also be available for other desktops and operating systems ...

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Media server, some good options for our Ubuntu

In the next article we are going to take a look at some media server options for Ubuntu. In addition to those that we have already seen on the blog, we will see some other interesting ones with which to share content on our local network.

about byzanz

Byzanz, record a screenshot via command line

In the next article we are going to take a look at Byzanz. This is a simple and very functional program that will allow us to record screenshots in different formats from our desktop or Ubuntu terminal.

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How to install kernel 4.16 on Ubuntu 17.10

Small tutorial on how to install the latest version of the Linux kernel, Kernel 4.16, in the latest version of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 17.10 and also in the Ubuntu LTS versions ...

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Zeal, a documentation browser for developers

In the next article we are going to take a look at Zeal. This is a browser for developers that will allow us to download and consult the documentation to resolve any questions about programming languages ​​or software directly on our computer.


How to install Steam on Ubuntu 17.10

Small Steam installation guide on Ubuntu 17.10 and other current versions such as Ubuntu LTS. We detail how to install without having to reinstall everything or see how our video games do not work ...


The best keyboard shortcuts to work with Gnome

Small guide of keyboard shortcuts to handle Gnome without using the mouse and doing it faster than with the mouse or even with the touch screen if we have a laptop with such a screen ...

Kanboard web app

How to install Kanboard on Ubuntu

Small tutorial on how to install and use an application of the Kanban method in Ubuntu. In this case we opted for the Kanboard application, an application that can be installed for free in any version of Ubuntu ...

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Lector, an ebook reader for Kubuntu users

Lector is an ebook reader that integrates very well with Kubuntu, Plasma and the Qt libraries and that allows the editing of metadata although it does not have all the functions of Caliber ...

Screenshot of Sublime Text 3

How to put Sublime Text 3 in Spanish

Small tutorial on how to put the famous Sublime Text 3 in Spanish. A useful and quick tutorial to do for users who are not fluent in the Shakespearean language ...

Ubuntu freezes

Solutions to Ubuntu freezes unexpectedly.

When Ubuntu freezes, the first step we usually resort to is to immediately restart the computer, although it could be the best solution, the problem lies when the system freezes frequently tends to occur, leading to the idea of ​​reinstalling the system or opting for change it.

Network interface

Solution: Ubuntu without wired or wifi internet connection

If, when performing a new installation of Ubuntu or updating to a new version, you find yourself with the problem that you do not have an internet connection, you may be able to solve your problem with one of the solutions that I share with you in this article.

google drive and google docs

How to access Google Drive in Ubuntu 17.10

Small tutorial to access from the Ubuntu 17.10 desktop to Google's cloud storage system, Google Drive. A service that has always resisted for Linux users and especially for Ubuntu users ...

About Webp

WebP, the image format for Google web pages

In the following article we are going to take a look at how we are going to be able to change the format of our images to the Google format called Webp. All this simply and quickly.

about keybase

Keybase, an encrypted chat app for geeks

In this article we are going to take a look at Keybase. It is an encrypted chat application with which we can get in touch with people around the world without having to know their email or phone number through social networks.

About FreeTube

FreeTube, an open source desktop player for YouTube

In the next article we are going to take a look at FreeTube. This program will allow us to watch YouTube videos without advertising, download them, subscribe to channels without a Google account and more options.


Improve the signal of your wireless network with the following tips

Several issues can be attributed to these types of complications, among the most common are the distance between your equipment and the router, as well as not taking into account the walls, another is that not all of them take into account the power of their wifi card since not all are the same.


RetroArch the all-in-one game emulators

We teach you how to install and configure RetroArch on your Ubuntu system and derivatives. With this great program you will be able to enjoy different types of game emulators within a single program, with which you will be able to create a large library of games in one place.

Photo camera

3 tools every photographer needs in Ubuntu

Small guide with 3 tools that are in Ubuntu for the daily work of a photographer. Free tools, free and compatible with any Gnu / Linux distribution, not only for Ubuntu ...

Screenshot of the OnlyDesktop office suite

Onlyoffice a multiplatform open source office suite

Onlyoffice is a free, open source office suite under the GNU AGPLv3 and multiplatform license, developed by Ascensio System SIA. This is an alternative to LibreOffice, Office 365 and Google Docs, Onlyoffice offers different types of service oriented to all needs.

Ubuntu Phone

Canonical also supports UBPorts

Canonical has recently donated smartphones with Ubuntu Phone to the UBports project, as well as this project has released a version of Unity 8 and a version of Ubuntu Phone for the famous Moto G 2014 ...

LightDM login manager

5 login managers and how to change the one you use

Display Manager or in Spanish known as the login manager, is a graphical interface that is displayed at the end of the boot process, instead of the default shell. There are different types of managers among which we can find from the simplest ...

Bionic Beaver, the new Ubuntu 18.04 mascot

Ubuntu 18.04 will have the minimal installation option

Ubuntu 18.04 will have a new option that will involve the minimal installation of Ubuntu from the Ubiquity installer. An option that will help more than one expert user and will eliminate more than 80 packages that are usually installed in Ubuntu ...

Codebster About

CodeLobster, how to install this IDE for PHP on Ubuntu

In the next article we are going to take a look at the CodeLobster IDE. We can install this IDE in Ubuntu using its .deb package and with it we can develop our codes in different languages, even though it is oriented to PHP.

Terminal with active colors

Become a pdf professional from the Ubuntu terminal

Small guide to working with pdf files from the terminal. A simple, fast and useful guide thanks to the pdfgrep tool, a tool that will help us to work from the terminal with these widely used and popular files ...

about bmon

Bmon, network debugging and monitoring tool

In the next article we are going to take a look at bmon. This tool for the terminal will help us to control network traffic and thus avoid the loss of bandwidth by interpreting the data it provides us.

Sigil ebook editor.

Create free ebooks in Ubuntu thanks to Sigil

Small article about what programs exist to create free ebooks in Ubuntu. In it we talk about Caliber and Sigil, an incredible editor that helps us create any type of ebook in Ubuntu without having to pay anything for it ...

Gnome to do

Gnome To Do is coming to Ubuntu 18.04

The Ubuntu team has decided to include a productivity app in the next Ubuntu version, it will be Gnome To Do, an application to create to-do lists ...

Bionic Beaver, the new Ubuntu 18.04 mascot

Ubuntu 18.04 will bring by default X.Org

The default graphical server in Ubuntu 18.04 will not be Wayland as in Ubuntu 17.10 but it will be X.org, the old Ubuntu graphical server and the stable and secure option for many ...

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How to get Twitch on Ubuntu 17.10

We tell you how to install Gnome Twitch, an unofficial Twitch client that works on Ubuntu 17.10 and Ubuntu Gnome and fully functional with the streaming service ...

nautilus 3.20

How to update Nautilus version of Ubuntu 17.10

Small tutorial on how to update Ubuntu to have the latest version of Nautilus on the latest version of Ubuntu without waiting for future updates or decisions from the Ubuntu development team.

About Vim Vundle

Vundle, manage plugins in Vim effectively

In the next article we are going to take a look at Vundle. This is a plugin manager for the Vim editor, which will allow us to effectively manage the plugins of this editor.

About Tablao

Tablao, the easiest way to create HTML tables

In the next article we are going to take a look at Tablao. With this tool we will be able to create HTML tables in a simple way in Ubuntu, but without style, which we can later use in our HTML projects.