MPV player

MPV, video player for terminal

In this article we are going to take a look at the video player for the MPV terminal. We will see how to install and uninstall it in a simple way in Ubuntu.

SASS official logo

How to install SASS on Ubuntu 17.04

We are talking about a small tutorial to be able to install SASS in our Ubuntu 17.04. A simple way to have this CSS preprocessor in our Ubuntu ...

MongoDB stickers

How to install MongoDB on Ubuntu

We tell you how to install MongoDB on our Ubuntu LTS, a very powerful and useful database that can replace others such as MySQL or MariaDB ...

Ubuntu MATE will finally have MIR

Ubuntu MATE developers have confirmed the future of MIR by using it for its official flavor and not using Wayland as a graphical server ...

Atom 1.13

How to install Atom on Ubuntu

Atom is a very popular and powerful code editor that will allow us to create our own programs and applications. We show you how to install Atom in Ubuntu

Lynx Finder

Web browsers for the terminal

Post for Ubuntu in which we will teach you some web browsers for the terminal without the need for great resources on our team.

about Geany

Geany, a small IDE for Ubuntu

Tutorial in which you will find two ways to install the Geany code editor for Ubuntu and with which you can easily develop your codes.

Games for the terminal

Games for Ubuntu Terminal

List of games for the Ubuntu terminal that you can install easily and with which you can enjoy fun classics.

Mark Shuttleworth

Canonical will go public this year

The new CEO of Canonical has confirmed the arrival of the company to the Stock Exchange, a process in which they are working and that will end with an IPO ...

butter project Popcorn Time

How to install Popcorn Time 0.3.10

Tutorial to install Popcorn Time 2017 in its version 0.3.10 in Ubuntu 2017. With it you can watch movies in their original version and with high video quality.

Lubuntu with Cairo Dock

How to have a dock in Lubuntu

Small tutorial on how to have in our Lubuntu or our Ubuntu with LXDE a small but functional desktop dock that helps us on a day-to-day basis ...

Knowing Todo.txt indicator

The management of the typical task lists created through Todo.txt receive a great help from the hand of a ...


Rclone snap pack available

We present the way to comfortably add the Rcloud application in snap format within your Ubuntu operating system.

Customize your terminal in Ubuntu

The Ubuntu graphical terminal is highly configurable. You can choose from changing the transparency or font to sending special characters.

Learning Linux

Create your own scripts using bash

Learn how to create your own bash scripts to automate tasks, simplify command syntax, and eliminate repetitive actions by passing parameters.

Calligra 2.8

Calligra 3.0 released

With version 3.0 of Calligra developed using the KDE and Qt5 frameworks it ensures that the suite is kept up to date.

Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zappus

Ubuntu 2 Alpha 17.04 now available

It is now available to test the Alpha 2 of Ubuntu 17.04, a version that shows us the news that distributions based on Ubuntu 17.04 will have