How to bulk rename files in Nemo

Do you want to rename many files and you don't feel like using the terminal? Well, here we bring you one for Nemo that you will love.

Tux mascot

The Linux kernel turns 25

The Linux kernel has turned 25 years old today, an age that few expected it to meet or to help create projects as important as Ubuntu ...

Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak

Ubuntu 16.10 beta is ready

Canonical halts development of Ubuntu 16.10 to focus on fixing bugs ahead of the launch of the first beta version of the system.


Ubuntu MATE 16.10 will have MATE-HUD

The latest Ubuntu MATE 16.10 alpha indicates that the official flavor will have Mate-Hud, a custom Hud created for the MATE desktop and the official flavor.

How to enable backports in Kubuntu

Backports repositories are an important repositories in a distribution. Kubuntu has some special repositories, we tell you how to enable them

linux mint 18

Linux Mint 18 is now available

Although it is not official, the new version Linux Mint 18 is now available for your use and enjoyment, a version that has not yet been presented in society ...


How to test Flatpak on our Ubuntu

Small article on how to install and test the new package system called Flatpak, a system that can be used in Ubuntu and derivatives ...


Ubuntu desktops lighter than Xfce

A recurring theme that usually makes the news from time to time is the reference to lightweight desks. Many users are looking for desktops that, ...


Saving ink on Linux

We teach you to save ink with each document that you print in Linux using the free and free EcoFont font.


imgmin, reduces the weight of JPG images

Do you have photos with a .jpg extension that you would like to reduce their weight to? If you use GNU / Linux you have Imgmin available, a tool that works with the Terminal.

Arduino with ubuntu

Start your Ubuntu remotely

Small tutorial to turn on your Ubuntu remotely without the need for special gadgets, just with a normal computer and an ethernet or Wifi connection.

Slack on Ubuntu MATE

How to install Slack on Ubuntu

Without any messaging app for computers as a clear dominator, a good option is Slack. We show you how to install it in Ubuntu.


Linux Mint 18 will have no new theme

Clem and his team have announced that Linux Mint 18 will have Mint-Y as the desktop theme but it will not be by default in Cinnamon but the previous version ...

Ubuntu Tweak

Goodbye Ubuntu Tweak

Today we bring you bad news. According to Ding Zhou, the developer of Tweak Tool, they have decided to make a point ...

Xubuntu 16.04

These are the news in Xubuntu 16.04

Xubuntu 16.04 is now available and although it may not seem like it, the new version of Xubuntu is also an LTS version with some interesting news ...