Ubuntu 16.04

Ubuntu 16.04 Beta 2 what's new?

The second beta of Ubuntu 16.04 is now available, a beta that shows everything new that Ubuntu 16.04 brings with it that is seen and what is not seen ...

Terminal with active colors

How to activate Terminal colors

Does a terminal with only two colors seem monotonous to you? Well, it can be put in full color. Here we show you how to activate the Terminal colors.

Budgie Remix

Budgie-Remix, the future Ubuntu Remix?

Budgie-Remix is ​​the first distribution that is based on Ubuntu and uses Budgie Desktop, a distribution that chooses to be the next Ubuntu Budgie ...

How to watch a DVD in Ubuntu

Small tutorial on how to be able to see a commercial DVD in Ubuntu without needing payment programs or specific configurations.

Tablet with Ubuntu Touch

How to read ebooks in our Ubuntu

While the Ubuntu tablet arrives, there are many Ubuntu tablets that are used for reading. Here we tell you which apps to use to read ebooks.

Linux Mint logo

Linux Mint 18 will be called Sarah

Linux Mint 18 will be called Sarah and will be based on Ubuntu 16.04, the next LTS version of Ubuntu. This new version will bring with it Cinnamon 3.0 and MATE 1.14.


Alternatives to autocad in Ubuntu

Small article about the alternatives that exist in Ubuntu to avoid having to use Autocad, rather to use its files without the paid program.

Old laptop

5 steps to speed up your Ubuntu

Small guide with steps to speed up your Ubuntu without having to change the hardware or be a computer guru who rewrites all of our Ubuntu.

Image of 'docky'

How to install Docky on Ubuntu

Tutorial in which we show you how to install the Docky launcher in Ubuntu, an application with low resource consumption and highly configurable.


What is Dash?

Dash is an important element that every Ubuntu user should know about, just as it is a great unknown for the most novice Ubuntu users.

Linux defrag banner

How to defragment in Linux

We present a guide to carry out the defragmentation of your computers and thus obtain a better performance of your Linux system.

Shotcut screen

Shotcut, an awesome video editor

Shotcut is a totally free video editing program that is multiplatform and that allows video editing with 4K resolution as well as filters.

virt-manager KVM

How to install KVM on Ubuntu

KVM is another of the alternatives that we have available for virtualization in the Linux world, and here we see how to install it and start using it.


MAX made it to version 8

MAX linux is one of the distributions created by the Community of Madrid based on Ubuntu. This distribution has reached version 8 with more news.

Peppermint OS 6

Peppermint OS reaches version 6

Peppermint OS 6 is the new version of Peppermint OS, the lightweight operating system that is based on Ubuntu 14.04 although it uses LXDE and Linux MInt programs.

tor ubuntu

How to set up a Tor node in Ubuntu

By configuring a Tor node we will be helping to improve the traffic on this network that allows us to maintain anonymity when browsing the internet.


How to create a Netflix webapp

Netflix is ​​the popular streaming entertainment service, a service that we can now enjoy from our Ubuntu thanks to a homemade webapp.


How to install SHOUTcast on Ubuntu

Shoutcast is the technology that allows us to create an internet radio station from our computers and start transmitting music over the network.


Bitcoin on Ubuntu

Bitcoin has stabilized after the boom, this has also made it penetrate very well with Ubuntu through wallets and mining software.

tomcat ubuntu

How to install Tomcat on Ubuntu

This simple tutorial shows us the steps to install Tomcat in Ubuntu, after which our server will be able to serve JavaServer Pages and Servlets

peer-to-peer vpn

How to set up a peer-to-peer VPN

Setting up a Peer-to-peer VPN network in Ubuntu is very simple and allows us to eliminate the bottleneck that the server can become.

joomla ubuntu

How to install Joomla on Ubuntu 14.04

In this short tutorial we are going to see how to install Joomla on Ubuntu 14.04, in order to have the alternative of opting for this excellent open source CMS.


How to repair a WordPress database

If the database of our Wordpress installation is damaged, there will be problems in the visualization of the contents. Let's see how to correct those bugs.

plasma 5

Plasma 5, what's new from KDE

KDE has announced that it is releasing the new version of Plasma. Plasma 5 incorporates better support for HD displays, OpenGL and improves its user interface.

java logo

How to install Java on Ubuntu

Installing Java in Ubuntu is not as straightforward and simple as it should be, but with these instructions we can accomplish it in a few minutes.

Loculinux Screenshot

Using Ubuntu in Internet Cafes

Article about the options we have to implement Ubuntu in internet cafes, from the simplest to the most difficult. Always using Free Software

Zorin OS 8 is here

The Zorin OS team released version 8 of Zorin OS Core and Zorin OS Ultimate a few days ago. Zorin OS 8 is a distribution based on Ubuntu 13.10.

Clementine OS, the new Pear OS

Clementine OS is a fork of Pear OS and no, it has nothing to do with the player. The first version of Clementine OS will be based on Ubuntu 14.04.