850 free brushes for GIMP

GIMP user and artist Vasco Alexander shared with the community a pack of no less than 850 free brushes for the popular software.

How to put LibreOffice in Spanish

Small tutorial to put Libreoffice in Spanish in the Ubuntu flavors that does not come by default, as is the case with Lubuntu and Xubuntu.

SteamOS, Valve's distribution

Valve finally announced SteamOS, a Linux-based operating system that aims to revolutionize the PC gaming industry in the living room.

Change LibreOffice icons

Change LibreOffice icons

Tutorial on how to change the icon theme of our LibreOffice to customize it. First post in a series dedicated to LibreOffice and its productivity

What is Grub2 and how to modify it

What is Grub2 and how to modify it

Article about Grub2 and how to configure it with the Grub-Customizer tool, a tool that will allow you to modify Grub2 without being an expert

Evolution, a tool for our mail

Evolution, a tool for our mail

Tutorial and presentation about Evolution, an application designed to manage information, its installation in Ubuntu and the first steps in it.

Munich goes to Ubuntu, and Spain?

Munich goes to Ubuntu, and Spain?

Curious news about the adoption of Ubuntu by the local German administration in Munich. They will use Lubuntu because of its similarity to Windows XP

Edit menus in Ubuntu

Edit menus in Ubuntu

Small tutorial on how to modify contextual menus in our Ubuntu using Nautilus through the file manager application, Nautilus-actions.

Extras for Lubuntu

Extras for Lubuntu

Tutorial to install some extra programs in Lubuntu that improves it significantly. It is a closed list as in Ubuntu's ubuntu-restricted-addons.

DaxOs, a young distribution

DaxOS, a young distribution

Custom post about DaxOS, a distribution based on Ubuntu but with a lot of customization and on the way to independence that is of Spanish origin.

LibreOffice tips and tricks

LibreOffice tips and tricks

Tutorial that collects and comments on the most used tips and tricks to improve the day-to-day use of LibreOffice on our Ubuntu system.

VNC, its use in Ubuntu

VNC, its use in Ubuntu

Entry on how to configure our system to use vnc programs and manage a desktop in Ubuntu remotely, without the need for this physically

MenuLibre, a complete menu editor

MenuLibre allows us to edit the menu items of applications from environments such as GNOME, LXDE and XFCE. It even supports Unity quicklists.

The IP address in Ubuntu

The IP address in Ubuntu

Entry on the IP address in Ubuntu and in general to be able to communicate and know the connections of our team to the world novel, on the Internet.

How to resize Linux partition

Resize Ubuntu partitions

Step-by-step tutorial to resize Linux and Ubuntu partitions, a very simple but tedious process where they exist.

Scribus, a publishing tool in Ubuntu

Scribus, a publishing tool in Ubuntu

Scribus, a publishing program in Ubuntu. A software capable of publishing and designing as well as being able to export them to pdf without any problem

The Firewall in Ubuntu

The Firewall in Ubuntu

Post about the configuration and use of the Firewall in Ubuntu and the installation and configuration of its graphical interface to better handle this tool.

ClamTk: Free Virus Cleanup in Ubuntu

ClamTk: virus cleanup in Ubuntu

ClamTk, an open source antivirus that allows us to have a very good antivirus in Ubuntu and to have a secure system without threats

Frequency Scaling in Ubuntu

Frequency Scaling in Ubuntu

Post about Frequency Scaling in Ubuntu, a technique that allows you to reduce the resource consumption of the computer or laptop that is using it.

Scripts in Ubuntu

Scripts in Ubuntu

Post about the basic creation of a script in our Ubuntu system. It is written for users who do not know what scripts are.

Optimize Ubuntu (more so)

Optimize Ubuntu (more so)

Post that collects a series of tricks to optimize our Ubuntu system. The tricks are old but they are updated to Ubuntu version 12.10.

Fluxbox on Ubuntu

Fluxbox on Ubuntu

Basic installation of a window manager in Ubuntu. The manager is Fluxbox, a derivative of Blackbox and quite old in the Ubuntu repositories.

File Managers in Ubuntu

File Managers in Ubuntu

Post about file managers in Ubuntu mentioning some possibilities within this operating system.

Speech recognition in Linux

James McClain has developed a tool that allows, in a simple way, speech recognition in Linux. Siri for Linux, some claim.

Free RAM memory in Ubuntu

How to free up RAM in Ubuntu

Simple guide that shows how to free up RAM in Ubuntu with a simple command through the console without losing information.

How to add MTP support in Kubuntu

Guide that explains how to add MTP support in Dolphin by installing the corresponding KIO-slave. MTP is used by Android devices, among others.

KDE 4.10: Kate enhancements

The new version of Kate included in KDE SC 4.10 has an extensive list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Restarting Unity

Sometimes Unity starts to behave erratically or sluggishly; To get back to normal, you have to restart Unity with the relevant command.

Installing MDM 1.0.6 on Ubuntu 12.10

Installation guide for the latest version of MDM, the Linux Mint Display Manager, in Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal by adding the corresponding repository.

Create your own eBook with Sigil

Sigil is a multiplatform eBook editor and totally open source or Open Source, in the following article we install it in Ubuntu and Debian

Organize your windows with X-tile

X-tile is a small program that helps us organize our windows. It works in any desktop environment and can be operated from the console.

Download Ubuntu via torrent

It is recommended to download Ubuntu through the BitTorrent network to prevent the official servers from being saturated. In this post we will do it using Deluge.


Kazam, burn your desktop on Linux

Kazam is a free program for Linux that allows us to record our desktop sessions, being able to select the entire desktop or a specific area

Wammu syncs mobile phones with Ubuntu

Wammu is a program for Linux capable of synchronizing mobile phones based on Symbian or proprietary systems from brands such as Samsung, Nokia or Motorola.

Change fonts in KDE

KDE allows you to customize the desktop by easily changing the different fonts used on the system.

Ubuntu 12.04.1 released

Canonical and the Ubuntu team have released Ubuntu 12.04.1, an update to the installation image that fixes bugs and adds improvements.

Plank for Linux

Plank, a simple Mac-style dock

Plank is a simple and lightweight Dock for Linux based on the popular Docky. Plank is ideal for machines with few resources.

Unity 5.0

Unity 5.0 desktop features

Unity 5.0 is the star of the new version of Ubuntu 12 04, this new desktop or renewed Ubuntu desktop, the Unity 5.0

Linuxeros Desktops # 30

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Gnome Shell

Unity or Gnome Shell?

This is a guest post written by David Gómez from the world according to Linux. Yesterday Ubuntu 11.04 Natty was released ...

Try Ubuntu 11.04 Online

When it was announced that Canonical's Shipit service was coming to an end, the same announcement also talked about the ...

Linuxeros Desktops # 29

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IBAM with Gnuplot

Know the battery status from the terminal

One of the things that most worries all of us who work on a laptop is that we have so much battery left before the laptop shuts down and our productivity suddenly ends. That is why we keep a watchful eye on the application that brings our desktop environment where we can see an unrealistic report about how much time we have left on battery. I say unrealistic because always 30 minutes of battery life is about 10 minutes, and more if in those assumptions 30 minutes gave you to do something that consumes many resources of your machine.

Apart from giving us wrong data, these mini applications border on simplicity, offering us practically no additional information, something that personally bothers me, because I like to know how my battery really is, not just how many fake minutes I have left.

Linux USB Drive

Disable the use of USB disks for a user in Linux

Linux USB Drive One of the most common security problems in a company is the leakage of information, this is generally given by unrestricted access to the use of mass storage devices such as memory sticks and USB drives, burners. CD / DVD, Internet, etc

This time, I am going to show you how we can restrict a user's access to USB mass storage devices in Linux, so that access to the port is not lost in case of having to connect a mouse USB or charge a battery through it.

Note: all types of USB mass storage device will be disabled, including music players, cameras, etc.

Ubuntu Tweak - Menu

Change GDM wallpaper in Ubuntu

Ubuntu has that ugly wallpaper that you use (I mean purple) as default wallpaper for GDM, but the truth is that I don't even like to see it in that short moment when I log into my laptop.
That is why we are going to learn two ways to change this background for one that we like more or that is more in line with the wallpaper we use on the desktop.

First of all, we must understand that Ubuntu handles the appearance of the GDM with themes, so normally it is not possible to change the appearance of this without changing the whole theme, but the theme ambience It is quite beautiful and I do not think, as I do, that they want to change it.
This theme uses the default background image /usr/share/backgrounds/warty-final-ubuntu.png, which is the image that we see as the default background in Ubuntu (yeah, that hideous purple).