Linuxeros Desktops # 27

First edition of the year of Escritorios Linuxeros, the section of the blog that is already a classic thanks to the great ...

WDT, an impressive tool for web developers

Linux It does not have many applications that help a lot when developing web pages, and by this I mean applications that provide tools that help save time when writing code, since almost all of those that exist normally only offer options for debugging and writing code, rather than offering an environment WYSIWYG.

Fortunately there is WDT (Web Developer Tools), a powerful application that allows us to quickly and easily generate styles and buttons in CSS3, charts using Google API, check email from gmail, translate text with Google translate, make vector drawings, database backups and a very long (very long seriously) etc.

How to add PPA repositories to Debian and distributions based on it

One of the great advantages that Ubuntu has over other distributions is the large number of applications available for this distribution and the ease of installing and keeping them updated through PPA repositories through Launchpad.

Unfortunately the command add-apt-repository It is only available for Ubuntu, so adding these repositories is not so easy when you want to add it in a distribution like Debian or based on this you can generally make use of the .deb packages created for Ubuntu.

This is not to say that we cannot make use of these repositories in Debian, since Debian also provides a way to add custom repositories, and then we are going to learn how to do it.

How to fix Atheros WiFi problem on Ubuntu Maverick

How to fix Atheros WiFi problem on Ubuntu Maverick

This is not a new problem, since Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, Canonical you have trouble getting multiple brand-name wireless network cards to work properly Atheros.

As for Lucid Lynx, this problem is solvable, commented on the blacklist made to the Atheros driver in the configuration file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-ath_pci.conf and installing the linux-backports-modules as described in this NetStorming entry.

Unfortunately, this solution does not apply to 10.10 Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat, since applying this solution only leads to the complete disappearance of the WiFi network and if you keep insisting you will be left without a system as happened to me. 😀

How to compile Kernel in Ubuntu with the 200-line patch included

How to compile Kernel in Ubuntu with the 200-line patch

Many of you seem to have had a problem installing the Kernel precompiled with the 200 line patch on your machines, this is to be expected, so it is always better to have a Kernel directly compiled in our machine than in a foreign machine, so that it correctly takes the architecture of our machine and the general configuration of the hardware.

For this reason, here I teach the most daring, how to compile their own Kernel ( in Ubuntu (tested in Ubuntu 10.10) with the 200-line patch included in it. Remember that this process should be done at your own risk, it requires a large number of packages to download and a fairly high compilation time.

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Install Ralink RT3090 on Ubuntu


Let's imagine the following situation, you buy a Laptop and Install Ubuntu and It Doesn't Detect the Wireless or Wifi Network, or even worse the Lan or Cable network is also not Detected, this is because those chips use proprietary drivers and are not included in the ubuntu kernel, therefore you have to install them as an extra, according to my experience the MSI laptops have this rt3090 chip.

Install your own Jabber server with OpenFire on Ubuntu Linux

to create your own instant messaging system, with jabber (the same from google talk),
OpenFire is a web-managed jabber server (like a router or modem), written in java and is GPL.
for it to work you have to have Apache2 + MySQL + PHP5 installed and phpmyadmin doesn't hurt
To Install Apache2 + MySQL + PHP5 + phpmyadmin:

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Remove Kernel

Remove old kernels in Ubuntu

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