ClamAV-GUI: A useful graphical interface for ClamAV antivirus

ClamAV-GUI: A useful graphical interface for ClamAV antivirus

ClamAV-GUI: A useful graphical interface for ClamAV antivirus

If you are one of our faithful and regular readers, you may have recently read here that the well-known Antivirus and AntiMalware software for Linux, known as ClamTk will no longer have new versions. And in case you are not an expert or advanced user of Linux operating systems, it is important to note that, ClamTk is a graphical user interface for ClamAV software, which is basically used from the terminal. That is to say, ClamAV is essentially a program for the Linux Terminal (CLI environments) and, therefore, it is mostly used at the server level and on systems such as email managers, among others.

Meanwhile, ClamTk made it easier for less advanced home and office users (office/administrative users) to have a desktop solution in the purest style of antivirus programs for Windows and macOS. But, given the recent news reported by its developer, it is best to look for viable and efficient alternatives for using ClamTk on the GNU/Linux Desktop. And one of them is, precisely, «ClamAV-GUI Antivirus”, which offers us a useful graphical user interface (GUI) for ClamAV antivirus (CLI). So, below, we will show you the most important thing about this app, which is still in full development.

ClamTK development ends

But, before starting this publication about this interesting and useful development called «ClamAV-GUI Antivirus», we recommend you explore a previous related post with this area of ​​antivirus software on Linux, at the end of reading it:

ClamTK development ends
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ClamAV-GUI Antivirus: A useful GUI for ClamAV antivirus (CLI)

ClamAV-GUI Antivirus: A useful GUI for ClamAV antivirus (CLI)

What is ClamAV-GUI Antivirus?

Despite the existence of many types of Malware (viruses, rootkits, ramsomwares and more) for Windows, macOS, and also for Linux, only in the first 2 there are many IT solutions at the user level to prevent said evil. Which may be because There are fewer Malwares available that could affect the proper functioning and security of the GNU/Linux Desktop.

But, let there be less amount of Malware or less powerful Malware on GNU/Linux, it is not an invitation not to use some antivirus for Linux, available. Like, for example, the legendary and well-known ClamAV through ClamTk, which is currently abandoned by its developer.

Or this little-known and novel app called ClamAV-GUI Antivirus, which is briefly described by its developer as a Front-End for ClamAV. And what's more, it is available in your official website about OpenCode and KDE Store by Pling, and requires the prior installation of the “clamav” and “clamav-freshclam” packages to work.

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Installation and screenshots

For its download and install The following simple steps can be performed:

  1. We download from source code from KDE STore by Pling and we unzip it to the Download Folder.
  2. Then we compile the package with the command commands: “sudo qmake”, “sudo make” and “sudo make install”.
  3. Next we run it from our Application Menu, and we activate it in the foreground from its icon in the inbox of the notification panel.
  4. Once its GUI is open, we can explore its options and configure everything we think is necessary.
  5. And to test it, we can indicate a folder/file or a disk/partition. For example, I have scanned a USB drive called "STORE", and to start the analysis you must press the "Play" button.
  6. At the end of the scan, we are offered a summary of the process analysis and what was executed as configured.

All this, as can be seen in the following images:

ClamAV-GUI Antivirus - Screenshot 1

ClamAV-GUI Antivirus - Screenshot 2

ClamAV-GUI Antivirus - Screenshot 3

ClamAV-GUI Antivirus - Screenshot 4

ClamAV-GUI Antivirus - Screenshot 5

ClamAV-GUI Antivirus - Screenshot 6

ClamAV-GUI Antivirus - Screenshot 7

Screenshot 8

Screenshot 9

Screenshot 10

Screenshot 11

Screenshot 12

Screenshot 13

Screenshot 14

Screenshot 15

Important links about ClamAV and ClamTk

And in the future, we hope to see available and use another interesting GUI project for ClamTk called ClamAV Desktop.

One of the most beloved myths of Linux users has been falling apart in recent years with the appearance of news about serious security problems and the creation of new malware. Although Linux has a more secure file system and privilege management scheme than Windows, it is not invulnerable.

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Summary 2023 - 2024


In summary, «ClamAV-GUI Antivirus» It offers us a great and very practical and simple GUI for the ClamAV antivirus. Above all, because of its intuitive and very complete graphic interface. AND It certainly has a lot of room for improvement, but we believe it has a lot of potential., in case its developer continues with such an important project. Which, without a doubt, can become a very popular app and a very useful free, open and IT solution in terms of computer security. Finally, whether you already use ClamAV-GUI or any other IT solution for the prevention and elimination of viruses and malware on your GNU/Linux Desktop, we invite you to tell us about your experience with it for the knowledge and benefit of all community.

Lastly, remember to share this useful and fun post with others, and visit the beginning of our «site» in Spanish or other languages (adding 2 letters to the end of the URL, for example: ar, de, en, fr, ja, pt and ru, among many others). Additionally, we invite you to join our Official Telegram channel to read and share more news, guides and tutorials from our website. And also, the next Alternative Telegram channel to learn more about the Linuxverse in general.

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