Elementary OS Freya is now available for download and enjoyment

Elementary OS Freya

It was not long ago since the announcement of the release of the latest Elementary OS Freya beta when a few hours ago we saw the launch of Elementary Freya by surprise. This version of Elementary that has had so much trouble getting out, is finally stable and ready to go.

Elementary OS Freya is based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, a version of Ubuntu that has support until 2019 and Elementary OS's own desktop, the Pantheon. Which we already talked about recently in Ubunlog and that gives the system an appearance similar to that of Apple.

This new version has numerous fixes, including better support for UEFI, an improved multitasking system and many others, up to 1.1000 fixes. In addition, a new notification system has been included and three new applications installed by default: camera, calculator and videos that join the Photos application, which has been completely redesigned. In addition, third-party applications have been included so that the user has everything they need, in this case it stands out Geary, Document Viewer and Simple Scan.

Elementary OS Freya still has the Pantheon desktop

As you can see, the orientation and design of Elementary OS Freya is clear but does not make it worse, on the contrary. There are many who try to turn their distribution on a Mac, something that is useful since it helps to the maximum to have a greater productivity without losing performance or aesthetics. Elementary OS Freya has kernel 3.16, Table 10.3.2. and the graphical server Xserver 1.15.1, as you can see the latest in stable versions and instead the requirements to be able to install Elementary OS Freya are:

  • 32-bit or 64-bit 1 GHz processor
  • 1 GB of memory (RAM)
  • 15 GB of disk space
  • Internet access

That is, not many demands and if the latest in software.

Personal opinion

I have not yet been able to test this version of Elementary OS but things are promising and if nothing bad happens, no errors or something similar, Freya could position itself as one of the most beautiful and usable distributions of the Gnu / Linux panorama, ideal for many newbies who do not they want to learn commands but to use the computer. But I say this without testing the distro yet, when I test it I will indicate my impressions.

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  1.   dbillyx said

    We will wait a couple of days before downloading and installing it. Always in the course of these days we will read any comment on the network. What I have doubts is because of the 15 gigabytes of space, where I have the previous version and it is a test, it is in a 13 gigabyte partition, will I have any problem?

    1.    ant said

      I do not think, that you have a problem, I tried it in virtualbox with 8 gigs and it runs wonderfully.

  2.   Tommy fenyx said

    Thanks for your diffusion

  3.   leillo1975 said

    Since they became farrucos with the issue of donations, they have lost all my respect. In addition, the issue of not being able to leave anything on the desktop seems very good to maintain aesthetics, but not to work. Regarding the technical characteristics of the equipment to be used in question, say that the previous version worked much better with graphs from more than 10 years ago (an FX5500 for example does not move), so I would also put the "such" graph as a minimum

  4.   may said

    Hello, according to uefi compatibility, I installed it as I normally do but it only starts windows. I had to do a specific step when partitioning the hard disk or what would you recommend, greetings I have never been able to install any version on the hard disk only use them in live mode

  5.   g3vi3s said

    Not that this distribution was one of the lightest, it already requires 1 GB of RAM so goodbye elementary OS on my old computer, approve another lighter right-handed ^ _ ^

  6.   nacho said

    in my case I installed freya x64 in a vaio netbook 11.6 ″
    amd e-350 dual core 1.6ghz
    4 gb ram
    ssd 128gb

    and he was very slow !!
    install the 32-byte one. and he's better but he's not flying and I'm in a solid state ... maybe he's a processor that's old and needs maintenance.