Enemy Territory – Legacy: Linux FPS game based on Wolfenstein

Enemy Territory - Legacy: Linux FPS game based on Wolfenstein

Enemy Territory – Legacy: Linux FPS game based on Wolfenstein

The year 2023 is leaving us, and being in the middle of December, surely some will begin to have much more free time at home to enjoy family and other more relaxing and fun activities, such as playing on their computer, with or without GNU/Linux. For this reason, and regardless of the operating system you have, today we offer you another publication in our series of publications related to our extensive list of FPS games for Linux.

Many of which, as we have already repeated several times, are retro and old school in style, others are original and independent, and others are just a modification/update (fork) of other existing games, such as Doom, Quake. , Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein. For example, the one we will address today, whose name is "Enemy Territory – Legacy" or ET: Legacy, and which is basically, a adaptation of the cross-platform FPS game Wolfenstein.

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Eduke32: An FPS Game for Linux based on Duke Nukem 3D

But, before starting this post about «Enemy Territory – Legacy», the multiplatform adaptation of the old Wolfenstein, we recommend exploring a previous related post of this series, at the end of reading this:

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Enemy Territory - Legacy: Adaptation of the FPS game Wolfenstein

Enemy Territory - Legacy: FPS game adaptation Wolfenstein

What is the FPS game for Linux called Enemy Territory - Legacy?

According to its developers in its Official website, «Enemy Territory – Legacy» is

An open source project based on the code of the retro video game called "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" that was released in 2010 under the terms of the GPLv3 license. And whose development is largely due to various collaborations, such as those from Splash Damage (Source code), those from the Raedwulf-ET Developer Team, those from the Unvanquished Team (Codebase) and those from ioQuake3 (Patches). ).

And in case you are one of those who know nothing or only little of the video game "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory", it is worth clarifying that the same one was:

A free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter, set in World War II and heavily focused on teamwork, which was initially released in 2003 by Splash Damage and id Software.

And among the characteristics that stand out in ET: Legacy to this day and until current version available Edition (March 2.81.1, 2023), the following can be mentioned:

  • Includes an updated game engine which aims to fix bugs and security vulnerabilities, remove old dependencies, add useful features and modernize its graphics while remaining compatible with version ET 2.60b and as many existing modifications as possible.
  • Includes un new mod Legacy whose goal is to add many useful features and improvements while remaining close to the original game, and maintaining its classic features, that is, being lightweight (low resource consumption and extensible through Lua scripts.
  • At the engine level, the following stand out: Many bug fixes and security of the GPL code version (for example, DDOS protection), A new client now based on SDL2, a multiplatform multimedia library, Integrated IRC Client, Database support SQL data, Linux client sound without hacks, speed optimizations, removal of a lot of obsolete code, updating its dependencies, OGG Vorbis and JPEG-Turbo client support, among many others.
  • At the level of its general source code, the following stand out: The inclusion of Lua scripts with SQL support, Support for the Omni-Bot and the WolfAdmin game manager, extended UI, Additional weapons, New Bayesian skill rating system , more squad features, better in-game translations, fixed weapon statistics, custom HUD, among many others.

Installation and screenshots

To install it, we just have to download and run the installer file of its latest stable version (example: etlegacy-v2.81.1-x86_64.sh). Then, within the installation folder indicated in the installation process, if it has been successful, only the following command order must be executed:


And if everything is fine, when running ET: Legacy, we will see it working, as shown in the following screenshots:

Installation and screenshots Enemy Territory - Legacy - 01

Installation and screenshots Enemy Territory - Legacy - 02

Installation and screenshots Enemy Territory - Legacy - 03

Installation and screenshots Enemy Territory - Legacy - 04

Installation and screenshots Enemy Territory - Legacy - 05

Installation and screenshots Enemy Territory - Legacy - 06

Installation and screenshots ET: Legacy - 07

Installation and screenshots ET: Legacy - 08

Installation and screenshots ET: Legacy - 09

Installation and screenshots ET: Legacy - 10

Installation and screenshots ET: Legacy - 11

Installation and screenshots ET: Legacy - 12

Installation and screenshots ET: Legacy - 13

Failing that, you can also installed and run via Flatpak. As we explained in a previous post a couple of years ago now.

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In short, we hope that new gamer publication about «Enemy Territory – Legacy», which is one of many fun and exciting retro FPS games for Linux, of interest and usefulness to many, when it comes to having fun and remembering pleasant moments with games of yesteryear. And as in each entry in this series of FPS games for Linux, we invite you if you know of any others that are worth exploring and playing, do not let them know via comment to include them in our current list on this topic or area.

Finally, remember to share this useful information with others, as well as visit the beginning of our «site" in Spanish. Or, in any other language (just by adding 2 letters to the end of our current URL, for example: ar, de, en, fr, ja, pt and ru, among many others) to learn more current content. And also, you can join our official channel Telegram to explore more news, tutorials and Linux updates. West group, for more information on today's topic.

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