Old FPS game launchers: Doom, Heretic, Hexen and more

FPS game launchers for Linux: Old school style!

FPS game launchers for Linux: Old school style!

In this post today, one more in our series dedicated to Linux gamers old school style, that is, about the FPS games on Linux, we will talk not about a particular game, but about various launchers (Launchers) of original and modified games (ports) of yesteryear. Among which are the classic and well-known games such as Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Strife and many others.

Which can increase our chances of being able to play some of these, since not all of them are available with external or internal installers (repositories), but through files of the type ".wad" and ".pk3" or others. So without further ado, let's get to know 3 of the most well-known and used ones, and mention some more of these fabulous ones. «FPS game launchers for Linux: Old school style! »

Blasphemer: A FPS game for Linux built for the Heretic engine

Blasphemer: A FPS game for Linux built for the Heretic engine

But, before starting this post about some of the best known and most used «Old school style FPS game launchers for Linux », we recommend you explore the previous related post of this series, at the end of reading this:

Blasphemer: A FPS game for Linux built for the Heretic engine
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Blasphemer: A FPS game for Linux built for the Heretic engine

FPS game launchers for Linux: Old school style!

FPS game launchers for Linux: Old school style!

3 well-known FPS game launchers for Linux in the old school style

chocolate doom

This launcher aims faithfully reproduce the experience of Doom games, as it was played in the 90s. And to do this, provides full support for single-player and multiplayer games, for all original Doom, Chex Quest and Hacx games. However, unlike the original executable, the network game is implemented on the IP networking stack, allowing it to run on modern LANs and the Internet. And today, it offers a stable version under version number. 3.0.1 October 2023.

Doomdays Engine

This launcher aims to upgrade the technology of these various classic games while preserving the core gaming experience. Therefore, it is excellent for running FPS games such as Doom, Heretic and Hexen, among others. And to do this, it includes cool features such as the use of game profiles and the selection of plugins, the application of graphics with particle effects and dynamic lights, the application of 3D sound effects and reverb, and the possibility of multiplayer games at through LAN networks. Lastly, currently, it offers a stable version under version number. 2.3.1 February 2021.


This launcher offers a graphics engine for Doom based on ZDoom. It is created and maintained by Christoph Oelckers and the most recent stable version released is 4.11.0 from September 2023. For those who do not know ZDoom, it is a port of the original ATB Doom and NTDoom code. Therefore, GZDoom is one of 3 current Ports belonging to ZDoom, which is a family of improved Ports of the Doom Engine for execution on modern Operating Systems. These ports work on modern Windows, Linux and OS X, and add new features not found in the games originally published by the company Id Software.

Note: To play with any of these launchers you need to obtain and possess the ".wad" and ".pk3" or other type files for each game.

3 more launchers: Crispy Doom, Doom Runner and Freedoom

3 more launchers

Crispy Doom

This modified launcher (Port) of the original Doom game offers a conservative and historically accurate style. Therefore, it is compatible with the thousands of mods and levels that were created before the Doom source code was released. Unlike other similar ports, it aims to preserve the original appearance, limitations, and bugs of the original DOS executable.


This launcher specializes in being able to run ports of Doom for other launchers, such as GZDoom, Zandronum, PrBoom, and more. It has a very good and detailed graphical user interface. Additionally, it is written in C++ and Qt, and is designed around the idea of ​​presets for various multi-file mods (Doom games). In such a way as to make it easier to switch between them with a single click.


This launcher contains four chapters, each with nine levels, to provide a fluidly paced first-person action game. In addition, it offers a wide variety of mazes and enemies with which to fight and challenge our reflexes. To do this, it uses three base game data (IWAD) files for Doom-compatible engines. And it includes the ability to also play the wide range of mods created for Doom.

Top FPS game launchers and free FPS games for Linux

FPS game launchers for Linux

  1. chocolate doom
  2. Crispy Doom
  3. Doomrunner
  4. Doomsday Engine
  5. Gzdoom
  6. Freedom

FPS games for Linux

  1. action quake 2
  2. Alien Sand
  3. Assaultcube
  4. Blasphemer
  5. COTB
  6. Cube
  7. Cube 2 - Sauerbraten
  8. D-Day: Normandy
  9. Duke Nukem 3D
  10. Enemy Territory - Legacy
  11. Enemy Territory - Quake Wars
  12. IOQuake3
  13. Nexuiz Classic
  14. quake
  15. openarena
  16. Quake
  17. Q3Rally
  18. reaction quake 3
  19. Red eclipse
  20. rexuiz
  21. Shrine II
  22. TomatoQuark
  23. Total chaos
  24. Tremulous
  25. trepidaton
  26. Smokin 'Guns
  27. Unvanquished
  28. Urban terror
  29. Warsaw
  30. Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory
  31. World of padman
  32. xonotic

And if you want to know many more free FPS and other games, and easy installation through various formats of self-contained packages and online game stores, we leave you the following links:

AssaultCube: A free and open FPS game for Linux and Android
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AssaultCube: A free and open FPS game for Linux and Android

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In summary, if you are a passionate Linux video gamer, we hope that some of these well-known and used «Old school style FPS game launchers for Linux » It will be very useful and fun for you so that you can expand the repertoire of FPS games that you have played until today, alone or in the company of your closest family and friends. So, We invite you to discover them, try them and enjoy them.. And in case you know of any others that work very well, let us know via comment for everyone's knowledge.

Finally, remember to share this useful information with others, as well as visit the beginning of our «site" in Spanish. Or, in any other language (just by adding 2 letters to the end of our current URL, for example: ar, de, en, fr, ja, pt and ru, among many others) to learn more current content. And also, you can join our official channel Telegram to explore more news, tutorials and Linux updates. West group, for more information on today's topic.

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