Games for Ubuntu Terminal

Games for the terminal

Linux lovers usually spend most of our time using the terminal. At first it can be a little dizzy to use it, but in the end it ends up becoming a faithful companion with whom we know we can do everything from creating files, sending emails, checking the weather and much more.

With the above clear, why not spend some time playing from it? Obviously they will not be modern gamesNeither state-of-the-art nor will they feature impressive graphics, quite the opposite. But without any doubt are classics or variants of classics that never go out of style because of how addictive they are.

Games for Ubuntu Terminal

In this small list are not all those that could be, since there are many games for the terminal and they would make this list endless. I'm going to try to show, the way I see it some of the best games for the terminal on Linux. The commands to install them that will be shown will be for Ubuntu. If you want them in other distributions, you will only have to replace "sudo apt" when installing the game with its respective command such as "yum" or "dnf" as appropriate.


Screenshot ninvaders

Who does not remember the game where you use a plane (or something similar) to kill aliens? Since I was little I have always been a fan of those games where you have to kill aliens.

To install this fantastic and addictive game you just have to open the terminal and type:

sudo apt install ninvaders

To launch the game you just have to call it by name:



Screenshot nsnake

Another clone of an addictive game known to the whole world (no exceptions). This is the typical snake game that you will find in old Nokia phones or in the one released this year. The snake will grow as you manage to keep it from biting itself or hitting the wall.

To install nSnake, type the following command in the terminal:

sudo apt install nsnake

To start it, you just have to call it by its name:



Pantalhose of Tint

This is a clone (of the thousands that exist) of what is perhaps the most popular and addictive game in the history of video games, Tetris.

To install this variant of Tint you must use the following command:

sudo apt install tint

To start it you just have to write:



Screenshot of pacman4console

Who does not know or has spent days playing the popular pacman ?. With this variant you can have the same fun from the Linux terminal by installing Pacman4Console.

To install it we go to the terminal and write:

sudo apt install pacman4console

To start it, we call you by your name. In this case, you have to remember to maximize the window because its resolution is quite low:


Another great version of Pacman is MyMan. It has much better resolution. In the next link You can download the necessary file and there we will be shown how to install it.

moon buggy

Mom buggy screenshot

Playing this game you have to pass the time jumping and shooting. These two things will make you play for hours and hours. The only but that could be put is his high addiction.

To install it we will execute in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install moon-buggy

To launch the game, we will write its name:


Linux Lunar Lander

This is a fun game. En el tienes que volar en un módulo lunar durante su última etapa de descenso con una cantidad limitada de combustible en los tanques.

This game can be downloaded from its Github page in the following link.


Nudoku kick

Nudoku is a terminal game that copies the Sudoku style. Nudoku's gameplay requires that a player, through logic, fill in a 9 × 9 grid with numbers from 1 to 9. You have different levels of difficulty, from simple to advanced levels.

To install it, you just have to go to its page GitHub and download it.

An extra

It is not a single game, but a collection with a wide variety of games for the terminal that includes some of those mentioned above. To download it you will only have to follow the following link and take a look at the description. There you will find the download file.

With this I close this small list. I tried to show a bit of everything but I assume that people will play or meet others who have not been named. If anyone knows more games for the terminal, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments.

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