GNU/Linux Gamers Distros 2023: List valid today

GNU/Linux Gamers Distros 2023: List valid today

GNU/Linux Gamers Distros 2023: List valid today

During the last month and so far this month, we have shared several great FPS Games articles on Linux, many of which are usually old school style and from many years ago, while others are much more recent. However, this does not mean at all that there are not more types of games, and of much better quality, or that there are fewer options for game types/styles or very recently created ones.

Since, in the current GNU/Linux Distros we can not only play native games, but also games emulated by video game console apps, or supported by Wine or apps such as Bottles (Bottles) and PlayOnLinux, or contained within AppImages, Flatpak and Snap packages, or playable through desktop applications from game stores such as Steam, Lutris, and others. In short, a very good variety of options. And in addition, we also have great and useful GNU/Linux Gamers Distros in the year 2023, which are already well optimized for playing. Therefore, today we will address a small list of them, for the benefit of all those Linux Gamers users.

super gamer

But, before starting this interesting and fun article about the current «GNU/Linux Gamers Distros of 2023», we recommend that you then explore the previous related post with this theme:

super gamer
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GNU/Linux Gamers Distros of 2023

GNU/Linux Gamers Distros of 2023

Top current GNU/Linux Gamers Distros of 2023

While is true that, any GNU/Linux Distro can be used to play by installing the appropriate and necessary libraries, drivers and programs, in addition to the games; It is also true that there are many that are already coming optimized or with special editions for the specific field of video games, that is, the Gaming field. And among these we can mention the following:

  1. batocera linux: It is built using Buildroot and is updated to the year 2023.
  2. Bazzite: Based on Fedora and is updated until 2023.
  3. Chimera OS: It is based on SteamOS and is updated until 2023.
  4. Dragger OS: It is based on Ubuntu and is updated until 2023.
  5. Fedora Games: Official edition (Spins) of Fedora for Gamers and updated to 2023.
  6. Lakka: Based on LibreELEC and is updated until 2023.
  7. Linux Console: Based on LFS and is updated until 2023, with a version in development.
  8. Nobara Linux: Based on Fedora and is updated until 2023.
  9. PikaOS: Based on Ubuntu and updated to 2023.
  10. RetroPie: Based on Raspbian and is updated until 2022.
  11. Solus: Based on LFS and is updated until 2023.
  12. SparkyLinux GameOver: Official edition (Spins) of Sparky for Gamers and updated to 2023.
  13. Voyager Live GS: Based on Ubuntu with support until 2023.
  14. Ultimate Edition Linux: Based on Ubuntu and is updated until 2022.

Others known, but obsolete

  1. game drift linux
  2. Manjaro Gaming Edition
  3. SteamOS
  4. super gamer
  5. Ubuntu Game Pack
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In summary, and without a doubt, today there is not only a huge offer or availability of games of all types, qualities, styles and eras, but also free and open operating systems, optimized for Gaming on Linux. Therefore, we hope that it is updated and interesting list about «GNU/Linux Gamers Distros of 2023» It will be very useful to you, and subsequent enjoyment.

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