How to install Lubuntu 15.04

Lubuntu 15.04 Vivid Verbet

Together with the whole family of Ubuntu flavors, in the last hours he made his presentation Lubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet, a variant that is the second to last that has become part of the range (it was officially presented in May 2011) and that is aimed at less powerful teams since is based on the Openbox window manager, the LXDE desktop and the GTK libraries to offer an agile, lightweight environment with good customization options.

Let's see then how to install Lubuntu 15.04, a process that in itself is quite similar to what has already been seen in the previous posts of this series but that it is worth repeating here, especially because there is some limitation that can complicate the process, and that is PAE ( physical address extension), which allows 32-bit systems to use up to 64 bits of physical memory. In general, most of the processors available on the market offer it, but it is worth mentioning this to be taken into account when starting the installation.

As we did when talking about Xubuntu 15.04, in this case we also choose to perform the download via BitTorrent to avoid congesting the servers, and then we record the ISO in a pendrive to be able to start our system with it. We do it, and the first thing we will see on the screen will be something like the following, where we are asked to choose the language of the installation.

lubuntu 15.04

We do it, and then we see a simpler screen than in the case of Xubuntu, where we have the options of 'Try Lubuntu without installing', 'Install Lubuntu', 'Check disk for defects', 'Check memory' y 'Boot from the first hard drive'.

lubuntu 15.04

We opted for the second, and we begin the installation, where we are shown the minimum recommendation in terms of available storage space (4,1 GB) and internet connection.

lubuntu 15.04

We accept this and go to the next screen where we have to select the type of installation, depending on whether we are going to erase the entire hard drive to use it with Lubuntu 15.04, or proceed to perform a manual partitioning to preserve data from a previous installation, etc.

lubuntu 15.04

Once decided we click on 'Continue' and we go to the selection screen of our location, where we must mark the time zone or zone in which we are.

lubuntu 15.04

New click on 'Continue' and now we have to enter the personal data (name, team name and username) as well as a password that we must choose very carefully and that of course we have to make sure we remember. Here we can also, as we see in the image below, select the option of 'Encrypt my personal folder', which is very useful for improve security in case of theft or loss of our equipment.

Lubuntu 15.04

Click on 'Continue' and the installation itself begins, that of all the packages that will be part of our system. All this takes little time actually, since the total process does not take more than 8 or 10 minutes, and as we have seen so far, there are a few clicks to do it.

lubuntu 15.04

Then, already for daily use, we have the Lubuntu Software Center and the always useful Command line to be able to install those packages that we consider necessary, as well as do the same with the repositories that simplify our lives the most. I have opted for the download (via P2P, as I mentioned above) of the 64-bit 'desktop' installation, but both in this and in the 32-bit we have the possibility of opting for the desktop or alternate installation, so better go to the Lubuntu download page and choose.

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  1.   Felipe Ignacio said

    Currently, I use Ubuntu 14.04, but my PC gets slow when I launch many applications, so I'm looking for something lighter and more versatile, I'm interested in this one, but I don't know how much difference there is with the Ubuntu that I currently use and I'm leaving. to find the applications that I use at the moment like gimp, free office, wine and emulators the most re-saltable.
    what do you guys say

    1.    Willy klew said

      Hello Felipe:

      It is as Rubent says, the applications are almost the same although you will notice the interface different since Lubuntu and Xubuntu are based on GTK and from my point of view there is little or no difference in terms of performance, maybe it consumes a little less memory Lubuntu (especially as soon as the system started) but in the speed of use they are almost the same.
      Another very fast and more complete desktop is MATE, which I currently use on my Debian.

      In all the 'flavors' of Ubuntu you will have the Software Center and from there the possibility of installing everything you use today.


  2.   rubent (@rubentobalina) said

    I don't think you have any problems with the apps. Being from the Ubuntu family, Lubuntu (and Xubuntu) have the same applications, repositories, and more. Switching distro depends a bit on what you need. I would tell you that if you have between 2 and 4 GB of Ram you will use Xubuntu and less than 2 GB Lubuntu. Although it is the little sister (of the Ubuntu distro), it is just as good as the rest. a greeting

  3.   dante said

    The creation of the ext 4 filesystem failed I have this failure and cannot install

  4.   George said

    The same thing happens to me and I don't know how to continue, someone who can help us please

  5.   Be said

    Hello friend. I have installed this system for about a month, it works very well for me in my small Notebook, but I have had a problem with a change of Router and it does not connect well to the internet with Wi-Fi or cable, the truth is that it has ever connected by spontaneous generation and when I restart I am left with no signal. I have tried several solutions that I have been seeing on the net, all relative problems of Wi-Fi connection, my problem is deeper, since not even with cable. I'm desperate and I'm debating whether to propose a balcony session to the device or give it another chance.

  6.   potyvalladares said

    I am installing it, I hope it works for me, I know that it is a good operating system

  7.   potyvalladares said

    Help I'm installing it but it doesn't go through installation

  8.   kanibal said

    Hi how are things? I installed Lubuntu 15.04 but I have had a couple of problems with the audio and video playback, since it plays them faster than normal and the audio comes out overlapping and choppy. I think the problem started when I installed amarok. I tried uninstalling it, installing clementine (and also uninstalling), but the problem persists. Anyone have any idea how to fix it ??? Thanks a lot

  9.   gold said

    I have a problem:
    Install lubuntu from a hard drive partition (it should be noted that this partition was left intact)
    When he gave it to proceed with the installation, he indicated that there was a problem with the cdrom, I gave him a retry.
    Get to the final part of the installation and it takes more than 2 hours and does not finish installing.