KDE keeps improving the systray and some applet icons

Elisa and systray in KDE Plasma 5.18

Compared to what he's done on other occasions, what Nate Graham has done this week has been a bit strange. Has published the weekly article on future what's new in KDE on Saturday, not on Sunday as usual, and, on the other hand, he has mentioned more new functions than usual. All in all, you've talked about many changes coming to the world you're a part of, many of them for the KDE Applications that will be released in August of this year.

As for the new functions, Graham usually mentions 2 or 3, but this week he has advanced a total of 5. None stand out too much, but support has been included for some KDE apps to be able to view images with the .xfc format used by GIMP. Below you have the complete list of news that he mentioned today, and we warn that it is long.

New Features Coming Soon to KDE

  • Thumbnail previews can now be displayed for files and folders in encrypted file systems such as Plasma Vaults (Frameworks 5.70 and Dolphin 20.08.0).
  • Changing the color scheme in System Preferences now changes the colors to run GTK3 applications immediately, without having to restart them (Plasma 5.19.0).
  • It is now possible to set non-integer font sizes on the Fonts page of System Preferences (Plasma 5.19.0).
  • Several KDE applications now have basic support for viewing images in the .xcf file format used by the GIMP application (Frameworks 5.70).
  • KRunner's currency converter now supports the Icelandic krone (Frameworks 5.70).
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Bug fixes and performance and interface improvements

  • Fixed a common Dolphin crash when using Qt 5.14.2 (Dolphin 20.04.0).
  • When Spectacle is configured to automatically save images to a subfolder, it is now possible to drag and drop them from the main window (Spectacle 20.04.0).
  • Fixed a rendering bug with certain types of .djvu files at high zoom levels in Okular (Okular 20.04.0).
  • Trying to install Dolphin services that are distributed in the form of .deb / .rpm packages now delegates the installation to another tool capable of handling them (usually Discover) and therefore now works (Dolphin 20.04.0).
  • Dolphin now displays sensitive text in its title bar while searching for files and uses the "show full paths in title bar" setting (Dolphin 20.04.0).
  • When the console is opened in background mode, it now receives keyboard focus automatically without the need to click on it (Konsole 20.04.0).
  • Playing or queuing a music folder on your file system now plays or queues all the contents of that folder plus its subfolders, not just the top-level folder (Elisa 20.08.0).
  • Fixed a memory leak in Dolphin when hovering over the "activities ..." item in the context menu (Dolphin 20.08.0).
  • Fixed a bug that made system notifications appear to be muted by default and uncontrollable from System Preferences without first adjusting the volume once using the third-party Pavucontrol app (Plasma 5.18.5).
  • Logging out of Wayland no longer blocks KWin and leaves you with a black screen (Plasma 5.18.5).
  • Plasma Vaults no longer hangs when you cancel the mount dialog after failing to mount a vault due to the mount location not being empty (Plasma 5.18.5).
  • Fixed various crashes and UI issues in the DrKonqi issue reporter window in Wayland (Plasma 5.18.5).
  • GTK2 applications like GIMP and Inkscape no longer have strange colors that do not match internally when using a non-default color scheme (Plasma 5.19.0).
  • Removed the "Independent resolution" cursor size setting that never worked correctly (Plasma 5.19.0).
  • The KRunner window no longer appears invisibly under surveillance windows in Wayland (Plasma 5.19.0).
  • The "Identify Screens" function now works in Wayland (Plasma 5.19.0).
  • Combo boxes showing icons now display them correctly when using a high DPI scaling factor (Plasma 5.19.0).
  • The Baloo File Indexing Service now uses less system resources, particularly disk I / O, when the user is using the system (Frameworks 5.70).
  • Fixed a recent regression in Kirigami OverlayShets: clicking inside the sheet no longer automatically closes (Plasma 5.70).
  • Dolphin service list is now supported alphabetically (Dolphin 20.04.0).
  • The Dolphin Information Panel shows useful information from the Trash (Frameworks 5.70 and Dolphin 20.08.0).
  • It is now more difficult to accidentally delete panels and panel widgets because the "Delete panel" button is once again hidden behind the "More settings ..." menu and all the delete buttons are in their menus away from the pointer (Plasma 5.19.0. XNUMX).
  • The Media Player applet has received a visual update (Plasma 5.19.0).
  • Several toolbar applets, starting with Bluetooth, now have a combined toolbar / title look in the systray (Plasma 5.19.0).
  • The various Systray applets that use the paradigm of a list item expanding on click to reveal more options now use the same backend UI code, making them touch-friendly and behave in a very different way. more consistent and with fewer bugs (Plasma 5.19.0).
  • Combo box pop-ups in QML-based software can now be closed by clicking empty areas of the window, as can QWidgets combo boxes (Frameworks 5.70).

When will all this come to the KDE world?

Taking into account that this week's article is long, we will go on to directly detail the dates on which we can enjoy all these changes:

  • KDE Applications 20.04.0: Thursday, April 23. The 20.08.0 will be released in August, still with no scheduled date.
  • plasma 5.18.5: May 5.
  • plasma 5.19.0: June 9.
  • Framework 5.70: May 9.

We remember that in order to enjoy everything mentioned here as soon as it is available we have to have added the Backports repository from KDE or use an operating system with special repositories like KDE neon.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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