KDE promises to further improve the performance of some of its software

KDE will improve performance

This Sunday, Nate Graham has surprised with the headline of his weekly entry. In it, it promises to improve performance, and it is surprising when you consider that it has been a long time since KDE it works very well and smoothly. But when we fully enter to read the article, it does not mention that the desktop is going to be even lighter, but that in the near future it is expected to improve the speeds of moving and copying files in some protocols.

On the other hand and like every week, he has also told us about two new functions, one in the Dolphin file manager and another not very important that will arrive in Plasma 5.19. Below you have the list of news that have advanced to us this week, and they are not few considering that most of the work is being done from home due to the pandemic.

What's New Coming Soon to KDE

  • Dolphin now displays thumbnails for .3mf files (Dolphin 20.08.0).
  • It is now possible to configure the visibility of volume related OSDs in a much more granular way (Plasma 5.19.0).
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Bug fixes and performance and interface improvements

  • Transferring large files to or from Samba shares is now 50% to 95% faster (Dolphin 20.08.0).
  • Already available since last Tuesday to arrive with plasma 5.18.4, but it hasn't reached Discover yet:
    • Again, it is possible to create more than one row of virtual desktops on the Virtual Desktops page of System Preferences.
    • Fixed a potential security hole that could allow executable .desktop files to run without confirmation from the Kicker / Kickoff / Application Dashboard launchers after they have been edited or run once before.
    • Wallpaper settings view no longer displays black rectangles instead of previews until the view is scrolled.
  • Dragging and dropping KRunner items now works again (Plasma 5.18.5).
  • KInfoCenter now displays the correct OpenGL information for NVIDIA Optimus (Plasma 5.18.5) configurations.
  • When the systray pop-up window is opened and an item in the clipboard history is clicked to place it on the clipboard, the applet now stays open until it is closed manually (Plasma 5.19.0).
  • The Digital Clock calendar popup now shows current day events correctly the first time you open it (Plasma 5.19.0).
  • Installing new task switchers from the "Get new task switchers" button on the corresponding System Preferences page no longer causes an unnecessary "save or discard changes" message when navigating off the page (Plasma 5.19.0).
  • Move and copy speed in all KDE software is generally faster, especially for small files (Frameworks 5.69).
  • When multiple users on a multi-user system mount the same Samba share, it now remains visible to all of them in the Dolphin Places panel (Frameworks 5.69).
  • In the "Get New [Thing]" dialogs, the list of available versions of the thing you are trying to download can now be scrolled when it is really huge (Frameworks 5.69).
  • In "Get New [Thing]" dialogs, external URL links now display tooltips when hovering and no longer display dead links (Frameworks 5.69).
  • When dragging a file into Dolphin, the cursor changes to hand grabby by default instead of the "copy" cursor (Dolphin 20.08.0).
  • Konsole's default Ctrl + Shift + L shortcut for "Detach current tab" has been removed, so it is no longer so easy to accidentally detach the current tab when what you wanted to do was clear the screen using Ctrl + Shift + K ( Konsole 20.08.0).
  • Notifications have received some visual refinement and now have a defined header area containing the buttons and the name of the application that sent the notification (Plasma 5.19.0).
  • The System Preferences File Search page now allows us to determine whether to index individual paths and presents a clearer UI to do so (Plasma 5.19.0).
  • GTK applications running on Plasma now always default to the Breeze cursor theme and no longer emit horrible beeps that make you want to throw your computer out of the window (Plasma 5.19.0).
  • The list of task switcher styles on the System Preferences task switcher page are now listed alphabetically instead of randomly (Plasma 5.19.0).
  • Breeze icons representing documents now constantly place the corner crease in the upper right corner (Frameworks 5.69).
  • Breeze's search location icon is now much better (Frameworks 5.69).
  • Keyboard navigation in save dialogs has been improved: while the file view is in focus, pressing the Enter / Enter key while selecting a folder will enter that folder instead of saving it inside and closing the dialog box. dialog (Frameworks 5.69).

When will all this get to the KDE desktop

Of everything they have told us this week, the first to land will be the KDE Applications 20.04.0 coming April 23, the same day as Focal Fossa. The exact date of 20.08.0 is not yet known, but it is known that it will arrive in mid-August. As for the rest of the software, Plasma 5.18.5 will arrive on May 5 and v5.19 of the graphical environment will do so on June 9. The package will be completed by Frameworks 5.69, which will be released on April 11.

We remember that in order to enjoy everything mentioned here as soon as it is available we have to have added the Backports repository from KDE or use an operating system with special repositories like KDE neon

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