KDE returns the “blur factor” function to Spectacle and introduces a number of interface improvements

KDE out of focus

There are some Linux distributions that, despite being Rolling Release, have not yet decided to upgrade to Plasma 6. The jump was big, and it is understandable. Canonical did something similar with GNOME 40, which spent months lagging behind the latest developments, and Kubuntu will remain in Plasma 5.27 for the third consecutive version. But the truth is that KDE It is still working to correct all kinds of bugs, and this week we have been told several of them will arrive in approximately a month.

KDE has already released four maintenance versions of Plasma 6.0, and the next one will be the last in this series. After that, Plasma 6.1 will arrive, with new features and more fixes. At some point they will change the update cycle to two per week so that distributions like Kubuntu or the KDE edition of Fedora can always have the latest version, the same thing that happens with GNOME. But this article is one about news of the week, and that's what's in the list below.

As new features, Spectacle will recover the "blur factor" function next month, and in Plasma 6.1 it will be possible to copy the text of a column in the System Monitor.

User interface improvements coming to KDE

  • The Plasma digital watch's Islamic calendar feature now respects each country's specific numbering system, meaning, for example, people living in Arabic-speaking countries that use Western-style Arabic numerals will now see them instead of oriental style Arabic numerals (Fushan Wen, Plasma 6.0.5. Link).
  • The “Clear All” button has been removed from the fingerprint authorization registration UI, because it was a huge trap that could be used to destroy all fingerprint registration work (Arthur Zamarin, Plasma 6.1. Link).
  • The “Simple Default” page is no longer a big, dumb System Preferences image, but instead shows a nice simulated desktop where you can mouse over or click on items to learn what they are and what they do. System Preferences is now mentioned on the “Powerful when needed” page (Nate Graham and Oliver Beard, Plasma 6.1. Link):

Welcome screen

  • On the Night Light page of System Preferences, the time entry fields for manual time mode are no longer a nightmare, because they have been replaced with a set of rotating boxes (Natalie Clarius, Plasma 6.1):

Welcome screen

  • Information about Night Light transition times is now displayed in the tooltips of the Brightness and Color widget (Natalie Clarius, Plasma 6.1:

Information about Night Color

  • The Lock Screen page in System Preferences has also adopted the “buttons in the header” paradigm, this time for its “Set Appearance” button (Jakob Petsovits, Plasma 6.1):

KDE System Preferences lock screen page

Correction of minor bugs

  • Fixed several problems in various pieces of KDE software caused by changes in Qt 6.7 (Felix Ernst, Noah Davis, and Fushan Wen, Dolphin & Spectacle 24.05).
  • Spectacle no longer misbehaves when asked to take a screenshot of a screen with a scaling factor less than 100% (Noah Davis, Spectacle 24.05).
  • Fixed an issue where Spectacle's feature for saving screenshots with an increasing number sequence would number screenshots incorrectly under certain circumstances (Noah Davis, Spectacle 24.05).
  • Fixed several issues where some parts of Plasma would not save modified settings if Plasma crashed quickly, exited unexpectedly, or exited uncleanly (David Edmundson, Plasma 6.0.5).
  • Plasma no longer crashes when removing standalone widgets from the application launcher without the “Open with” action from the context menu (Fushan Wen, Plasma 6.0.5).
  • Fixed multiple issues with keyboard focus and selection with search results in the Plasma App Dashboard widget—which you may notice is visibly on life support, but this constitutes part of that support (Marco Martin, Plasma 6.0.5 ).
  • The Plasma OSD switcher works as expected again on X11 (Fushan Wen and David Redondo, Plasma 6.0.5).
  • The grid layout for the System Monitor sensors again looks good in tight spaces, such as a thick Plasma panel (Akseli Lahtinen, Plasma 6.0.5).
  • Fixed a major regression that prevented LUKS-encrypted disks from being decrypted by KDE software using the Solid framework (Kai Uwe Broulik, Frameworks 6.2, but distros should backport this to their 6.1 packages as well).
  • The increasingly ubiquitous contextual help buttons that open explanatory tips when pressed no longer have a strange empty space to the right of their tooltips (Shubham Arora, Frameworks 6.2):

Floating Tips in KDE System Preferences

  • Fixed a Breeze icon that did not change color correctly when using non-default color schemes (Evgeniy Harchenko, Frameworks 6.2).

This week a total of 137 bugs have been fixed.

Performance and technique

  • Kolourpaint has been ported to Qt6 (Carl Schwan, Kolourpaint 24.05).
  • In Wayland, implemented support for the method ConnectToEIS of the remote desktop portal. This allows applications like Synergy and Barrier that have Wayland support to send emulated input events to do so in a more convenient way than using existing methods. Full support for input-leap is pending, but in progress (David Redondo, Plasma 6.1).
  • The System Preferences keyboard page has been ported to QML, retaining most of its previous styling but with a modern, extensible codebase (Evgeny Chesnokov, Plasma 6.1).

When will this all come to KDE?

plasma 6.0.5 It will arrive on May 21, Plasma 6.1 will arrive in June, on the 18th, and 6.2 will arrive later, still without a scheduled date. Frameworks 6.2 will arrive on May 10 and KDE Gear 24.05.0 will arrive during the same month. In August we should return to the usual numbering/scheduling of a new major update in April-August-December.

To enjoy all this as soon as possible we have to add the repository backports of KDE, use an operating system with special repositories like Kde neon or any distribution whose development model is Rolling Release.

Images and content: pointieststick.com.

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