Lemuroid: All-in-one retro console emulator for Android

Lemuroid: All-in-one retro console emulator for Android

Lemuroid: All-in-one retro console emulator for Android

When we talk about free software and open sourceThe first thing that usually comes to our minds is usually the Linux operating system. However, free software and open source is a booming and growing trend on Desktop operating systems such as Windows and macOS. While in mobile operating systems most falls on Android, compared to iOS.

Therefore, today we will take advantage of this blog entry to dedicate it to an interesting and fun mobile app for android call "Lemuroid" which is related to the Gamer field, and more specifically about consoles and retro games.


But, before starting this post about the mobile app "Lemuroid", we recommend that you then explore the previous related post with retro games on GNU/Linux:

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Lemuroid: Android mobile app to play retro games

Lemuroid: Android mobile app to play retro games

What is Lemuroid?

According to official section by "Lemuroid" on Google Play, it is briefly described as follows:

Lemuroid is an open source emulator based on Libretro. It is designed to work on a wide range of devices, from phones to TVs, and to provide the best user experience on Android. It is completely free and without ads.

And currently, he is going for the version 1.14.4 dated December 31, 2022. With an approximate size per device, between 7 and 11 MB. While it has the following descriptive data: Points: 4.1, Reviews: 10,9K, Downloads: +1M, and Classification: Hit 3.

Systems (retro consoles) compatible

Systems (retro consoles) compatible

In addition, it has an excellent repertoire of systems (retro consoles) compatible to emulate, which are the following:

  1. Atari: 2600, 7800 and Lynx.
  2. Nintendo: NES, SNES, 64, NDS and 3DS.
  3. Game Boy: Normal, Color and Advance.
  4. Sega: Genesis (Megadrive), CD (Mega CD), Maestro (SMS) and Game Gear.
  5. Sony: PlayStation (PSX) and PlayStation portable (PSP).
  6. Other: FinalBurn Neo, NEC PC Engine (PCE), Neo Geo Pocket (NGP), Neo Geo Pocket Color (NGC), WonderSwan (WS) and WonderSwan Color (WSC).


Among its most outstanding features the following 10 can be mentioned:

  1. It is free and without ads.
  2. Includes optimized touch controls.
  3. Add display simulation technology (LCD/CRT).
  4. Performs scanning and indexing of stored ROMs.
  5. It has a cloud save synchronization function.
  6. Allows fast save/load with virtual slots.
  7. It makes it easy to customize the touch control (size and position).
  8. Includes support for compressed ROMs, controllers and fast forwards.
  9. Allows you to automatically save and restore the states of the games handled.
  10. It incorporates local multiplayer technology, so that multiple gamepads can be connected.

For more information about Lemuroid We recommend exploring its official section at F-Droid, Aptoide, GitHub y SourceForge. While for more information related to the same topic (similar mobile apps) we recommend the following links: LibretroDroid y Retrograde.

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In summary, "Lemuroid" it's great and funny mobile app for android that will easily allow those nostalgic gamers of yesteryear and young people passionate about retro games can once again enjoy this kind of games, both on Android Mobiles and Android Smart TVs. What makes it a mobile app that is worth knowing and trying.

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