Libadwaita 1.5 has arrived, one of the most notable new features this week in GNOME

This week in GNOME

In the week that went from March 8 to 15 in GNOME There is not much to highlight. We have continued to take advantage of the STF donation and there are third-party projects that have launched or prepared updates, but the number and size of them is not as high or as large as on other occasions. Yes, there have been new developments, of course, and we are here once again to talk about them.

Perhaps the most notable thing is in the section about what has been done with the STF donation, to the point that it is mentioned there and also a little further down that libadwaita 1.5 has arrived. What follows is a list of new arrivals that have arrived this week, and this time without summarizing because they fit perfectly in an article like this.

This week in GNOME

  • With the STF donation:
    • Work done to help and resolve breaking issues for GNOME 46.
    • A PR has been opened to support git dependencies in the Cargo buildstream plugin. This will make it much easier to work with GNOME core applications written in Rust.
    • Written image/sound support for notification portal V2.
    • There is an end-to-end prototype for the native Wayland accessibility stack they have been working on.
    • New gestures have arrived: ClutterGesture. This is one of the building blocks present in the GNOME Shell mobile project they are working on (there is a video in the original link).
    • The Orca page has been updated.
  • Libadwaita 1.5.0 now available. More information.
  • They have submitted several merge requests to GNOME Calendar which have allowed them to close 25 timezone related issues. All of these changes are expected to arrive in GNOME 46.
  • Switcheroo (2.1.0) now supports exporting multiple images to a PDF.
  • Pika Backup 0.7.1 is now available. Fixed a bug that prevented backup processes from lowering their CPU priority. Also fixed a UI issue with scheduled backups. Among other things, at this point they remind us that they are not affected by the closure of Open Collective.
  • Impression has received the 3.1.0 update which now supports the .xz compression format and has fixed a bug that was causing slow download speeds.
  • PyGObjext 3.48.1 has arrived with:
    • This is the first version to use meson-python, and therefore meson, instead of setuptools for PEP-517 installations. That is, when it is installed through pip or similar.
    • PyGObject finally has proper support for fundamental types. This means that you can now work with things like GSK nodes directly from Python.
    • The PyGObject documentation is now hosted on your GNOME hosting environment at The goal is to have all PyGObject related documentation in one place.
  • New version of ASCII Draw with these new features:
    • Much improved performance, now you can use larger canvases.
    • Improved design to better fit the GNOME style.
    • Added stepped line and merged all lines and arrows into one tool.
    • Added the move tool to easily move part of your drawings.
    • Improved the list of default characters by dividing them into palettes.
    • Added custom palettes.
    • Added primary and secondary characters.


  • livi 01.0 has arrived, and now the video player in its mobile version supports DMABuf import and can use GTK's new GraphicsOffload widget to render videos more efficiently.

livi 0.1.0

  • Version 0.8 of Relm4, an idiomatic GUI library based on gtk4-rs, was released on Wednesday with many improvements. The release includes several unifications to our API, more language abstractions, and updated gtk-rs dependencies.
  • Gameeky 0.6.0 has arrived this week with:
    • An integrated development environment for Python.
    • An easier way to share projects.
    • New desktop icon.
    • Improved compatibility with other platforms.

Gameeky 0.6.0 on GNOME

And this has been all this week in GNOME

Images and content: TWIG.

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