Linux Mint could be in crisis and its development may be compromised

Linux Mint 19.1 xfce

Undoubtedly, Linux Mint is one of the most successful Linux distributions aimed at non-advanced users, which has far surpassed its predecessors (Debian and Ubuntu).

This can be thanks to the intuitive Cinnamon graphical environment which is also an excellent proposition for users who want to start their Linux adventure after leaving Windows. However, the last message from the creators of the distribution leaves a lot to think about.

Right now, Linux Mint is at its best. According to the data from DistroWatch, it makes its way to Manjaro and MX Linux, both of which are aimed at a completely different recipient than Mint.

There is no way to complain about the rate of development of the distribution, it is of course together with Ubuntu development, but the team puts a lot of work mainly on Cinnamon development and big changes in this environment.

It would seem that nothing disturbs this overall development of the environment and distribution, but it's not like that. As in the message posted on the official Mint blog by Clement Lefebvre, who oversees the work at Mint.

Things are not going as expected

The announcement of the release of the next version of Linux Mint 19.2 with the codename Tina showing an updated theme, it will change the default font in Ubuntu and expect a lot of new items in the Update Manager and the default Muffin Window Manager.

Although for some it seems that it is another ad more of the novelties prepared, it is not the description of these that is most striking at the entrance to Lefebvre.

And is that first instance given the publication date "April 1" to many of those who saw the article they thought it was a joke more for the date, but the thing is not like that.

Since so far no other explanation has been given or since it was simply a joke.

As a man who has significant influence in the development of Mint's work and its direction openly declares that «so far he is not getting any job satisfaction » in the latest version of Mint.

Points out that, thanks to the community, the team can face weaknesses, but such a statement so important to the entire company can be taken by surprise:

Sometimes, the fact that people like what we do can motivate the whole team (…) So far I am not satisfied with working in this cycle.

Two of our most talented programmers weren't available. Increasing the performance of the Muffin window manager was not and still is not easy. Feedback on our new website and logo has raised some questions.

Linux Mint 19.1

What is the future of one of the most successful desktop distributions?

In the same entrance Lefebvre assures that the next editions of Mint are not in danger, declares that despite the problems and thanks to the support of the community, the results of the work are more than satisfactory.

In a different tone of speech, but Jason Hicks, another member of the team responsible for the development of Mint involved among other things in the work in the window manager:

I also have a life outside of work at Open Source. The number of hours I spent working on the composer (Muffin - ed.)

It is not healthy for the psyche. I was able to do what I could, because in January I didn't have a job. I am now working full time and trying to keep up with bug fixes.

I spent every night and weekend, almost every spare moment in my spare time, fixing these things.

Then, it seems that Mint suffers from a developer deficit, the team is tired and in conflict.

The tension must really have peaked, as both men decided to post the details of the job.

And this, despite Clement Lefebvre's claims that "things are great," is not optimistic. At the moment, the future of Mint is painted in black.

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  1.   Fernando Robert Fernandez said

    It would be a shame if this distro couldn't maintain its level of excellence. It is very reliable, I used it for almost two years with the XFCE desktop.

  2.   francisco loyal said

    Very satisfied I achieved with linux mint what I could not find in other browsers and I wasted time with those other browsers

  3.   Rafael Moreno said

    I have been using Linux Mint XFCE for more than a year, with complete satisfaction and its disappearance would be a great disappointment to me.
    However I understand the possible fatigue of its developers.
    From here I send my encouragement to continue with the project.

  4.   Daniel said

    We have 120 computers with Linux Mint 17.2, and they have never given us problems and this news leaves us in limbo hopefully and things do not get worse.

  5.   Angel Sáez de Lafuente Gómez, 70 years old said

    I am very sorry that Linux Mint could disappear, I am in love with this distribution and it would hurt to see how it disappears. I'm tired of windows apart from face it seems like a joke.
    Please don't go away, there are a lot of people who like us and we think they are very good.

  6.   Fernando said

    For my linux mint, it is undoubtedly one of the best linux distributions, I have tried manjaro, mx, and other distributions, and I always end up using mint as my working operating system ... It is more I visualize it as one of the few alternatives to windows and mac os ... so I invite all linux users in general to support this distribution, because it would really be a great loss making this alternative way of the digital world, left in the hands of private empires that to this day they subject us to unique alternatives

  7.   Felix Alberto Mauricio said

    It seems to me that the people in charge should weigh. what this distro has achieved over the years. Dethroning the former champion, Ubuntu. The people of mint should find a way to make this distro not perish. They should keep it above all, for the enjoyment of the great community that uses Linux.

  8.   Miguel said

    There is something that helps these OS reviews. You can run Linux Mint online using OnWorks. Is available in