Minetest 5.8 has already been released and these are its new features


Minetest is a free voxel-based game for Windows, Linux, HaikuOS, FreeBSD, Mac OS and Android​ Minecraft clone

After eight months of development, the Minetest development team released the release of the new version of Minetest 5.8 in which some quite important changes are presented in the operation of this version.

For those who are unaware of Minetest, they should know that this It is positioned as an open cross-platform version of MineCraft, In addition to sharing similarities with it, it may not have the same level of polish or as many features in its base state. However, Minetest distinguishes itself by being open source, allowing for extensive modification and customization capabilities.

The main feature of the engine is that the game is completely dependent on a set of mods created in the Lua language and installed by the user via the built-in ContentDB installer.

Twink It consists of two parts: the main engine and the mods. It's the mods that make the game more interesting. The default world that comes with Minetest is basic. You have a good variety of materials and things you can make, but for example there are no animals or monsters.

Main novelties of Minetest 5.8

In this new version of Minetest 5.8 that is presented, one of the most important changes is that sand removed Minetest Game from the default installation. The developers mention that Minetest is not a game, it is a game creation platform that allows you to create your own blocky gaming experiences and that, for a long time, the presence of an integrated game created the false impression that Minetest was a game and not a platform.

In addition to this, the improved controls on Android devices, This makes building much easier, as placing a block in the game now requires just a tap on the screen. Joystick interaction has been redesigned to emulate keystrokes, plus movements have become more responsive and it is now possible to move in any direction and at any speed. This will make movement more responsive to the user's actions, allowing the player to move in any direction and at different speeds.

Another change that stands out in this new version of Minetest 5.8 is that ite has been implemented with a new configuration menu, designed to make it easier for new users to find and change settings.

On the other hand, it is highlighted that Minetest sound code has been completely rewritten, this improves the performance of the audio subsystem and new audio playback options have been added. For example, you can now select the start time and offset in the stream, audio data is guaranteed to be loaded as needed, which can significantly reduce RAM consumption, bugs have been fixed and new capabilities have been unlocked.

The code that provides texture smoothing has been modernized, so you can now choose between FXAA and SSAA antialiasing algorithms (FXAA is faster, but less accurate, and SSAA requires more resources, but allows for higher quality).

Of the other changes that stand out:

  • The possibilities of writing scripts for mod and game developers have been expanded.
  • Touchscreen input improvements
    Rendering-related performance improvements and fixes
  • Option to reverse direction or disable mouse wheel for quick access bar item selection
  • Improvements to inventory mouse shortcuts
  • Sounds and animations are now paused in the pause menu in single player

Finally, If you are interested in learning more about it you can consult the complete log of changes of this new version in the following link.

How to install Minetest on Ubuntu and derivatives?

For those who are interested in installing Minetest on their system, you should know that it can be installed directly from the Ubuntu repositories. Just open a terminal and type:

sudo apt install minetest

But also there is a repository with which they can get updates faster. This is added with:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:minetestdevs/stable
sudo apt-get update

And they install with:

sudo apt install minetest

Finally, in a general way can be installed on any Linux distribution that has support for the packages Flat pack.

This installation can be done by executing the following in terminal:

flatpak install flathub net.minetest.Minetest

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