How to use the latest version of Mission Center without installing anything?

Mission Center: What's new in the latest stable version 0.5.1

Mission Center: What's new in the latest stable version 0.5.1

If something tends to be a common point between users of Linux and BSD-based operating systems, this is usually the passion for customizing your operating systems to the maximum. And also, the power to have the ability to monitor all essential elements of your computer and operating system. Therefore, in most Linux/BSD Distributions there is never a lack of some CLI commands or tools to achieve this objective. And of course, at least one desktop application that quickly and easily allows many to achieve this monitoring goal.

Therefore, over time, here in Ubunlog We usually mention many of them, and from time to time address the characteristics and news of the most relevant, innovative or used by many of you, within our infinite and growing Linuxverse. Just like today, where we will address the «What's new about the latest stable version released of the Mission Center 0.5.1 monitoring application». And furthermore, we will teach you how to use it without installing anything, and as it is currently seen, through our usual screenshots.

Mission Center: A useful and alternative task monitor for Linux

Mission Center: A useful and alternative task monitor for Linux

Mission Center is a software tool for monitoringthe usage of your computer's CPU, Memory, Disk, Network and GPU. Equal or better than many others, such as SysMonTask, WSysMon and SysMon and Systema Monitoring Center. Therefore, it allows in a pleasant and easy way to monitor and manage theThe vital resources of our computer, thus allowing us to understand how these are used within it and are managed by our operating system. Which is often vital to ensure smooth operation, prevent bottlenecks and identify potential problems before they happen. Browse official website

Mission Center: A useful and alternative task monitor for Linux
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Mission Center: A useful and alternative task monitor for Linux

Mission Center: What's new in the latest stable version 0.5.1

Mission Center: What's new in the latest stable version 0.5.1

What's new in Mission Center 0.5.X

During this month of June 2024, the Mission Center Developers have made available to users 2 versions, 0.5.0 and 0.5.1. Which include the following as the most important new features:

0.5.1 version

  • Fixed application crashing when using an unsupported service manager.
  • Added hiding the Services page when the service manager is not supported.

0.5.0 version

  • A new section called Services has been added, which allows you to view and control the operating system services when using SystemD or OpenRC as a service manager.
  • A lot of small tweaks have been implemented that make the app more consistent.
  • The CPU frequency regulator and controller are now displayed when they are supported.
  • Indexes are no longer displayed next to devices if there is only one of their type.
  • Various updates and translation fixes have been added.
  • A new smooth graphics generation option has been added.

Screenshots of version 0.5.1

And since, the first time we approached the Mission Center application we taught how to install and use it via Flatpak, today it is important to highlight that, the same already offers a portable executable in AppImage format. Which, after discharge (latest stable version on GitHub) We can quickly use it to know and use its current features.

As seen below in the following screenshots:

What's new in Mission Center 0.5.1: Screenshot 01

What's new in Mission Center 0.5.1: Screenshot 02

What's new in Mission Center 0.5.1: Screenshot 03

What's new in Version 0.5.1: Screenshot 04

What's new in Version 0.5.1: Screenshot 05

Version 0.5.1: Screenshot 06

Version 0.5.1: Screenshot 07

Version 0.5.1: Screenshot 08

Version 0.5.1: Screenshot 09

Version 0.5.1: Screenshot 10

Version 0.5.1: Screenshot 11

Version 0.5.1: Screenshot 12

System Monitoring Center is a free and open all-in-one application to monitor the statistics of essential system resources, thus eliminating the need to use different tools. It is free and multiplatform (GNU/Linux, MacOS and Windows). And with it, users can view system performance details and usage details of CPU, RAM, Disk, Network, GPU, Sensors, OS usage and startup and more. In addition, it is a very elegant application based on GTK3 and Python 3, which offers a lot of resource usage data under an innovative design.

System Monitoring Center: New version 1.43.2 now available!
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System Monitoring Center: New version 1.43.2 now available!

Summary 2023 - 2024


In summary, Mission Center is a modern and efficient desktop and technical application, which is also constantly improving thanks to the great work done by its developers. And on this occasion, the one that we can now use it to manage the services that run within the operating system, since it will really increase its use by many. Although, we hope that, over time, they will also add support for other boot managers that are not currently supported (Systemd and OpenRC). And, if you are using another similar app that we have not mentioned before, we invite you to tell us about it via comments so that in the future we can dedicate a great and practical publication to it.

Lastly, remember to share this fun and interesting post with others, as well as visit the beginning of our «site" in Spanish. Or, in any other language (just by adding 2 letters to the end of our current URL, for example: ar, de, en, fr, ja, pt and ru, among many others) to find out more current content. Additionally, we invite you to join our Official Telegram channel to read and share more news, guides and tutorials from our website. And also, the next Alternative Telegram channel to learn more about the Linuxverse in general.

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