OpenArena: Playable Linux FPS Game for Quake III Arena

OpenArena: Playable Linux FPS Game for Quake III Arena

OpenArena: Playable Linux FPS Game for Quake III Arena

Today, for our next publication of the series of «FPS Games for Linux» We offer you an interesting and fun multi-platform video game from yesteryear (old school type) called «Open Arena». Which allows us to quickly and easily enjoy fun and exciting moments of the Quake III Arena game, both in individual and multiplayer mode, over a network/LAN or Internet.

And in case you are very young or don't know/remember much about this version of the original FPS Game «Quake 3 Arena», it is worth noting that this Saga video game Quake, is owned by the company Id Software, and was released in 1999 for computers in order to fully exploit the use of multiplayer capabilities and the fun possibilities of combat arenas. And its success was total, as it allowed a new level of fun based on ruthless combat against an ancient alien race, using various weapons and power-ups in high-tech gothic arenas.

Alien Arena: An FPS Game for Linux with an Alien Theme

Alien Arena: An Alien-Themed FPS Game for Linux

But, before starting this post on the FPS game for Linux called "OpenArena", which is still playable in single and multiplayer, and locally and online, we recommend exploring a previous related post of this series, at the end of reading this:

Alien Arena: An FPS Game for Linux with an Alien Theme
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OpenArena: A community-produced FPS video game for Linux

OpenArena: Un Community-produced FPS video game for Linux

What is OpenArena?

openarena is an entertaining free, open source, multi-platform (Linux, Windows and macOS) video game with own official website, which is briefly described as follows:

openarena is a community-produced deathmatch FPS based on GPL idTech3 technology, which also includes Many game modes supported including Free For All, Capture The Flag, Domination, Overload, Harvester and more. And for its operation uuses the OpenGL 1.x graphics API.

However, to have a clearer idea of ​​the operation and scope of OpenArena, it is also worth adding that in his Official Wiki the following is said:

OpenArena is an open source content pack for Quake III Arena under the GPL license, effectively creating a free-to-play standalone game. You don't need Quake III Arena to play this game.

latest stable version published is number 0.8.8

Finally, it is important to highlight that your latest stable version published is number 0.8.8, dated February 2012, has a size of almost 400 MB that contains portable executables and installers for each type of supported operating system. And since it is a game that has been published for more than a decade, it is capable of running very well on a computer with the following technical characteristics:

  • Pentium II 233 MHz / AMD K6-2 300 MHz or higher.
  • 64 MB of system memory.
  • OpenGL compatible video card with 16 MB video RAM.
  • 300 MB of hard drive space available.

400 MB containing portable executables and installers

How to play Quake 3 Arena with the Linux FPS video game OpenArena?

Now that we know the most basic and essential about OpenArena, playing it is really easy, since we only have to download your correct executable (Pack_version_OpenArena_0.8.8), and then decompress it, and run it via graphics or terminal (./openarena.x86_64). Although, it is also available in Flatpak format through the FlatHub Store, and also for Android mobiles in the Google Play Store.

And for a better understanding of its execution and use, we will show the following screenshots below:

Quake 3 Arena with the FPS for Linux OpenArena: Screenshot 1

Quake 3 Arena with the FPS for Linux OpenArena: Screenshot 2

Quake 3 Arena with the FPS for Linux OpenArena: Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5

Screenshot 6

Screenshot 7

Screenshot 8

Note: Its original version (Quake 3 Arena), can be paid and playable from Steam.

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Summary 2023 - 2024


In short, we hope you like this new gamer publication about the FPS game for Linux «OpenArena», which will allow them to enjoy once again the memorable game Quake III Arena on their respective computers with GNU/Linux, Windows or macOS. And consequently, allow it to continue giving a great push to its Developers and Community of players in terms of keeping it as functional and updated as possible, for the enjoyment of all Gamers during this 2024 and many more. Furthermore, and as in each entry of this FPS game series for Linux, we invite you if you know of any others that are worth exploring and playing, do not let them know via comment to include them in our current list on this topic or area.

Lastly, remember to share this useful and fun post with others, and visit the beginning of our «site» in Spanish or other languages (adding 2 letters to the end of the URL, for example: ar, de, en, fr, ja, pt and ru, among many others). Additionally, we invite you to join our Official Telegram channel to read and share more news, guides and tutorials from our website. And also, the next Alternative Telegram channel to learn more about the Linuxverse in general.

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