PeerTube adds new features and is now better than YouTube

PeerTube is a video platform.

That companies are there to make money is undoubtedly. Also that the free versions of their products are a hook to get us hooked and end up paying too. That is why The free version of YouTube is increasingly unusable. That's why it's great news to know that PeerTube is adding new features.

Of course, I am not unaware that PeerTube's problem is the same as that of several messaging clients better than WhatsApp. People insist on using commercial alternatives. But, maybe with dissemination we can change things.

What is PeerTube?

PeerTube is an open source platform for creating a video hosting site on a web server. Each of these servers can connect to others, avoiding centralized hosting in a server farm with the resulting power of control and censorship.

The main features of PeerTube are:

  • Created and maintained by a non-profit entity.
  • It can be installed for free on any server that meets the requirements.
  • It is open source.
  • Can show videos and accounts from other PeerTube servers
  • It reduces bandwidth usage since those who watch a video can share it through P2P protocols.
  • It does not require the use of a specific browser, although there is a range of supported versions.
  • Watch later feature to add videos that we will watch later.
  • Creation of public or private playlists.
  • Profile and theme customization.
  • Subscription to channels.
  • Exclusive pages for history and subscriptions.
  • Various filter criteria.
  • Possibility of sharing by web link or html code including playback interval.
  • You can download the videos.
  • Multiple search criteria.

PeerTube adds new functions and these are

Video chapters

Once the video is created and uploaded, the creator can subdivide them into chapters by assigning titles to the different divisions based on timestamps. This will make it easier for the viewer to navigate.


By posing or sliding the mouse on the scroll bar it is now possible to preview a video.

Video replacement

I think it has happened to almost all of us who upload videos to YouTube with screenshots. Without realizing it, we share information with the world that we do not want to be seen. On YouTube there is no choice but to delete the video, re-upload it and re-write all the data. If you had already shared the url, bad luck. PeerTube, from now on, allows you to reupload videos while keeping the title, description and url unchanged. Of course, this must be enabled by the server administrator and there will be a label indicating that the video was reuploaded.

Password protection

Another way to guarantee the privacy of the content is the possibility of assigning a password to the videos, so that only those who have it can access it.

Installing PeerTube requires (in addition to a web server) certain knowledge, so I refer you directly to the official documentation. In any case, you can see how it works with these channels:

  • blender: Canal of 3D design software with tutorials and content produced with this tool.
  • TILVids: Canal with educational and entertainment videos generated by independent creators.
  • Beeld & Geluid: Collection multimedia from a Dutch museum that can be reused to create new content.
  • Privacy International Media Server: Videos to denounce the mass surveillance to which governments and corporations subject us.
  • Basspistol: Non-commercial artists share your music free of rights.

You can find more platforms at the searcher of the project.

Why is PeerTube important?

Unfortunately, the promises of freedom that were hinted at with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the emergence of the Internet are fading.. We are on the edge of an era of neopuritanism disguised as defense of rights and censorship based on economic interests. A decentralized solution like PeerTube, in the hands of a community, is what allows different opinions and uncomfortable information to continue to spread.

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