Quake I: How to play the classic FPS game for Linux with QuakeSpasm?

Quake I: A classic FPS game available to play on Linux

Quake I: A classic FPS game available to play on Linux

For this month of April, we will continue with one more publication in our series of publications related to fun «FPS games for Linux», both from the old school or yesteryear and from today. And in this we will address a useful and efficient gamer application called QuakeSpasm with which we can easily play the game. old and famous retro game Quake I. Yes, the first version of the Quake FPS Game or simply Quake 1.

And as we mentioned in a previous post, but about NQuake/EzQuakeIt is worth noting that this first game in the Quake Saga, owned by the company Id Software, was released in 1996 for computers. And its success was so brutal that it can be said that it redefined the FPS game genre in its time, thanks to its powerful Quake Engine. So without further ado, today we will teach you how to quickly and easily install, play and enjoy the classic FPS game for Linux “Quake I” using QuakeSpasm.

NQuake: Linux FPS game to play Quake1 with QuakeWorld

NQuake: Linux FPS game to play Quake1 with QuakeWorld

But, before starting this post on how to play the classic FPS game “Quake I” for Linux with QuakeSpasm, we recommend you explore a previous related post of this series, at the end of reading this:

NQuake: Linux FPS game to play Quake1 with QuakeWorld
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NQuake: Linux FPS game to play Quake1 with QuakeWorld

Quake I: I play this classic FPS game for Linux using QuakeSpasm

Quake I: Play this classic FPS game for Linux using QuakeSpasm

What is QuakeSpasm?

QuakeSpasm is a multiplatform program (Linux, Windows and macOS) whose Official website briefly described as follows:

QuakeSpasm is a modern cross-platform Quake engine based on FitzQuake. Which includes support for 64-bit CPU and custom music playback, a new sound driver, some graphical niceties, and numerous bug fixes and other improvements. Additionally, it uses the SDL-1.2 or SDL2 frameworks, leaving the choice up to the user. However, SDL2 has better features, having smoother mouse input and better support for newer operating systems, although no CD-ROM support.

And for more information about it you can explore their sites Repositories in SourceForge y GitHub.

How to install and use the Linux FPS game Quake I with QuakeSpasm?

For install, play and enjoy Quake I through QuakeSpasm the fastest and most reliable official way is by using the official repositories of our GNU/Linux distribution.

For example, and if you have a GNU/Linux distro based Debian/Ubuntu, the ideal thing is to follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Open a terminal (console) and execute the following command command:

«sudo apt install quake game-data-packager»

  • Step 2: Set up the Quake I game with its data files with the following command order:

«game-data-packager -i quake ./Descargas/»

Note: You can choose any destination folder, whether or not it contains the necessary files "(quake106.zip)». Otherwise, the program will proceed to download it and generate an installer file "(.deb)".

  • Step 3: Play Quake 1 in basic form with the following command order:


Also, you could play by searching for the same in the applications menu under the name Quake. In this case, it is worth noting that the access created called "Quake 1: Abyss of Pandemonium - Final Mission" it will not run due to lack of the necessary files. While, when executing Quake the game will show messages of being playing an unregistered and demo version.

  • Step 4: Play Quake 1 in Expanded Form

To play both "Quake I" and "Quake 1: Abyss of Pandemonium - Final Mission" completely, we just have to download the following file «quake_1.rar» and unzip it. Then, find, rename, copy and paste/replace the files named "PAK.0.PAK" y "PAK1.PAK" by "Pak0.pak" y "Pak1.pak" in the route «/usr/share/games/quake/id1/».

Once this is done, the accesses will open «Quake 1» y "Quake 1: Abyss of Pandemonium - Final Mission" no hassle, no unregistered and demo version messages, and lastly, with a higher difficulty level.

Screenshots of the process

Screenshot 01: Linux FPS game Quake I with QuakeSpamsm

Screenshot 02: Linux FPS game Quake I with QuakeSpamsm

Screenshot 03

Screenshot 04

Screenshot 05

Screenshot 06

And finally, another possible way or alternative to implement to play Quake I with QuakeSpasm is the make use of Flatpak technology, that is, through QuakeSpasm on FlatHub. Or failing that, through any of the other existing Quake I engines.

"Quake I is an innovative dark fantasy first-person shooter that inspired today's retro-style shooters. In Quake, you are a Ranger, a warrior armed with a powerful arsenal. And you must face corrupted knights, deformed ogres, and an army of evil creatures across four dark dimensions spanning infested military bases, medieval castles, lava-filled dungeons, and gothic cathedrals. In these places you must find four magical runes. Only when you have achieved all four will you have the power to defeat the ancient evil that threatens all of humanity." QUAKE I on Steam

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Summary 2023 - 2024


In short, we hope you like this new gamer publication about how to play the classic FPS game “Quake I” for Linux with QuakeSpasm, will allow many nostalgic people to once again enjoy said memorable video game from their respective computers with GNU/Linux, or Windows and macOS if necessary. Furthermore, and as in each entry of this FPS game series for Linux, we invite you if you know of any others that are worth exploring and playing, do not let them know via comment to include them in our current list on this topic or area.

Lastly, remember to share this useful and fun post with others, and visit the beginning of our «site» in Spanish or other languages (adding 2 letters to the end of the URL, for example: ar, de, en, fr, ja, pt and ru, among many others). Additionally, we invite you to join our Official Telegram channel to read and share more news, guides and tutorials from our website. And also, the next Alternative Telegram channel to learn more about the Linuxverse in general.

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