Simple Screen Recorder, a new option to record your PC screen

Simple Screen Recorder

I know. There are many other programs that allow us to record the screen of our PC, but in this post we are going to talk about a new one. Is about Simple Screen Recorder, a program that, as the name suggests, is simple software that it will allow us to record the screen of our computer. Initially, SSR was created to record the output in images of programs and games, something that has been achieved while maintaining its ease of use while improving as an option.

Although Simple Screen Recorder is compatible with many other operating systems such as Fedora, CentOS or RHEL, in this post we will teach you how to install it in the operating system that gives its name to this blog, that is, in Ubuntu and other operating systems based on Debian or on the operating system developed by Canonical, such as Linux Mint. We will install SSR in Ubuntu and all operating systems based on it by following the steps detailed below.

How to install Simple Screen Recorder on Ubuntu

To install SSR on Ubuntu or any operating system based on Canonical's operating system, all we have to do is open a terminal and type the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maarten-baert/simplescreenrecorder
sudo apt update
sudo apt install simplescreenrecorder

From the previous commands, the first will add the necessary repository to install Simple Screen Recorder, the second will update the repositories and the third will install the software.

How to record your PC screen with Simple Screen Recorder

The first thing we will have to do, logically, is open SSR. To do this, just press the Windows key and enter the text "Simple", which will make the software icon appear. In other flavors of Ubuntu, we will search for Simple Screen Recorder from the applications menu. We select the program and a screen like the one you see heading this post will appear. All we have to do at this point is click "Continue". Next we will see a window like the following:

Simple Screen Recorder

Although it may not seem like it, recording the screen with SSR is very intuitive. We can save almost directly without modifying many values, just doing the following:

  1. In "Video input" we will choose whether to record in full screen, just a rectangle, follow the cursor or, in an experimental state, Record OpenGL.
  2. In "Audio Input", we will choose which audio to collect. We will configure this in the "Source" section.
  3. We click on «Continue».


  1. In the next window, under «File», we give a name to the recording.
  2. If we wish, we mark the "Separate by segments" box, but I prefer to record all the action as is and then edit it myself in another program.
  3. In «Container» we choose the format in which we want to save it. MKV is fine, as long as we don't need a certain level of compression, in which case it might be a good idea to save the file as MP4.
  4. In the "Video" section we will choose which codec we want to use. Of those offered, I would leave the default option.
  5. In the "Audio" section we will do the same as in the previous step, that is, choose the codec and choose the bit rate. I prefer the audio codec to be MP3 to avoid future compatibility problems. If audio is important to you, we can also raise the bitrate value for it.
  6. Then we click on «Continue».

Simple Screen Recorder

  1. In the next window we can configure the controls that we will use to start the recording. By default, the key combination is "Ctrl + R".
  2. If we click on "Start recording", the program will start recording everything that happens on our PC, including internal audio (if we configure it).
  3. Once the tutorial or what we want to record is finished, we can click on "Pause recording", both on the screen that appeared in step 10 and from the tray icon that will be on the top bar.
  4. Finally, we will click on «Save recording». By default, the recorded video appears in our personal folder and will have the name that we have configured in step 4 of those described in this tutorial. Now we can edit it with any program and then share it by any means.

As you can see, the word "Simple" in the name of the program does not lie. Unlike other systems, such as the one that allows us to record the screen with the multimedia player VLCRecording the screen of our PC with SSR is much easier at the same time that it offers us the same or even more options than in other programs. What do you think of Simple Screen Recorder?

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  1.   sethei said

    Do you know if there is an equivalent for Windows? I use this application on my Xubuntu at work but at home I have Windows to play and it is a very interesting program

  2.   Diego said

    Now you can find it in the Ubuntu Software Store. Today I found it like this.

    The tutorial is very good, it is worth reading it too!

  3.   Pleomax said

    Too bad it doesn't allow recording voice and system sound at the same time, or at least I never

  4.   snowyshadows322 said

    Ami it worked for me I put the commands then I entered the software and I found it

  5.   Cinthya said

    The tutorial is very helpful, thank you.
    I only have the question if it records internal and external audio at the same time ...

    1.    Dave said

      No, you can only record either internal audio or external audio

  6.   oscar reyes guerrero said

    Thank you very much, as of today - 2021 - this program works perfectly