The advantages and disadvantages of using UbuntuDDE compared to other distros with Deepin desktop

UbuntuDDE 23.04

Although in the past Linux users did not give any importance to design, we have always preferred performance, the truth is that little by little we are paying more attention to what we see. They are valid as Budgie (2013) and Deepin (DDE, 2015) tests. Both seek a more stylized interface, but the one that takes the cake is the second. And in this article we are going to talk more specifically about UbuntuDDE, currently labeled "Remix," and how it stacks up against the competition.

Talking about competition in Linux is a bit complicated, since it doesn't seem to exist as such. What there are are different options that try to do the best possible so that we opt for them, and among them we find, to give some examples, Deepin Linux, Manjaro Deepin or the protagonist of this article, UbuntuDDE. whatWhat advantages does it have use Ubuntu DDE? Worth? Is it better than others? We are going to try to answer all of that right now.

UbuntuDDE works to become official flavor

This is not an advantage. At least still. We don't know if it ever will be, but they are working on it. In recent months, the Ubuntu family has grown from 8 flavors after Ubuntu Budgie arrived and Ubuntu GNOME left to 11, with Ubuntu Unity, Edubuntu and Ubuntu Cinnamon joining the list. Both Unity and Cinnamon spent time with the label "Remix" indicating his plans. Canonical has proven that the teams behind each project can take an operating system forward, and now it has them under its umbrella.

That is insurance. Canonical will do whatever it takes to make their operating systems compliant, and that means they are well supported. If one day they disappear is another story, but the present is what it is. And that is the future that UbuntuDDE is looking for. If it does come to pass, one of the reasons to go with UbuntuDDE is that it will be an official flavor.

Advantages of UbuntuDDE over other Deepin

In an article like this, which tries to find out why use UbuntuDDE before other distributions, it is not possible to talk about Deepin Desktop in general, because it is used by all those that use DDE. Therefore, other reasons must be sought. For me, without a doubt, the best thing about UbuntuDDE compared to other distros with Deepin is its base: Ubuntu.

It is likely that someone will come to think that the base is the least of it, and in part he is right, but... it is not entirely true. As many of you already know, Linux is a kernel on which the operating system is built, and not all of them are created equal. Even so, when looking for documentation on the net to do anything in Linux, a very high percentage of one hundred are tutorials that teach how to do it in Ubuntu. Hopefully that same tutorial works for Debian as well, but almost everything is for Ubuntu. When you have to manage a folder, what we find is usually the path for Ubuntu, and if we use Arch Linux or a derivative, for example, well, we simply have to search more.

The Ubuntu/Debian base is also the one that finds the most software. Although there are also flatpak and snap packages, when we visit developer websites and go to download the installer, it is usually in DEB first, and maybe later in RPM. But DEB is usually what we find the most. We also find AppImages, and these are compatible with all distros of the same architecture, including UbuntuDDE.


The main drawback of using UbuntuDDE is that it is a Remix. Not an official flavor, and your Lunar Lobster I arrive in August when 23.04 did it in April. They are a bit in tow, and it is easy to think that they could disappear at any moment, no matter how much collaborators from Debian, Ubuntu and Deepin contribute.

It is true that, except for Deepin Linux, most of the popular options that we find with DDE are community, nothing official, and this could happen to us with any of them. But the release schedules seem to indicate that something is not right.

Who should use UbuntuDDE and who shouldn't

Those who prefer something safe with long-term support should not consider using it. As long as they do not become an official flavor, or at least release their versions together with them, it is worth opting for other options, such as Debian Stable or Ubuntu LTS.

UbuntuDDE unites in one distribution the best design with the best documentation (information, by Ubuntu), and in my opinion it should be an option to consider for those users who use normal cycle versions of Ubuntu or format the hard disk every few months. As long as there is a supported version, we will use a version of Ubuntu with the best design and good Deepin applications.

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