They propose creating games without DRM

They want to create free games for Windows and Linux

As Linux increases the number of users, the number of titles available also grows. However, Not all of them are free software, so the Free Software Foundation Europe proposes creating games without DRM.

Some days ago I told them that this year's international DRM-free day was aimed at discouraging the use of proprietary platforms that restricted access to the digital catalog of public libraries. But, It is not the only area in which copyright management technologies restrict users' freedom.

Who proposes creating games without DRM?

Let's start by saying that the Free Software Foundation Europe has nothing to do with the entity founded by Richard Stallman. It is a non-profit organization that seeks to increase user control over technology.

As read in on the web:

Software is deeply involved in all aspects of our lives. Free Software gives everyone the right to use, understand, adapt and share the software. These rights help support other fundamental rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and privacy.

One of its members is Tobias Alexandra Platen, a German-born developer and strong promoter of free software. Tobías collaborates in the projects Libre-SoC (Development of a free, fast and secure chip with an integrated 3D GPU), GUIX (Creation of an operating system and free development tools) and Godot (An open source engine for creating games 2D and 3D)

En su Blog, Tobias says that:

As a proud user of an FSF-certified Talos II motherboard and some Rockchip single-board computers, I find that it has become easier to avoid using Stream, Valve's platform for the distribution of non-free computer games with Game Management. Digital Restrictions

The way to avoid this is to do what Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds did at the time, create their own substitutes.

Since I can't (and don't want to) play any of the non-free games on Steam, I have started developing my own games that provide freedom to users. Some of these games are "clones" of popular non-free virtual reality games like Beat Saber and VRChat.

For those of us who do not have the time, knowledge and desire to do the same, Tobias has the solution:

I also plan to sell copies of those games and hardware I'm currently working on. The games are free software with copyleft and the hardware is designed with the Respects Your Freedom Certification in mind.

The games will also be available for Windows, but Windows will not be used but rather libraries that act as a gateway such as Proton and MinGW

Above I described Guix as a free operating system and other development tools. One of them is a package manager that can be used in all Linux and Android distributions. That will be the distribution mechanism for the games.

Regarding how the games would be financed, the German clarifies:

Although the games included in Guix respect freedom, this does not mean that users do not have to pay to play. Guix has substitutes for local builds and users could pay for those substitutes or compile the game locally. Even when the graphics are not free, they could be downloaded without running any non-free javascript or other proprietary malware. The FSF could run crowdfunding campaigns for freedom-respecting games and host game servers on Respect Your Freedom-certified hardware.

Without a doubt, Valve with Steam brought new users to Linux with its console and its distribution based on Arch Linux. However, that came at the cost of setting aside some principles. I hope that initiatives like the one we discussed achieve the success they deserve.

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