Ubuntu 23.10 Mantic Minotaur Wallpaper Unveiled

Mantic Minotaur Wallpaper

Things are getting really serious. For about 5 months, Canonical is adding to the stable version of Ubuntu everything necessary to prepare the next one. After those +/- 5 months they announce the wallpaper that the next version will use, then they freeze the functions, launch the beta and, finally, the stable one. The first of the most important steps has already been taken, and we already know what will be the wallpaper that will be used Ubuntu 23.10 Mantic Minotaur.

The "wallpaper" of Ubuntu 23.10 follows the line of previous versions, at least in the base layer: colors eggplant purple with some point where a little orange can be seen, and with raised triangles on the edges. What changes a bit is the silhouette of the mascot, this time being something like a labyrinth-shaped seal. On the forehead of the minotaur is the logo of the operating system, and this is something that comes and goes. Yes, he was in Disco Dingo, also in Groovy Gorilla, but not in Jammy Jellifish or Kinetic Kudu.

Ubuntu 23.10 will arrive on October 12

If anyone is interested in using these backgrounds, by clicking on the image above you can download the image in 4K, but a bit compressed by the WordPress optimization process. To get the original and others that will also appear in Ubuntu 23.10, they can be downloaded from this google drive link.

In the next few hours, the official Ubuntu accounts will publish messages on social networks announcing the arrival of the new wallpaper. Mantic Minotaur's Daily Builds are also expected to update its background pack, include all of these, and automatically switch to the new one.

Ubuntu 23.10 Mantic Minotaur, and the entire family October 2023, It will arrive on the 12th of next month..

These have been the backgrounds for all official Mantic Minotaur flavors

Ubuntu is the main edition, and uses GNOME as the desktop. To be more precise with the words, they are all Ubuntu, but the one that keeps the name as is is the main edition that GNOME uses. What comes next is the list with all the wallpapers that use the official flavors by default.

Xubuntu 23.10

Xubuntu Background 23.10

The background of Xubuntu 23.10 is quite simple, in line with Xfce and Xubuntu itself. It doesn't even show a minotaur, and the lines, which are reminiscent of constellations, might make us think that we are looking at the Lunar Lobster version, but no. It uses colors in shades of blue and I wouldn't say it is among my favorite backgrounds.

Kubuntu 23.10

Kubuntu Background 23.10

I don't think Kubuntu 23.10 is going to win a wallpaper contest either, but it is what there is by default. The thing about some editions like this is that they don't use anything of their own. That is, Kubuntu uses the Plasma wallpapers, and the one from 23.10 is the one from Plasma 5.27. As a curiosity, it is the same as 23.04, and it is likely that it will remain the same in 24.04 because it will be an LTS version and Plasma 6 will have been available for less than two months when that version is released. Therefore, Kubuntu could keep the wallpaper 18 months.

Lubuntu 23.10

Lubuntu Background 23.10

Did you miss the minotaur? Calm. Lubuntu 23.10 if he shows it. It is basically like the main edition with GNOME, but with the distinctive Lubuntu colors and with the image behind in the same direction. The image of the minotaur itself differs from that of Ubuntu (GNOME) in color, position and that it has the Lubuntu logo on its forehead and not Ubuntu. The team behind this flavor has decided to give less prominence to the drawing of the mascot and a little more to what is behind it.

Ubuntu MATE 23.10

Ubuntu Mate 23.10 Background

The background of Ubuntu MATE 23.10 does not have much history. The triangular shapes are very similar to the previous background, and it seems that they always use the same one. In order not to leave this point so deserted, we do have to mention a couple of things: it includes a background almost exactly like that of Ubuntu (GNOME) with the classic green tones of this edition, and also a wallpaper of a minotaur generated by artificial intelligence . But the 23.10 bottom is the previous one.

Ubuntu Budgie 23.10

Ubuntu Budgie 23.10 Background

Ubuntu Budgie has also continued with its line, with a background with blue and purple tones. Yes, he has included the SVG of the minotaur, but in his case much smaller. If you look at the forehead, the logo is that of the main edition, something that I would have modified like Lubuntu, but... It is not part of the background itself, but Ubuntu Budgie has a clock and the date on the desktop by default.

Unity 23.10

Ubuntu Cinnamon 23.10 Background

On the opposite side from Budgie, I would say, we find Ubuntu 23.10 at the bottom. It is the same as the main edition, you just have to look at the triangular shapes on the upper left and lower right edges, but with their own colors. If I say that it is on the opposite side to what we see on Budgie, it is because the logo used by the Cinnamon edition is complete, that is, with background color and everything. And they have also added a text under the drawing. Each one with their own way of doing things.

Ubuntu Cinnamon 23.10

Ubuntu Cinnamon 23.10 Background

The Cinnamon edition has chosen not to make too many changes, but one that seems necessary to me. The background is the same as that of the main edition (GNOME), but using the "tan" colors and with the Ubuntu Cinnamon logo on the forehead, as Lubuntu and Ubuntu Unity have done, each in their own way.

Ubuntu Studio 23.10

Ubuntu Studio 23.10 Wallpaper

Ubuntu Studio did a bit like Lubuntu, or Lubuntu like Ubuntu Studio. In both cases we have a wallpaper that is generally very similar to previous editions, and in both cases we have the Mantic Minotaur SVG on one edge of the screen. The studio edition has also modified the forehead logo, using its own. Slap on the wrist for Budgie, but small.

dubuntu 23.10

Edubuntu Wallpaper 23.10

Edubuntu, as an edition for education, is not very fond of making flashy backgrounds or anything “strange”. The focus has to be somewhere else, which is in the applications with which it will be taught/learned. Your wallpaper is the image above: a group of former students who are throwing their hats after graduating. These hats are forming a semicircle, and the group of friends or colleagues is in a valley or something similar.

Ubuntu Kylin 23.10 Ubuntu Kylin 23.10 Wallpaper

The wallpaper of Ubuntu Kylin 23.10, the edition for Chinese audiences, is a landscape. They have their own philosophy, and they are not into artistic drawings with logos. They think a little more like Apple, and the apple company makes several versions that do more or less the same thing.

Bonus: the minotaur in 8-bit

Mantic Minotaur in 8-bit

We couldn't leave the article without also adding this background. It is available in at least two editions, the two that use GNOME, which are the main one and Edubuntu. He is a minotaur with an ax and a shield on his back, and he is in 8-bit or I would say even less quality. This is more or less what the games were like from more than 30 years ago, and that's where it's funny.

Which background do you like the most?

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