Ubuntu 24.04 LTS “Noble Numbat” has already been released and these are its new features

Ubuntu LTS 24.04

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Noble Numbat Desktop Wallpaper

After problem of the incident in the XZ library, which put the security of Linux in general at risk and forced Canonical to take a portrait at the launch of the Ubuntu 24.04 LTS beta and that left many waiting for several days for the release of the beta that allowed us to delight a little with all the changes and improvements that the Ubuntu team worked on for this LTS version, after several months of waiting, the release has finally arrived. release day of the stable version.

The long-awaited Ubuntu 24.04 LTS release codenamed “Noble Numbat” has arrived and as is tradition in April versions with an even year (an LTS version is released every two years) one of the improvements that stands out is that it will be the first LTS edition of Ubuntu to receive 12 years of updates (5 years, available generally, plus another 7 years for users of the Ubuntu Pro service) which guarantees support until 2036.

Another of the improvements that are implemented is the introduction of the desktop environment Gnome 46 “Kathmandu” in which a One of its new features is the global search in Archives (formerly Nautilus), has also been improved with a progress section in the sidebar, which shows the progress of operations and their current status, improved the performance of the file manager and terminal emulators, introduces support for OneDrive in the online accounts section, introduces improvements to remote desktop, and more.

Gnome 46, “Kathmandu”
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For the part of the heart of the system, Ubuntu 24.04 LTS “Noble Numbat” arrives with him Linux kernel 6.8, Version that features the Xe driver for Intel GPUs, as well as a new protection mode for block devices, implementation of the Deadline server task scheduling mechanism, automatic optimization of merging identical memory pages, features Zswap subsystem improvements to free up RAM, Security improvements with AppArmor migration, among other things.

Linux 6.8
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In addition to this, in Ubuntu «Noble Numbat» a new installer has been introduced that features a design interface improved and modernized as part of the ubuntu-desktop-provision project and is now known as ubuntu-desktop-bootstrap. This projector has been designed to divide the installer into stages that are performed before the main installation and during the first boot of the system, a page has been added to specify the URL from which to download the autoinstall.yaml automated installation script and that has support for updating the installer during the installation process, so if there is a new version available, a request is issued to update the installer, ensuring that users have the most recent version during installation.

Moreover, App Center replaces the old Snap Store interface(Ubuntu's application manager), in addition to receiving several improvements, as it is now developed on Dart using the Flutter framework and adaptive interface design methods to function correctly on screens of any size. Besides, It has a combined interface to work with packages in DEB and Snap formats (if there is a program in the DEB and Snap packages, Snap is selected by default), allows you to search and browse through the package catalog on snapcraft.io and connected DEB repositories, as well as allowing you to manage the installation, uninstallation and update of applications, including installing individual DEB packages from local files.

Of the others, changes and improvements in applications and security that stand out from Ubuntu 24.04:

  • Subsystems and Servers:
    • Updating subsystems like Mesa 24.0.3, systemd 253.5
    • Updated server packages
  • Changes in Settings and Security:
    • Parameter increase sysctl vm.max_map_count to improve compatibility with Windows games through Wine.
    • Several new features are introduced in AppArmor, such as specifying allowed network addresses and ports within security policies and implementing conditional expressions for more complex policies.
    • The ARMv8-M architecture, represented by the “arm64” software architecture in Ubuntu, introduces hardware-enforced pointer authentication and branch target identification, which improve memory encryption and integrity protection for virtual machines
    • Disabling legacy TLS and DTLS protocols for applications using gnutls and openssl.
    • Implementation of security mechanisms such as «-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=3″ and «-mbranch-protection=standardd» to strengthen protection against vulnerabilities in memory management functions.
    • User namespace restrictions for non-privileged users. This feature was introduced in Ubuntu 23.10 and now in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS it has been enhanced to cover additional applications and provide better default semantics.
  • Other Changes:
    • Changes to network configuration using Netplan 1.0, improvements to Active Directory certificate management, and package update for 32-bit Armhf architecture.

Download Ubuntu 24.04 LTS “Noble Numbat”

For interested in being able to download the Ubuntu 24.04 LTS “Noble Numbat” installation image, you should know that you can obtain it from the distribution's official website in its downloads section or from the releases page (which have not yet been updated at the time of writing the article).

Get Ubuntu 24.04 LTS “Noble Numbat”

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