Linux Mint vs. Ubuntu

Linux Mint vs. Ubuntu

There are many Linux-based operating system distributions and Ubuntu is available in up to 10 official flavors if we count the original version. Ubuntu-based systems can all install the same software, using the same commands in the terminal and the Software Center. What changes is the software they have installed by default and the graphical environment. With this in mind, today we will put face to face with Linux Mint vs Ubuntu, one of the most popular Ubuntu-based versions, especially for computers with limited hardware.

As both systems have the same inside, we will have to base ourselves on some points such as the design, the installed programs or the aforementioned graphical environments. There is also something that can also be important, depending on the computer in which we want to use it, and that is the system fluidity, not reliability, section in which both behave in an outstanding way.

Download and installation

Both distributions install in a simple and similar way. Just have to download the ISO of one of the versions (from HERE Edubuntu's and from HERE UberStudent's), create an installation pendrive (recommended) or burn it to a DVD-R, start the PC in which we want to install it with the DVD / Pendrive placed and install the system as we would with another version of Ubuntu. In general, any computer reads the CD first and then the hard disk, so if our choice is to use a pendrive, we will have to change the boot order from the BIOS. In both cases we can test the system or install it.

Winner: Tie.


This is surely the most important point to value in this comparison of Linux Mint vs Ubuntu.

I who have used Ubuntu for a decade, I noticed that the graphical environment Unity made my computer very slow laptop. I cannot say that it was bad or that the system was not reliable, but it did lose a lot of speed, especially when opening some applications such as the Software Center. Also, seeing gray windows when the system is processing made me think that the system was not working on my low-resource computer.

On the other hand, both Cinnamon and MATE are light graphical environments, especially the second. Just for speed and agility, Linux Mint beats Ubuntu in this section.

Winner: Linux Mint (MATE).

Image and design


Regarding the design, I think everything is very subjective. Ubuntu uses Unity, an environment that I like more and more, but it must be recognized that it is difficult for me to find the applications, although it is also important to mention that you can search for anything (within included applications, such as preferences) just by pressing the Windows key and start typing. Otherwise, the icons and application windows look very similar on both (or three, as we will explain) operating systems, but I think Unity has its charm.

Linux Mint comes in two different versions. The version with graphical environment MATE it looks a lot like Ubuntu until the arrival of the Unity graphical environment in 2011. MATE has a less careful image that reminds me, in some way, of Windows 95, but more attractive from my point of view than the following one.


It is also available in a version with graphical environment Cinnamon. This graphical environment has a more attractive image than the MATE but whenever I have used it it has not convinced me. If I have to choose, I'll stick with the MATE version. And no, the two previous images are not the same.


Organization and ease of use

The ease of use I think is also something subjective although we will take it into account for the comparison of Linux Mint vs Ubuntu.

For users who are used to Windows, you may find it easier to use Linux Mint In any of its versions, Cinnamon shows the Start menu more similar to how Windows XP, Vista and 7 show it by default and Mate is a bit more like the classic Start.

linux mint

The two versions of Linux Mint have the bar at the bottom and Ubuntu has it on the left side and here I have my heart divided between the most modern (Unity) or the most classic, but I think I'm getting used to it and I'm staying with Ubuntu.


Installed programs

Both operating systems have everything necessary to work from the moment we start the system for the first time. Ubuntu does not have some programs installed by default, some programs that I always end up installing and that make me think that Linux Mint selection is better. An example is the VLC media player which is present in Linux Mint and not Ubuntu (although it can be quickly installed with the appropriate command).

Besides this, Linux Mint also has some small applications such as MintAssistant, Mint Backup, MintDesktop, MintInstall, MintNanny or MintUpdate that can be useful at some point, but that I have never used.

Anyway, this is also somewhat subjective because it is about applications that are useful to me; For other users it may be important that the system does not arrive with too many applications, something that is known as bloatware.

Winner: Linux Mint.

Conclusion: Linux Mint vs Ubuntu

If we take stock of the entire post of Linux Mint vs. Ubuntu, we see that the choice is not as simple as it seems despite the fact that each one stands out in a specific section.

To the points, we have a tie. If I have to give the winner belt to one, I who am the president 😉 I would give it to Ubuntu. It is true that you notice the speed when opening some applications, but I feel more comfortable with it in all aspects. If you have tried them, which one do you choose?

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  1.   Diego Habier said

    Xubuntu !!!!!!

  2.   Joaquin Valle Torres placeholder image said

    Stay with the one that works for that team, it has already happened to me that one and the other do not work the same according to which team, so if you use one or the other, and everything is going well for you, and you can use the pc, correctly, then stay with that.

  3.   David Alvarez said


  4.   Hermes said

    When you get used to dash it is very difficult to change distro ubuntu leads. Now we must bear in mind how little it is innovating in the latest versions. Linux mint I prefer it in its debian version because it guarantees all mint and the stability of the great debian

  5.   Duilio Gomez said

    Ubuntu is fine on my hardware,

  6.   Lucas serrey said

    Ubuntu already a few years ago. Out of habit and good result. Mint tmb is good. It goes in tastes.

  7.   Michael Gutierrez said

    Well Ubuntu. Because Mint is not fluent on my pc, which is very old

  8.   emanuelnfs said

    Well, your points are good, the comments too, based on all that, from the point of view of usability and speed, I would go for Mint with MATE, but I strongly believe that the software, in addition to being useful and fulfilling its functions, should to be correctly transmitted to the user, how? making interfaces correct, intuitive, easy to use, logical, with sense, for example the global menu of Unity is a total success, some will say that it is a total copy of OSX, but, it is that it is one if not the best way to locate the blessed menu, of course in Gnome they decided to put it on a hamburger-type button or with a gear icon, but on the desktop we don't need that, in addition to having a size to be touched with a finger, many of us use the PC or laptop For PC or Laptop things, we still have that type of user, in short, for me that point and the size of the elements such as buttons and checkboxes are those indicated in Unity, with respect to the colors, they are not the best chosen but we have of topics in the meantime.
    My humble opinion.

  9.   Ruben said

    I'll stick with Mint, the only downside is that it doesn't have updated programs, otherwise I love Cinnamon. When it comes to organization and ease of use, I don't care because in the end I leave all the desktops in the mac style: bar up and docky down.

    Unity on my old laptop I couldn't use it, now that I have a new and more powerful one I have given it a chance and the truth is that it is not as bad as some say, I have been using it for a few months and I liked it a lot but I prefer Cinnamon .

    1.    Raul said

      mint is lighter but as they say after getting used to bash it is difficult to go to mint
      although they are both good

  10.   Juan Jose Cabral said

    Ubuntu matte

  11.   alan guzman said

    Ubuntu has achieved good stability in recent years.

  12.   Freddy Agustin Carrasco Hernandez said

    Mint KDE 😉

    1.    Eudes Javier Contreras Rios said

      Let's hope they don't make the fool of going plasma 5. Going from KDE4 to plasma 5 is going from the best graphical environment of all time to using one of the most common ones, but of them the most unstable.
      That's why I would also raise my hand to Mint KDE 🙂

  13.   Mustard Amadeus Pedro said

    Debian ..

  14.   Gabriel Belmont EG said

    Linux Mint

  15.   Gad Creole said

    Hahahaha pure fan responses anyway.

  16.   Shupacabra said

    Mint is a modified Ubuntu

    1.    Grog said

      Ubuntu is a modified Debian. 😉

      1.    Adrian said

        In the Little School where I work, with old machines, that had Xp, I tried Linux Lite, which supposedly uses few resources, after trying others, Linux Mint 17.3, because we don't have internet for them, it was the best option and how fluid they are. little machines, with 1 gig of ram. I really liked it and functional. My humble experience, 10 cpu, with 15 crt monitors.

  17.   Mr. Paquito said

    I am from Ubuntu, I like it more in design and functionality. But it must be recognized that, today, LinuxMint is probably easier for a new user and, of course, saves a lot of work after installing the system because the default software package is more complete; but it has something that does not quite convince me at all, from the artistic design (the functional one is very boen, eye), to small details that I cannot avoid comparing with Ubuntu (the hierarchical management of languages, for example) and in that LinuxMint loses from my point of view. I like LinuxMint and it works great, I have to admit that, but it is still missing something.

  18.   Caesar Waterlord said

    Linux Mint Debian without a doubt. With KDE desktop preferably

  19.   Vicente said

    I have installed Mint several times and have had to go back to Ubuntu. Everything works better in Ubuntu. There are many Ubuntu based distributions that only change the look of the desktop. Without leaving Ubuntu you can do the same without great effort. By installing the classicmenu you have access to the applications just like in Windows or Mint. Installing Docky or Cairo-dock you have a dock like OS X. You can update the Intel graphics drivers, downloading them from There are also many applications that are only made for Ubuntu, although it can be installed in other distributions, it is not immediately. But Ubuntu is guaranteed by a professional team dedicated to maintaining and improving it. A professional dedication is not the same as a hobby.

  20.   Vicente said

    I would like to add something that I consider important. The dispersion gives more variety; but it doesn't benefit anyone. If Ubuntu has what you need, it's better to stick with it than switch to Mint because you like the desktop color better. The reason is that the best guarantee that Ubuntu does not die and improve is that it grows in number of users. Today televisions and operating systems depend on the audience. That Ubuntu has more millions of users benefits us all.

  21.   Jose Luis Lopez de Ciordia said

    The truth is that it is mainly a matter of personal taste; but not only that. Going to something more technical and concrete, I don't like Mint's policy with updates. With the Mint updater you leave without installing many security updates that may be important for the security of the system, which they avoid because of "do not misconfigure or break the system". In other words, a system whose base, although it is the same as Ubuntu's, want that base to evolve in a different way ... I am not convinced. And I also find that certain PPAs do not go well in Mint. I have a specific computer where it is impossible to get the Libreoffice PPA to work. Not counting the problems I have encountered getting out of hibernation (I have not yet succeeded).

    1.    Mr. Paquito said

      I agree when it comes to updates. What's more, on computers with Ubuntu (or some other flavor, depending on the power) that I manage from family and friends, I always configure automatic updates for them. I do it for two fundamental reasons:

      1º Because some (children and people with little or no knowledge) are ordinary users without administration permissions. I can't keep track of their computers on a daily basis, so it would be better if security updates are applied automatically.

      2º Because I am absolutely sure that the majority of those who are administrators are not going to update the system either, so, at least, that the security updates are applied automatically.

      I was not convinced by that policy of LinuxMint updates, nor that they cannot be done automatically, the Mint updater only looks for them, but does not install them.

      Anyway, I think Ubuntu is better in this regard.

    2.    Monica said

      I was doubting, but after what you say you have convinced me. I like that my team doesn't miss any updates. Thanks for the comment.

  22.   Taliesin LP said

    I use Ubuntu without hesitation, but I think it's a matter of taste and habit (yes, I also hated unity at first and now I can't live without it). As for how hard it is to find the applications, you have tried the ClassicMenu indicator (classicmenu-indicator) that returns the gnome2 menu to the indicator tray, for those applications that you do not remember what they are called or that you do not remember having installed ...

  23.   hathorr said

    Ubuntu mate, only with a bar above I also have it in an atom and it goes very well. Ubuntu mate.

  24.   Juan LG said

    Currently on my laptop I have Ubuntu installed with GNOME, it works for me and it makes it functional and fast for my computer with a 2-core processor, the only thing that does not convince me is the notification system, everything else is excellent, I haven't tried Ubuntu with Unity for a long time so I don't know how it has progressed and Linux Mint didn't convince me beyond a few days of testing.

  25.   districttuxDaniel said

    Mint or Ubuntu is very computer and user dependent. What works for someone else may not work for them. On the other hand, it is striking that Linux Mint is the most downloaded in the last 12 months, and that Ubuntu is relegated between 3 and 4 place, even under OpenSUSE (distrowatch)

  26.   ice said

    by far I stay with Ubuntu - Unty + compiz and I am happy! 🙂 (I clarify, I'm on arch) but I was an ubuntu user and a VERY happy user 😉

  27.   Odracire said

    I had been using Ubuntu for a few years, but since I changed computers I have not stopped having problems with some drivers. Especially with the wifi. In the last week I have installed Debian, Ubuntu, Elementary OS, and Mint. Only Ubuntu gives me driver problems. The other three tested are perfect but Debian was the most cumbersome when installing many applications and Elementary OS seemed very beautiful but very unstable and with many errors. My discovery was Mint. It is the last one I installed and for now I am very happy. The truth is that in configuration, performance and design it has nothing to envy to the previous ones. For now, without hesitation, I'll stick with Mint. I installed version 17.3 Cinnamont 64-bit

    1.    Javi novel said

      VERY AGREE I am a new user but with more than a year in GNU / Linux I have tried all the flavors of Ubuntu and my big problem has been the compatibility with drivers, especially Wi-Fi, which with Linux Mint I have no problem. Currently I use LinuxMint 18.3 Sylvia Xfce and it is very complete, stable and light. Finally, regarding the software that Mind's brings, it is more complete than Ubuntu.

      PS: if there is a user who wants to try a GNU / Linux Distribution to get started in this world, I recommend using Linux Mint (Linux Mint Xfce for low-resource computers).

  28.   Brian said

    I used Ubuntu from 9.04 to 14.04. Until 12.04 Ubuntu was an almost perfect, unbreakable distro. In 6 years I never had to reinstall ever, but last month, I had to "reinstall" (actually erase and format partition for a clean install and leave no doubt) but downplayed it, it could ever happen. It lasted 3 weeks and kernel panic was impossible to solve, I spent 2 days walking through blogs, wiki and forums. There were already things about 14.04 that I didn't like but I've always worked well with Ubuntu, I downplayed it. In short, I discovered Linux Mint 17.2 Mate and so far, I do not regret the change, although it has only been a couple of weeks and, being based on Ubuntu, I find it very practical. The Mate desktop environment has the advantage of being able to customize everything as in Gnome 2 and it does not have problems with the indicators, something that in Gnome 3 it did, although everything can be solved, it should be clarified.


  29.   Javier Hernandez - Crnl-Misero said

    Ubuntu Mate 16.04 !!!!! rude

  30.   carlos perez said

    I just installed ubuntu 16.4 on my desktop computer, I am testing it but unfortunately something happens between this new version of ubuntu and amd, unfortunately my processor and graphics are amd, I see greater efficiency with mint that I already have installed on the laptop, what of the appearance is different, although iunity looks interesting, the truth is that navigating it does not seem pleasant to me, it is like using windows 8 which was a carma for me. I have a configuration of 2 bars in mint, 1 at the top for the default programs and a lower one for notifications and active windows, which is the way I have personalized it and I like it better, it is like having more order.
    My opinion is that you use what you like the most, but I continue with mint cinnamon, they are only tastes. and in terms of programs and updates, I think they are the same whether they are automatic or not is another story.

  31.   Mumbai Palace said

    this has been around for a while, but I've tried Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS and it looks great!

  32.   Manuel said

    I had always used Ubuntu, in particular Xubuntu, Lubuntu and LXLE, and a few months ago I changed to Linux Mint and I don't regret the change at all, I consider it very difficult that one day I will give Ubuntu a chance again.

  33.   appleandroidfanboyja said

    Windows 10

    1.    Johnny Melavo said

      hahahahaha, how do you like to come and get whipped, eh Alejandro?

  34.   jamie ruiz said

    I have tried Linux Mint for a long time, on a desktop, and on a couple of laptops and it works very well for me, Libre Office does not have the performance I expected, but that is another issue ... Still I am curious to try the UBUNTU .

  35.   javi said

    Mint by a landslide for those of us who come from Windows. Ubuntu I installed it and removed it with the same: ugly, slow, I did not like it at all.
    I currently have Mint for almost everything and Windows 10 for games.

  36.   Pierre Aribaut said

    Linux Mint 18.2 (now 18.3) with Cinnamon for 6 months, when you come from Windows 7 or earlier, it is perfect, very easy to use and very stable 🙂

  37.   Luis said

    I stay with gmac based on ubuntu ... I have a 7 year old laptop and it works great ... and although gmac is no longer continued but it continues to receive ubuntu updates and I have it with 16.04

  38.   gabriel said

    MINT ALL LIFE, UBUNTU on my dell XPS 501LX crashes, works like ortho and excuse the word. Always problems, if it is really easy to install packages, it is the only thing that I see more positive than other distro.
    The only thing to tell the truth and I'm not a super fan of linux

  39.   Nelson Country said

    For 5 years I have installed both on different disks and finally I have Mint as my favorite, which I use by default. As I didn't like unity, I tried Mint and it became my favorite-

  40.   TheGenius47 said

    for my ubuntu since linux mint reminds me of windows 2000

  41.   Edu said

    What annoys me about Mint is that if there is a power cut or it hangs for some reason and you have to do a drastic disconnection, the boot grub goes completely and it is very difficult to exit initrams, with xubuntu it has not After that, for me particularly, I prefer xubuntu xfce + cairo dock + arc theme + elementary icons ..

  42.   Jairo said

    Win10 + VisualStudio + Corel2018 + VisualNEO, regards

  43.   Trunks said

    Linux Mint is best at everything!

    Wherever the beautiful minty green is, let the ugly ocher of the desert be removed ...

  44.   caracole said

    Mint 18 with cinnamon.

  45.   willo santos said

    Next to uninstall windows 7 home premium from my mini acer laptop since it is slow, I think I will opt for MINT since ubuntu version 18 was still slow.

  46.   Mark said

    I would think ubuntu with cinnamon, but I quit long ago and went back to debian.
    Lately I am trying Deepin and I really like it a lot.

  47.   Anibal said

    Linux Mint 19.3

  48.   Iñigo said

    I am a teacher and we had Ubuntu installed on the computers of the first cycle ESO students. A pain in the ass.
    We tried Linux Mint and everything changed. Much better. I don't know which one will be better, but, for a Linux Mint beginner without any doubts about the ease of use. With LibreOffice, Chromium and VLC you can do almost everything you normally do with your computer.

  49.   Jose Maria Amador placeholder image said

    Hello, do I like the two OS I have made? , easy I have two hard drives in the tower, in one I have Ubuntu and in the other I have Linux, I have removed the cover from the tower to access I only have one disk connected to the board, when I want to boot with the other OS I disconnect one and connect the other.
    About 20 or 25 years ago I installed two systems on a single disk, Wuindows and Ubuntu, I made two partitions and it was perfect but when I had to update you had to be careful when restarting.
    It was after that I decided to avandonar Wuindows and put two Disks, one with Ubuntu and the other with Linux.
    And if it is difficult to say which is better, that's why I have both.

  50.   Ivan Sanchez - Argentina - said

    I particularly prefer Mint, although I think there are more points to analyze, I note that in the most important Mint takes the honors. Ubuntu when crashing becomes slower and therefore loses stability. Mint managed to develop a greater fluidity which makes it more comfortable to work.
    Leaving aside the romanticism of having spent a lot of time with Ubuntu and its more aesthetic interface, its slowness does not make it pleasant and when working or simply enjoying the computer this negative point becomes fatuous. I think a system with a basic and lightweight environment is more successful than better graphics and effects combined with crashes.
    Mint… let's move on!

  51.   John said

    I like ubuntu better but if we add elementaryOS I keep elementary

  52.   Obed medina said

    Very humbly I have to give my support to LINUX MINT 17.3 MATE, of the many linux distros that I have tried, it is the simplest, fastest, most intuitive and reliable. I work with mini-laptops, old CPUs and all-in-one exo; in fact I have a DIGITECA running and expanding and it is very fluid with a linkys router and lampp 5.6 on 21 computers in a CBIT center ...
    Respecting other opinions and experiences ... I support and promote MINT

  53.   Ignacio said

    Far from Linux Mint for my taste. I have always used the LM on a netbook and I loved it. I bought a desktop with an I9, 16 gb of ram, a solid 500 gb and a common 2tb. I said a while ago, I am sending you Ubuntu 18.04 and I will start using it. It always cost me the issue of the bluetooth that was cut, the wifi that was cut or did not work at the speed that it should go and many more problems. As with all the problems that arose, I gave him opportunities. One day, they announced the LTS 20.04 and I said, I'll update it to see if anything improves. The remedy was worse than the disease and I was fed up. I put the mint on the desktop and everything is perfect and with many more utilities. I love mint. !!!! Greetings to all.

  54.   Bill said

    Ubuntu is slow. Whenever I installed it, it had that. It seems that it is not among Canonical's priorities, but I just want the system to be light to allocate my computer's resources to programs and games. Then the view is chosen (there is Mint Mate, Mint xfce, mint cinnamont, etc. and the same in Ubuntu). It is not assertive to include it as part of the evaluation. I think Ubuntu is fine if you are the type of person who does not mind wasting resources or who has them to spare. Still, there are still reasons for you to choose Linux Mint.

  55.   Ohnegrund said

    I stick with Linux Mint, it fits me perfectly with the PC I have and is much more stable than Ubuntu. I am only concerned with the issue of security since they say that Mint does not emphasize that issue but it is already a matter of each one's care.

  56.   daniel said

    He ends up going for the Mint and I do not regret at any time having done it.

  57.   Free Info said

    Une documentation pour installer et parametrer Linux Mint:

  58.   Gloria said

    interesting article, thanks!

  59.   Gloria said

    interesting article, thanks

  60.   jorge luis said

    Two days ago I installed ubuntu 20 on a macbook 2008 4.1 with 2gb of ram, 2,4ghz and 240gb SSD, it seemed nice and all but I had never used a linux distro and wanted to soak up linux…. I tried Linux mint out of curiosity and I saw with great pleasure, (I don't know if in Ubuntu too) that I had the possibility of my beloved HOT CORNERS that I use a lot in OSX, just for this and the simple in general, I'll stay with Mint for a while, In what I learn a little about the linux world, by the way it was a headache that I had a Wi-Fi connection but I had no data ...... until I uninstalled the generic driver, cleaned records and reinstalled the appropriate one for my broadcom

  61.   Gustavo said

    for my MINT !!!!

  62.   Hector T. Chávez Valencia said

    Very good days. I have Windows 10 installed, on a Samsung RV420 laptop. I would like to install the Ubuntu Budgie. I ask, can I install it on another partition, separate from Windows 10?
    Can I send emails from Ubuntu Budgie to Windows 10 without problem?
    Can I enter all social networks without problems?
    Your comments, thank you