UbuntuDDE Remix 22.04 brings Deepin desktop to Jammy Jellyfish, late, but at least it doesn't use Firefox as a snap

Ubuntu DDE Remix 22.04

Of the remixes that are still trying to enter the Ubuntu family, if I was asked about one that I thought would fall by the wayside, I would answer without hesitation that the Deepin desktop version. Your 21.10 I arrive already in what would be 22.01, and in Jammy Jellyfish it has been even worse, because a few hours ago it has become official the launch of Ubuntu DDE Remix 22.04, when 5 months ago the rest of the family was launched and one is missing until 22.10 is launched.

And it is that, although you have to support them, you also have to be careful with the software that small projects develop. at the beginning of the year i wrote an article about what can happen if we decide to trust something that is a modified version of something else that already works. Glympse is no more, and this UbuntuDDE Remix 22.04 arrives 5 months late. The bad thing would not be the delays, but that it ceased to exist. Even so, I repeat, we must support the little ones, especially those Ubuntu users who format every 6 months (I used to do it).

I also have to say that I have been using Ubuntu MATE since its first version, and MATE was also born as a remix. Anything can happen, and who knows, UbuntuDDE could become a great option if it becomes an official flavor. But, although it may not seem like it, this article is about a launch, and then you have the more news highlights of UbuntuDDE Remix 22.04.

more news highlights of UbuntuDDE Remix 22.04

  • Based on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy. They don't say how long it will be supported, but it's supposed to be for three years (until 2025).
  • Inclusion of DDE Grand Search (Shift + space bar to activate it).
  • Updated versions of native DTK-based applications pre-installed, including Deepin Music, Deepin Movie, Image Viewer, Boot Maker, System Monitor, Deepin Calculator, Deepin Text Editor, Deepin Terminal and more.
  • Firefox from the official Mozilla repository as the default web browser.
  • LibreOffice as the default office suite.
  • Latest Ubuntu base packages pre-installed.
  • Linux kernel 5.15.0 with new NTFS file system driver and new SMB file server in the kernel.
  • New and beautiful wallpapers and assets from the UbuntuDDE Remix and Deepin team.
  • QT-based style activated in Calamares Installer to make it easier to install the Distro.
  • DDE Store pre-installed.
  • More interesting future software updates via OTA updates.

Firefox in DEB version

What is striking is that Firefox will be available in its DEB version, that of the official Mozilla repository. The good thing about not being an official flavor is that you can not submit to the tyrannical orders of Canonical. Ubuntu Sway Remix did something similar, but more drastic: it does not support snap packages by default. At the moment they are official flavors, if they arrive, they will have to use Firefox as a snap, and snap packages in general, since they are developed by Canonical and they will not give in, or so I believe, their arm will be twisted.

Ubuntu DDE Remix 22.04 can now be downloaded from this link, where we find two direct download options and the torrent. Its developers say that they have received a lot of help from members of other projects, such as Arch Linux, Deepin, Debian and Ubuntu, so it cannot be said that they are not receiving support. We don't know what the future holds for this remix, but I hope the support continues and things/deadlines get better in the future.

If in the end they do not manage to become part of the Ubuntu family, we must remember that there are already 9 official flavors, if we add to the Ubuntu Unity that will release its first official version within a month. In addition, they also want to become official Cinnamon, Sway, Web... There are options, and we can't help but look askance at Linux Mint, for some users "the best Ubuntu" that exists. Whether or not this creates fragmentation is more the opinion of each one, and I think not, that each project takes care of its own and does not interfere with the work of others, so in the end we only win options.

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