How to upgrade Ubuntu 15.10 to Ubuntu 16.04

Ubuntu 16.04

Although the new version of Ubuntu has not yet been released, the truth is that in the absence of 9 days, the distribution is stable enough to be used on many computers and even in updating virtual systems that we may want to use for testing. For all those and for those who are not afraid of suffering a damn bug, this little tutorial is yours.

The first thing we have to do to update our Ubuntu 15.10 to Ubuntu 16.04 is modify software parameters so that the command dist-upgrade recognize the new version. Once this is done we only have to proceed to update the distribution and We will already have Ubuntu 16.04 ready on our computer.

Previous steps before upgrading to Ubuntu 16.04

So first we turn to «Software and updates«, In the window that appears we go to the tab«Updates prior to publication»And in the part where«Notify me of a new version of Ubuntu»We select» For any new version»Once this is done, we open a terminal and type the following:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo update-manager -d 

Upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04

After executing these commands the Ubuntu update wizard will open which will start the process to have Ubuntu 16.04. If we really want this to happen once Ubuntu 16.04 is out, that is, we do it days after April 21, we have to do the same previous steps that we have mentioned before, but in the terminal we will write the following:

sudo do-release-upgrade -d 

Personally, I am not in favor of updating operating systems when they are in the development phase, especially when it is a distribution with many new features, but in this case we have to say that in the absence of nine days for its official launch and being LTS, Ubuntu 16.04 may well be used on production machines What do you think?

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  1.   Jason D'hose said

    Ubuntu 16.04 Wallpapers

  2.   Jose Luis Laura Gutierrez said

    How to upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04?

  3.   Jose Francisco Barrantes placeholder image said

    In process right now. . . then I tell them how it went 😉

  4.   Jose Francisco Barrantes placeholder image said

    I don't know if it can be done since 14.04. . . my old is 15.10 and it looks like it's doing great! *

  5.   Mike mancera said

    How did it go, has someone already updated?

    1.    Jose Francisco Barrantes placeholder image said

      Ready there it is, the process was long. . . It seems he did well. . . I think I should make updates ready! * 😉

  6.   Jose Francisco Barrantes placeholder image said

    Ubuntu 15.10 upgraded to 16.04LTS from 15.10 from terminal. . . 😉

  7.   ubuntu said


  8.   Lovely Alvarado F said

    I am new, it will be necessary to save all my photos, music to update

  9.   Javier said

    I have upgraded from Ubuntu 15.10 to Ubuntu 16.04 it runs quite well, although there are still some details, such as errors in the title bar, and small delays in processing orders. Go back to Ubuntu 15.10 I will wait for the final version to arrive.

  10.   leillo1975 said

    In my case I updated from scratch a couple of weeks ago. I would like to say that I have not had a single failure or anything like that so it seems that Cannonical is doing its job well.

  11.   Javier said

    Bnas, this update system that you comment would be useful for UBUNTU MATE 15.10 .. Thank you

    1.    leillo1975 said

      It's an Ubuntu distro, so I guess you won't have any problems.

  12.   Tato / Gadon (@tatoroga) said

    In my experience, it is better to let a couple of months pass after the stable version comes out, since there are always things to polish. It already happened to me twice that important parameters were misconfigured with the update and I had to resort to commands that I did not know to solve them.
    Greetings and thanks for the article.

  13.   SGMV said

    Although it is not yet the official release, I saw several points that forced me to place version 15.10:
    1) The update with fatal MySQL. Many errors.
    2) Can't enter phpMyAdmin despite deleting and installing multiple times
    3) Doesn't run php
    4) Login with any password
    5) I noticed a little (just a little) slow compared to 15.10
    6) Collapse everything with tasksel. Placing "install LAMP" clears everything. Yes, as they read it, it erased everything and rendered the system unusable.
    7) Problems with Skype, notifications appear and you cannot enter to configure Skype because it says that another session is open and there is no way to access the "open session"

    1.    Antonio Beltran Cadena said

      That scares me, but apparently you did it before the official launch, did you retest or did you stay at 15.10?

  14.   dario said

    I have tried several times and when it is finishing downloading the new packages it throws an error

  15.   Ariel said

    Hi, can you upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04?

  16.   Antonio Beltran Cadena said

    Update between versions and never crashed, next destination 16.04 😀

  17.   Luis Mejias said

    Good morning friends, could someone please inform me how I do to update from Ubuntu 15.04 to 16.04, I already did the steps previously seen on this page but now I do not know how to download version 16.04

  18.   Ronal said

    I updated yesterday from 15.10/20 and it gave me an update error, some packages necessary for the system were not installed and there were enough (as I remember), at least like XNUMX or more, I say they are necessary because although I was able to log in to the new one version has become unstable and just when it finished configuring it sent me a message saying "some packages were not installed, the system may be unusable". You did not perform the following action during the "System Cleanup" update.

    I've already tried the following: sudo dkpg –configure -a, sudo apt-get -f install and nothing. The system has been unstable and I do not want to format. Any suggestions for help?

  19.   GUADY said

    hi —- &% some update these days — ho no longer .... LISTENING

  20.   George said

    I have problems, the installation was interrupted and now I don't know what to do

    1.    Ronal said

      Better install from scratch without formatting the partition «/ HOME», that depends on your connection speed, if it is slow it is better to zero so you don't have problems. Sometimes it doesn't even update properly ...

  21.   Hache said

    How do I UPDATE (without losing environment 15.10) to 16.10?

  22.   NELSON said

    In progress. Then I comment on the result.